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Chicago’s Patio Theater Rennovations Complete!

Back in Chicago my family and I used to go to “The Patio.” It was quite authentic to its initial creation back in the twenties and sorta had a circus-y look to its ornate features.  The prices for things was quite good, I remember that if you saw a matinee screening it was only two bucks.  I honestly do not recall the price of food, but I’m sure they were very lenient as well.

Sadly it is probably no surprise that the poor girl was closed back in 2001.  I didn’t find out about it for a few years later as we moved out of the immediate area.  The only hints at its fate were these pictures someone took for a post about three famous and ancient theaters that were closed in the city.

The "Renovation" on the side really tugs on the heartstrings.

So that was that.  Found the pics after some searching, but also found out the idea of it actually getting finished and re-opened was virtually dead in it’s tracks.

Till about five in the morning last night when I caught the local Chicago news.  (In case you are wondering why five in the morning, the Misses brought me EvE Online back from her trip.  It’s space-y sci-fi hooks are pleasantly deep at the moment.)

Turns out the son of the owner just got a business licence and talked his old man into bringing it back to life after all!  The place is up and running with utmost care to keep it just as it was in it’s hay-day back in the 20’s.  For ten bucks you can get a ticket to a movie, popcorn, and snacks/drink for under ten dollars including tax!

More shots of the interior here:

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  1. Very cool. I love vintage theaters like this. We used to have a couple down on the coast, but they have also gone by the wayside in the last decade, only recently reopening to the public.

    As to EVE Online, I have heard it is one of the best, if not THE best, space-based MMORPGs out there. The only complaint I’ve heard is how PvP-based it is, and how pirates can completely ruin your game in low-security zones.

    • Interesting that they all crashed, then resurfaced afterwards. Maybe it’s a conspiracy to buy the leftover popcorn they had stocked away. Once it’s all gone, intead of buying more they’ll just close again XD


      I know about the pvp stuff, but right now I’m having a blast. There was an update today that kinda… might change my mind though. Long story short, if there is a way to avoid the massive lag the change will place onto my PC, I’ll still love the heck out of it. But if I’m stuck lagging all the time, as I think this change will end up doing, I cannot play it. If I cannot play it, I cannot enjoy it. Now, if my rig could run the new changes and not lag, it would be an AWESOME update. But as I know my pc’s limitations, I’m really hoping for a “avoid The Pretties” option >.<


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