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WoW 4.2: June 28th Official Release and Stealing from Minecraft, Already?

MMO-Champion tells me that due to a late patch update this week, the release has been pushed back, meaning patch 4.2 should be arriving on June 28th.  (MMO added that an official WoW blog post to cite that information.)  This is actually a bit beneficial to me, as it might just give me that extra week to get a pvp weapon before they might just disappear like what friggin’ happened in Wrath >.>

Something else that made me giggle was the sudden addition to the game that seems very out of nowhere; something very similar to what Notch added just about the same time: Maps.  To be more specific, you know how when you hold a map and your arms are outstretched in Minecraft? In 4.2, when you are looking at a map your character will play an animation to let others know what you are doing. 

There will be another one for checking mail, but no footage of that just yet.

I know that a smart company is one that adapts to new markets, and some might even defend Blizz (as, admittedly, it is cool to see).  I still find it funny how something like this was never in WoW for the years and years of its existence, yet it was added just a handful of weeks after another game with a massive following did.  (Then again, I read that people not being able to play Rift when they did their first world event was a good thing as it ‘showed just how successful their advertising campaign’ went, so it shows that there’s always someone out there able to spin anything in any direction.  Or maybe denial is just fun!)

Finally, the 1.5 second cast time on the DK aoe lockdown is actually making it into the game while the ranged and persistent mage version remains unchanged.  Amazing.  Might as well make the ability spring up some iced tea as well so I can at least get something refreshing as I am constantly slowed, snared, rooted, blinded, disarmed, silenced….

Maybe if it continues casting while I move, then it won’t be and total waste of a talent.  But I’m not holding my breath ^_^

Also, just throwin’ in out there, but I’m gonna go ahead and ‘predict’ that when account bound items can actually be mailed cross-server, they will be via an item shop.

“Want that helm and cloak on a new server a bud of yours happened to make a toon on?  For a paltry five dollars we’ll get Speedy Delivery all over it!”

To end the post on a less wise-crackin’ note, did you see the new staff that makes feral dps druids all hawt?  Heck, I’ll throw the youtube video on so you can see it in action.



Just found out that if you login repeatedly at the same location, your authenticator will know and not ask for you to type it in every time you logon.  I just freaked the heck out but a quick search told me this is a new, and welcomed, change.

If ya don’t got an authenticator yet, why not?!  Extra protection and a mini core hound.  Get one, ya big sillies!

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  1. That is one sexy staff! Now there’s a druid weapon…a pox on any hunter that rolls on that! :P

  2. Hahaha But every weapon is a hunter weapon! It’s right up there with “No one suspects the Spanish Inquisition!” in terms of things to yell out.

    Thooough I do have a funny tale related to that! My bud was tanking (and I dusted off muh hunter), sadly a dps kept pulling. As I generally am the tank I know how annoying this is, so when a pair of gloves for him dropped I rolled need and won. When asked why a hunter needed spirit, I just yelled “I NEED AGILITY.”

    After a bit of silence, confused laughter entered the party chat (as there was no agility on the gloves). I said I’d happily give the dude the armor if he’d refrain from pulling before the tank got there. As luck would have it, a second, identical pair dropped just a few short pulls later. He smarmily laughed, saying he’ll just take that pair instead.

    So I again rolled need, and won a second time.

    “Dude, wtf?”


    • LOL I hope he learned a lesson — that the universe wants him to stop pulling before the tank! (And as I was a bear tank, I also TOTALLY understand how annoying that is).

  3. I was excited to hear about the staff but it is locked behind a raid that my lazy arse will never do! *Cry*… Maybe my druid will get it in an expansion or two, heh.

    I like the idea of the map thing, but you’re right-why all of a sudden? Someone has been playing Minecraft!! It isn’t something we really need but it’s cool I guess, sort of like do we need the new /roar emotes they are adding in.

    I’m a bit tired of reading about more nerfs and buffs. I feel for ya, I’d like to summon a nice glass of iced tea- haha! I am not going to join in on the complaining about WoW and changes, because once I get started I may never shut up =p

    • I know! The Misses is lvling a druid and I figured she’d pull the same pro/con of “it’s cool, but that’ll be an expansion till I’ll actually get it”. She’s still yelling at me about Invincible off of heroic Arthas, but I doubt that’ll even be 5 man-able till late Cata/early…Emerald Dream, or whatever else they are doin’ next. (Titan? D3?)

      I forgot about the roars! Oh dear, I really hope they re-recorded the ally/female BE and Dranaei ones. (Poor chickas, first they were gutted most of their flirts and jokes for being to racy, then they let the worgens keep theirs. Actually, keep them out and let my troll get the ‘Kill two dwaves’ joke he had back in the day…)

      At this point Blizz, or whoever is running around with the Blizz logo on their shirts that happens to get paid for their ‘work’ there, is just throwing cooked spaghetti at a wall of changes and seeing what sticks. I’m frustrated, but I’m beyond anger. Not so much of a “I’m so pissed that I’m emotionless”, more of a “Do not blame them for they know not what they do” sort of a thing XD They made it into a flavor of the month factory, all I can hope is that marksmen hunters get a buff instead. (Note: They did not >.< haha)

      Miss Kaozz! I sent that item your way like two weeks ago. I haven't gotten a tattered and burnt-edged package back, so at least I know it wasn't blown up along the way. Or maybe it was incinerated to the point of no return address being an option. It should have come from a certain "Encrazed Crafts." (Surprise, surprise!) Any sightings? Maybe you didn’t like the red and brown color combo? Prefer blue or purple or something?


      That’s what it is, isn’t it! You hated it! That’s what it is! Oh my flying spaghetti monster, she hated it! I’ll make it better! Better I says! Curse my lacking color combinations!

      (And yes I’m just joking at the end there :P -Gotta earn that Encrazed title, remember? hee hee But we did send it out a few weeks ago, any luck?)

  4. “Do not blame them for they know not what they do” Haha! I know, I think I am at that point too. Hunters, poor hunters. MM is actually in the top percentage for dps and probably due for nerfs because MM is falling so far behind. Lets balance them all by nerfing them all! I feel like my classes get mutilated more and more with each patch, but hey we have mailbox and map emotes now!!! Look at you, getting me sucked into this =p

    Ah damn, I meant to reply to your email and let you know I was keeping an eye out for it, I sometimes just get so scatterbrained! Sorry! I got so excited I went to the mailbox and forgot to reply, lol. As soon as I get it I will let you know… Speaking of I need to go check the mail today!

    Aww I know I will love it already! (Domo is brown and red, so it must be good!)

  5. “but hey we have mailbox and map emotes now!!! Look at you, getting me sucked into this =p”

    Let the hate flow through you… good. Good ^_^

    It’s all good. I was just getting a little paranoid. Well, even for me :D Hopefully it lands near ya soon, I mean I’ve sent things about the same distance in the past to family and that only took like three days. Even taking a week was pushing it, and it is starting to bother me how long the Post Office is taking. Though, in a way it’s a good thing. From now on I’mma tag each item with one of those things that lets you know when they ship it and where it’s at. I’d much rather learn this lesson giving a gift to a friend than having to shrug to someone that needed their item for an urgent b-day party or something.

    And… oh gah! I wanna give a hint at what it is, but I don’t wanna ruin the surprise XD


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