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The Daily Blink – Lament of the Ex-Mage (Or any dps, for that matter…)

I always appreciate it when people throw support classes a bone.  Surprised was I still when I caught this image off of MMO-Champion who in turn got it from the Daily Blink.

The comment section is particularly good, too.

“As a Mage, I was always bitter toward tanks for their insta-queue times in random dungeons and their constant rage-quitting (at least in my experience) when our group would wipe for the first time because of an innocent mistake.
Then, I played a Prot Paladin…

And I am bitter no longer.”


“Don’t I know this! Haha. My main is an arcane mage, and I decided to roll a prot pally. I feel so horrible now knowing what I put those people through..Love this strip ;d”


“I’ve only ever healed, really, never actually DPSed properly, but I do have a tank. I think every DPS out there should be forced to play a tank at some point, so that they can finally understand!”


“Thiiiis, thiiiis so god damn much. Worse when you’re tanking and the dps are full heirloom twinks. It’s like LOL TANK DO UR JOB. And I’m like >_<

Not even 1 second to get aggro and I get bitched at for losing it and having to blow taunts repeatedly just to try and stay on it for one person, then the rest of the dps pulls the threat.

I only tank with guildies now. There’s less abuse ;-;”


It won’t make the mindless morons in pugs go away by any means, but to know some of them have at least reformed is nice. ^_^

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  1. Haha! I never give other classes grief, I only give players grief when they do something stupid. What game do you play, by the way?

  2. Currently, WoW. This rig can’t run much else (and it even struggles with that!) so it’s either that or Minecraft for me. For now, anyway. Got another week or so till the card expires :P

    Though, if I could run anything and everyting, Star Wars is looking pretty good, I *totally* want to try my hand at EvE, and The Secret World is tickling my fancy so far. I’ll toss in the revamped APB to that list as well for an honorable mention, as it really isn’t an MMO proper, but as long as they make the customization as good as before and allow me to smash and grab from store fronts like I could do originally, it’ll be a hoot!

    Oh yeah! If you got a playstation, check out the downloads on their network. I ran into quite a few Mega Man related stuffs when I was scanning to see what I could get for free wiht the Welcome Back program they got running ^_^


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