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New Superman Costume: They Took Off His Underwear

Was scanning things this morning as I was eatsin’ my cereal when I came upon this news on Yahoo.  My bud told me they are revamping all the old costumes and characters of the DC superhero line, and today I happened to see what they are going to do with Superman.  And the title of my post says it all.

via Yahoo via DC Comics

So, for this “new” Superman costume all they did was remove his undies and replaced their color with the color of his belt.

Good to see both the CEOs of DC and their extensive art department are going all out on these changes >.>

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  1. I will admit that I think they did a good job with redoing Wonder Woman’s look, if you haven’t seen that one! ;)

  2. Speaking of this, I hear they they have plans to revamp all 52 DC titles, resetting the universe and starting over to “appeal to younger audiences”. You know I’m not a big fan of DC, but this move might potentially get me back into their comics. But I think what they need badly is some new blood. I don’t care how many times they revamp their titles, if it’s still going to be the same uninspired writing then no thanks. This “new” costume doesn’t bode well in terms of thinking outside the box :P

    • I know the feelin’! This one guy on escapist does weekly videos and it’s pretty common that he does one about comic books. He pointed out the trait of comic fans that seemingly thrive off understanding the interconnected relationships and backstories of every spin off and all that jazz in every comic, ever. I never really got into them myself (more of a graphic novel sorta guy, though I don’t own any of those either XD) but this revamp *could* be a good thing. I recall Marvel doing something similar, or an Ultimate edition of sorts. But that ended up with a brother and sister duo being in a sexual relationship… and right back into the crap heap of writing fantasizes they like to dip in. That doesn’t make sales, that just suggests the writing team has some pent up frustrations and issues…

      • I’m actually pretty cool with Marvel, even though the only one of their writers I really like is Bendis. He writes like a ton of their books anyway :P I’m into those interconnected relationships and backstories, and I feel Marvel does it much better than DC. Of course, having the same guy on multiple titles probably helps that a lot too.

        One of the titles Bendis does is Ultimate Spider-man, which was only one of the couple ultimate titles that ended up being successful. I used to read ultimate x-men and fantastic four too, but those weren’t that great. A couple years back, they put an end to that universe, with only a couple titles surviving it. I did quite enjoy Ultimates though, I guess that’s where the brother/sister duo you were talking about came in :P That’s Mark Millar for you. He’s another writer I really like, though, yeah he can be a little…weird and controversial. I mean, look at Kick-Ass.

  3. I think it is about time they got rid of the underpants. I have always thought the character would look better with the full blue uniform. I can even accept the belt being red. if you look at most of the comics of the day like even Batman, the underpants are gone, Green Lantern is no longer wearing a singlet, and I actually like the update on the Wonder Woman costume. if you are a Marvel reader, they never had too many costumes with under pants, except X-men, and they have changed a lot as well.

    • Hey Mark!

      While I think the change to his outfit was a good one (he always looked like a guy in a diaper to me), it was not as extensive as they are trying to hype it up to be. It’s a minor alteration, at best. Die-hards will state he’s been wearing them for years so this is a massive ‘depature’, while I’d say he’s looked silly the entire time and it deserved to go eons ago :D Wonder Woman’s outfit is drastically different by comparison, perhaps they played it far to safe for Super? Why not lop off the cape? Or even tweak his design just a smidgin’? All he was, and all he *still* is, is blue spandex, red cape, and the 19th letter of the alphabet. (And yes I had to google that number to make sure ^_^)

      I promote their efforts to keep Comics alive, but I just feel like Harry Stamper from Armageddon yelling at the guy from NASA. (Some language, warning.)

      DC is (well, all comic companies in general are) heavy on the artistic, but shall we say light on the storylines? Using their main strengths to their advantage with the full force of their entire crew and by extention their entire industry, the best they came up for such an iconic character that can easily personify the DC brand itself… is a red belt. If they didn’t care enough to really change anything, why am I supposed to care enough to pick up a copy? Honestly, I’m probably their main targeted demographic at the moment. While I dig the Bats and Harley and all that, how am I, the newblood and green-gilled comic virgin going to get wrapt up in their media attempts? They are promoting all this change (as Marvel already did a year or so ago), yet I still see the exact same character I have basically avoided for years.

      Oh dear, starting to sound like the Glenn Beck of comic book kingdom now >.<


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