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WoW 4.2 Release Date

According to MMO-Champion, the devs have stated that the current Arena season will end on the 21st, likely the same time as the next big patch.  Again, this is according to Blizzard Time which is never exact nor accurate, but at least there’s a decent ballpark to aim for.  The 4.2 patch will unlock the new Firelands raiding content, a new daily quest hub in Mount Hyjal, and possibly the most awesome feature: Balloons!

  • The new raiding content will obviously include the new raiding gear, specifically Tier 12.
  • In order to access the Mount Hyjal daily quest hub, you might just have to complete the original Mount Hyjal quest lines.  Might wanna get those out of the way now during the wait ^_^
  • And the balloons are just awesome.

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  1. OMG Balloons! I want one! Well if 4.2 is out soon, that will be something nice to return to! I have been waiting and waiting for that silly patch. I did the Hyjal stuff about a month ago, just so I’d be ready. I suppose they knew I’d want to celebrate so they added balloons ;)

    • They read yer’ mind! The balloons do look awesome, and are kinda the biggest ‘ummph’ I have for 4.2. Initially I liked how you can acquire better gear for the same price (conquest gear purchasable via honor, etc.), but in PvP at least, unless I grind out the honor non-stop to get all the pieces ASAP, it won’t really do much. I mean, if I get the ‘new’ gear near-instantly, I’ll only mow down people who did not gear as fast, and eventually they will get back up to the same tier as I’d be. Then everyone else will have the same gear, upgraded just as I, and it’ll be the same as it is now haha Heroics will go faster, but still. I like stabbing people.

      At least we got balloons! ^_^ Also, the Misses finally got Stinky! Only a matter of time till the Bombay is running in fear of it’s life non-stop as I tank runs and the Skunk praces about behind it.


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