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Minecraft Monday: Fences in Minecraft and YOU! Plus Patch 1.7 Tidbits

Ya saw our post about the ‘linoleum’ bed tiling, and then about minin’ (part 1, part 2) and tree farmin, but what about those pesky fences?  Did ya know you can stack em?  Or maybe ya did but you don’t know exactly how? We’ll help ya out ^_^

Minecraft News

Nothing new in terms of 1.7 or the “adventure patch”, and apparently that is on purpose.

“Jens and I decided to keep the details of 1.7 secret. :D” source

When asked for more info or a time of release on patch 1.7, Notch replied:

“1. Jens is working on pistons, lanterns are “On hold”. 2. [1.7’s release is] too early to say.” source

When asked about the Air realm he was tinkering with, and if that would be in 1.7 or after:

“I don’t know yet, it’s very much just an experiment still. The nether needs to be fun first.” source

Other than that, it’s been quiet on the Notch front.  Only thing sorta interesting is one guy hacked the Cobweb tile into the game and mentioned it damaged him when it was two blocks tall.  (I’m gonna assume that’s because it started to suffocate him like sand and gravel can do.)

“Cobwebs aren’t part of the game yet, and they’re expected to be buggy.” source

No new blog post outta him, so that’s all we got!  Maybe more news from E3!

Stacking Fences!

Minecraft has a few quirks and kinks, and it actually took me awhile to find out how to use this tip, so this might just be new to you all as well!  (In case you needed a refresher, the fence recipe on the workbench is a whole buncha sticks!  You need six to be exact, just fill in the bottom two rows on the crafting table and you’ll make a pair.  These don’t last long, so be prepared for a lotta wood!)

To get them to stack, we kinda need to work upside down.  Place down a dirt block and put a fence post on top.  Delete the dirt and put down another fence, connecting the two together!  Keeping this in mind you can do some pretty nifty stuff.  Here’s a few shots of the Misses’ creations to get the creative juices flowin’.

Minecraft: Fences Under (And Above) The Bridge

Use fences in Minecraft to make bridges!  This one is on a single player save of the Misses and have no idea where it’s located haha  But at least you can see the idea!  She made eight different posts or support beams to ‘prop up’ the bridge, then put down full-blown fences on the top so you can’t fall off the side accidentally.

Minecraft: Using Fences

Here she made a rather ornate doghouse!  She likes to keep the puppies happy ^_^  Again she used the support beams, but added a bit of flourish with a lattice atop the entrance, sorta making it look like a cathedral from the middle ages.  Or maybe something Asian-looking.  It’s Minecraft so just squint a bit and it’s whatever you can imagine :D

Minecraft Co-op: Dojo (Of Peace?)

Blast from the past!  Astute fans might recall this one back on the Bioshock “New Rapture” build we were doing on an oooold server.  Again using the fences she placed a wall of them in front of another wall of cotton to give off that wooden/paper door look they have in Dojo’s all the time.  Purdy!

Invisible Fences Went Poof

I’m not a huge fan of fences as they eat up a lot of wood, I can’t easily jump over them, I don’t really grow farms, and I generally don’t think they are very good utility-wise or even aestetically (lawl mini-rant ^_^), but Notch did fix a pretty annoying bug that caused some areas of fences to just disappear.  The Misses ran into this problem a bit ago, where you place a bunch of fences and suddenly you can’t see ’em.  (Hence the “invisible fences” title to this paragraph :D)  The only thing we found to fix the issue was the trusty technique of putting down a torch near it.  But man was that annoying.  Luckily, I hear that is have been fixed in 1.6.something.  So if any of you out there were on the fence about using fences, feel free to now ^_^  (Come on, ya know I had to cram that pun in there somewhere XD)

And now E3’s in full swing, I believe.  I’ll let ya know if anything newer than the handheld stuff came out of it.  Toodles!

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  2. I didn’t realize you were posting Notch’s tweets! My bro goes through them every day but its good to see that someone is keeping the masses notified!
    Loving the work with the fences ;)
    Another handy tip: if you use them as a roof, you can still block out rain :P

    • Aye! I try to keep the posts up to date in terms of news, but since the next update will not be out for some time that leaves twitter and his blog as the main sources. Bud of mine actually keeps track of *all* the mojang crew quite a bit more frequently than I. Feel free to check out his bloggarooni, “Ben’s Blog” on muh’ blog roll!

      Just said blog like six times, gotta avoid saying the word the rest of the day to even out my diction XD

      And nice tip with the fence-roof idea! The Misses actually took shots of roof she did with the new trapdoor/hatch in the game. They kinda look nice as upper windows, actually. (Now that I think about it, they could be cool as access points under water. Moon pools, what not.) Just this post was about fences so that’ll be topic for another week. Doh! I forgot I made the bumble bee ice cream shop with fence antennas… blah. I talked enough about fences anyway ^_^

      Thanks for commenting!


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