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Patching Problems: WoW 4.2 – Frost Mage vs Frost DK

Now, I know that patching predictions change constantly so what MMO-Champion lists on one day might not make it to the next, just the mere idea of this change bothers me.  As in, not only did it get conjured up in some dev’s brain, it was uttered aloud.  Then other devs thought it was just fine, so it got so far as to be given the green light and actually placed in the current PTR.

These two tweaks specifically bother me, as they are very similar, but two completely different play styles:

 Mage – Frost

  • Ring of Frost is now instant, down from 1.5 sec cast time.

Death Knight – Frost

  • Hungering Cold now has 1.5 sec cast time, up from instant

Just… what?!

Frost mages *really* needed a buff to that ability, well… any of their abilities?  But the one that prevents people from getting to the flag in the far-too-popular Node capturing BGs?  The by-far most annoying fight for a melee class gets another buff.  Amazing.

I’ll be honest, DKs are a lot easier to play than my ol’ faithful class: Warrior.  You got death grip, bunch of slows and just plain cool abilities.  I am aware a DK crying foul doesn’t hold much water… but this is about Frost mages here.  That supersedes all complaining about a mere DK in comparison.  Let’s see the pros and cons of this terrible idea.

Mages get an instant-cast, persistent, ranged, aoe-lockdown.  DKs have a one time use melee-based lockdown with a 1.5 second cast.  Both can be trinketed out of, only the Mage one will be instantly re-applied.  The mage one also remains intact while the person takes damage, while the DK ability breaks to any additional damage instantly (barring existing diseases) and cannot be re-applied.

If the Mage version is Mass Dispelled, the Mage can pop Cold Snap and place another down, instantly.

Not including Frost Nova, the ever-present and constant lock-down procs from their numerous instant-cast abilities, that they crit insanely high when you *are* locked down, or that they can also cast a one-shot version of this abilty via their pet.

Death Knights have one Death Grip.  That can resist or be immune.  They can slow with Icy Chains, or if they glyph for it, apply a short immobilize with IC and a slow with Howling Blast (if frost spec’d). Other than that, all they have are slows.  If you fire off the DG too early, or slip and use it right after your glyphed immobilize, it’s spent and you do not have a chance at all against the mage, while that mage has gobs of backup abilities to keep you right where you are and a shield that not only absorbs a great deal, but can be reapplied far more often than the DK counterpart, AND it generally locks down any melee that got ‘lucky’ enough to break it.

Oh, the agony of playing a ranged class…

Zee’ Summary

Aye, this could very well be voided tomorrow, but I still call “Shenanigans!”
 on it.  The abilities are quite similar, yet the ranged class that can choose precisely where they want it, gets to use it in an instant.  But the melee class that has to constantly run around to hit they very ranged class, has to stand still for awhile to cast very similar ability?  (Thus negating the ability entirely when attempting to catch up with a runner.) If I find it annoying on my pvp geared out DK, I can only imagine the amount of frustration and rage (lawl class in-joke) I will have when my Warrior gets up to level cap >.>

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  1. Oh mages. How tricky you are. Thats pretty scary, that spell is hella op.

    • Aye, most definately annoying >.< Not to say I wouldn't be having a blast on my mage using it to wreck face, but I still couldn't possibly claim it was balanced.

      Good news is I'm just a neckpiece and weapon away from a full on blue-quality pvp set! Got it all 'chanted and gemmed thanks to a bud of mine pitching in. Currently riding on something like 31.5% or so reduced damage in pvp a la Resistance. Movin' on up! ^_^

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