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Minecraft 1.6 – Live

Zee patch is a GO!  It had a few bandaids applied machine-gun style after it came up, with still some oddities online happening, but still it’s stable.  (Though some of its players are not XD)

Took the opportunity to load up Ye’ Olde Worlde save of mine which I haven’t really played since October’s crazy-mob-spawning business.  Wanted to make a compass of my original Minecraft save ^_^

To make a map you need a compass, eight pieces of paper, and a workbench. Place the compass in the center, surround it with the paper, and tada!  You gots a map!

(Compasses are made with four bars of iron in a ‘plus’ shape, with one redstone powder in the middle of them.  And if you don’t know how to make a workbench, lord help ya’ -_^)

Overall, I’m a little… unsure of this patch.  I think ‘disappointed’ is going too far, but I’m not like, awash in its awesomeness either.  Let me try to explain this with an example of something else ‘added’ with this patch:

As you walk around now, you may come across “long grass” in the game.  It looks pretty (there’s even a dried out version in the desert!) and just sort of fits.  Visually, this is a bonus, but the functionality is the rub.  If you destroy the grass, it has a chance of dropping seeds to plant wheat with.  The drop rate of seeds is about the same as it was when you used a hoe on grassy dirt, but that is the problem.  Before you could dig for seeds nearly *anywhere* above ground.  The drop rate might be bad, but still you had a large selection.  Now you have the same crappy drop rate but, by comparison, an extremely limited quantity.

He added good things, but they are side-grades at best.  (MMOers might know this term.  Upgrades are clearly superior to what you had previously.  “Side-grades” are sorta good, sorta not.  You might gain some stats while you lose out on others.)  But, again, I think this is wording it a bit harsh.  I don’t want to get all quippy an designate 1.6 as “the side-grade patch” but that’s the feeling it is giving me at the moment.  (Trapdoors that do not allow anything but players/mobs to pass through.  If it could allow anything through, it would have been a far better addition, for example.  As it stands, it is considerably limited in scope versus allowing the use of a water valve to mass farm wheat crops, or as security to push mobs away from certain locations as you pass through.)

I will say processor lag *appears* to have gone down in this update, which is wonderful if I am correct with what I have noticed.  Aye, the patch has already been updated a few times since it’s release (hence the x.6 at the end of it when you load the game) and it could very well continue to be updated to make it even better, but I’m talking about the current state of the patch. 

Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way.

The Nether does, in-fact, work online. This is possibly the best and biggest change to the game, something a great deal of peeps have been craving for a long time.  The patch seems quite ‘adventure-friendly’ by comparison to previous ones, and maybe this is why I am so torn.  The map promotes people to explore, having to slash grass requires movement as well, and co-op Nether definitely is heavy on the Adventure side of the game.

Hows about I wrap this up with a wish-list of sorts?  I wish that the map size was bigger, as the two I made were extremely small and I do not see how something that zoomed in could possibly help anyone out online even if the map link-up  was in game.  I also hope that Notch reverts change to seeds, making all grass able to get seeds like it used to, as well as making long grass provide them on a near-guaranteed/50% of the time to not make it seem like such a nerf.  (I’ve never was a fan of farming wheat -bacon is far better- but I do not see why the start-up time on newer farmers should be so punishing as it currently is.)  And let trapdoors let things actually move through them.  If I wanted a safety escape hatch I’d just seal my ladders off with dirt or something :P


Doh!  Completely forgot like the main reason I made this post in the first place haha  I’ve noticed the items in your inventory look a bit ‘off’.  I don’t quite know what, but they appear to be gritty/grainy, when before the patch they were fine.  I only run the default texture pack, so it’s not something simple like that.  Here, do you see what I mean?

Minecraft 1.6 - Stacking Item Visual Glitch

That dirt looks dirty.

The cobblestone, wooden planks, and dirt all look really ‘busy’.  Like they should have been a higher resolution but then got scrunched down.  I should break into the texture files and compare em with an older copy I have, but eh, I’ll let the Misses do that.  She’s all into the texture editing ^_^

Post Script

Now, I’m not raging by any means because I haven’t really ran into any terrible glitches, myself.  But, apparently some people are, making Notch’s twitter feed look a bit like the WoW forums…

Notch: “We just played maaany hours of Terraria. Very, very fun! :D”

Not the best start of the day, admittedly. 


  • Im very disappointed with the latest update, mc still crashes a lot (runs out of memory), lighting not working properly…
  • (got pushed down so a paraphrase) I just spent the last three hours replacing all the glowstone in my train station because you cannot place anything ontop of brightstone anymore, APPARENTLY.
  • @notch @jeb_ @Kappische trolling your fans and supporters. Bragging that you played Teraria instead of fixing your game. #Professionalism
That last one made me loudly guffaw, I gotta admit :D  Ah, poor guys.  He just tweeted:
“Aack, sorry! I wasn’t aware the bugs were that severe! =( I feel horrible now. I’ll head in to the office tomorrow.”
Atta’boy, Notch!

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