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Minecraft Monday: For the Good of All Of Us – Minecraft Companion Cube!

“…except the ones who are dead.” (Go on, admit it, you were singing the song in your head!)  Since that certain Apoco-lapse of judgement failed to deliver on its ‘expectations’, a great deal of us remain healthy and alive.  Thus we are ready…

Companion Cube A La Minecraft!
Piggeh Approved Companion Cube


After like a week or so, it’s done!  Technically it was done last week, but I had all this messy dirt about and I was having none of that!  None for pictures, I say!  Cleared that all out, got rid of the scaffolding and dirt walls keeping us penned in and safe, and now it’s LIVE, baby! 

Been wanting to make one of these in a game for awhile now, and what better game than Minecraft?  (If I was keeping track, this badboy alone would put my Indie-Geek cred through the roof.  Minecraft and Portal?  Straight from Friendly to Exalted, no questions asked ^_^)  Doc’d up a suitable rendition of it on single player (started out with the heart shape and worked out from there, to be honest XD) and this is what I ended up with!  With a few noodle-scratchers I figured out how to make it look good from all angles, and I’d have to say this is probably my first 3d ‘sculpture’ build in Minecraft.  (Zee Cloud Cutter was  technically dimensional, but still flat.  I’m movin’ on up!)

End result was huuuge quantities of snow (takes four snowballs to make one block, and it took more than a chestful of stacks), smooth stone, coal to make said smooth stone, and more than a handful of hours first spent hunting red flowers than farming sheep to get what I needed.  (Something like 8 stacks of pink wool)  Originally this was supposed to be our house… but that’s too dull for my tastes!  I thought we could spruce it up a little -_^

But enough details, how’s about a tour?  “Tour?” You ask?  Oh aye, this isn’t just something you admire from afar. Nay!  This is something you explore!  (Really wanted to get this on video but the PCs don’t have enough umph to pull it off without dipping into single digits on the frames per second ‘o-meter.  But I took plenty of snappies to accommodate.  Hee hee, “snappies.” Bioshock reference, ftw.)

Welcome to the Enrichment Center

Starting out on my journey, I see that there are several signs upon the entrance in one of the lower corners of the building.

Welcome Test Subject or random passer-by.

We have a few tests to get through today, sound good?

As the invisible lasers will kill you if you try to leave…

I’ll assume you said “Yes.”    Excellent!

Welcome to Aperture Industries!

If you thought Black Mesa was science… Ha!

We at Aperture know science. We’ll science your BRAIN out.

Here comes the tests.  If you made it this far, great!

At least we know that you know your way around

an invisible laser.  So there’s that.

I was then instructed to climb up a “Horizontal Lattice Vertical Propulsion Device” (which looks a lot like an ordinary ladder) into…

Test Chamber 01

Minecraft: Portal - Test Chamber 01

After a minor inspection I noticed that the block above is supposed to be placed on the Big Red Button to open the door, as the wire leads directly to it, after all.  (Note: While we did have a few ideas for actual, functional test chambers, getting them all to fit into this over-all structure was… not practical.  We went with more of a adventure/Aperture Museum of sorts ^_^)  Solving this simple puzzle, I make my way into…

Test Chamber 02

Minecraft: Portal - Test Chamber 02

Ooo, upping the ante, are we?  Now we are treated with portals upon a wall, the storage cube behind us, and the Big Red Button on the other side.  Taking what I learned previously, I take the cube through the portals, and place it on the button, opening access to… what’s this?

Minecraft: Portal - Test Chamber 02z

An Excursion Funnel leads the way up to the next chamber.  After a quick ‘swim’ upwards through the tunnel, you can clearly see…

Test Chamber 03: Hardlight Surfaces

Minecraft: Portal - Test Chamber 03 Hardlight Surfaces

Now isn’t that a peculiar sight! Jogging my way up the patented Aperture brand Panels and across the other side, I barely even notice the nearly garbled scrallings apparently carved into the very wall of the Test Chamber near the exit.

Minecraft: Portal - Ratman Warning

Test Chamber 04: The Cake Bake Dive

Minecraft: Portal - Test Chamber 04 The Cake Bake Dive

Delicious and moist.

imple room, in’nit?  No exits, just one portal and it looks like we need to jump straight down.  Are they tryin’ to kill me?!  Hmm. Well there is cake down there… but what’s that across the room?

Minecraft: Portal - Ratman Trail

Hmm.  That drop could very well kill me, and since there is no other place to go… I’ll give it a shot.  I follow the trail and check it out, figuring that I could come right back if I start getting directionally challenged…

The Escape 

Minecraft: Portal - Ratman Cometh

Following the signs, I listen to their helpful suggestions out of this malicious place.  On my brisk travel through the decrepit back halls of the building, I wove my way though mostly impassable sections of debris until I came upon this rather serene locale.  It almost appeared as a shrine the person guiding me via signs constructed for… a block? 

Minecraft: Portal - Ratman Companion Block Shrine

Poor sap must have lost his mind back here.

Rooftop Retreat

Minecraft: Portal - Rooftop Exit

After a while I found myself on the roof of the building, “A dirty handprint” leading the way into another opening ahead of me.  As I wind down the jagged steps, I am able to ascend a platform that allows me to peer down at the test chambers below. 

Minecraft: Portal - The Cake WAS A Lie!

That really was a plot to have me killed!  Forget this place!

Minecraft: Portal - Goin' Down

I continue down the ragged path, keeping an eye out for any markings or suggestions from my silent and disembodied friend.

Minecraft: Portal - Nebacular Drop and a Half

I was forced to navigate several hazardous jumps until my surroundings changed from antiquated metal to gravel and dirt.  It wasn’t long after that I came upon possibly the most dangerous of all jumps I had yet encountered.

Minecraft: Portal - Watch Your Step

While helpful in its suggestion, it did little to assuage me fear of heights. And death. Not exactly in that order, either.  I leapt across, cursing all the way, and thankfully landed on the other side.  Making my way up a hand-carved stairway, I spotted one final sign, wishing me luck and sending me on my way.

Minecraft: Portal - Almost Free

Shortly after I was back on the surface, free of that tyrannical place and it’s fangled contraptions.  I shall never forget my time spent in that building, nor will I likely ever return.

Minecraft: Portal - Companion Cube'd

Hope that wasn’t too melodramatic XD  I’ll have you know, there are (barring death, of course) thee exits to the building. Can’t say where the other two are, as that ruins the surprise ^_^

Spent quite awhile getting these all set up and described on flickr, and only then did I realise I am actually missing stuff hahaha  The in-between little bits on the middle section of the cube on every side have yet to be placed lmao  Well, I’ll go back and get them in a bit. Anyway, here’s a shot of the cube from the Misses’ wooden balcony.

Minecraft: Portal - Companion Cube from Afar

I love how it nearly dwarfs out everything in comparison.  Oh, and that sheared sheep down there was actually covered in pink wool.  That’s the third or fourth one I came upon during my Sheep-dying rampage to net me enough stacks to complete this creation.

Minecraft News

1.6 will likely be this week Wednesday, possibly Thursday or Friday if there is a delay. But it’s this week! Also, the ‘Anti-Nether’ is on its way, my friends!  Last week, Notch posted a few shots of a floating universe he had an idea for in Minecraft, and he stated, as PC Gamer apparently loved the idea so much, that it was officially confirmed.  (Though, I wonder if this was his shot at the mod The Aether?)

He just updated his blog with a huge list of bug fixes. You can take a gander at them here on his blog, but these are a few that caught my attention:

  • Fixed fire hurting through wall corners
  • Mushrooms now spreads (very) slowly
  • It’s no longer possible to build solid blocks on the top layer of the maps (sorry!)
  • Severely nerfed fire so it spread slower, and doesn’t spread infinitely
    Seeds are now found in tall grass, using a hoe on the ground no longer works
  • Blocks destroyed by other players in multiplayer now shows the breaking block particle effect
  • Fixed buttons and levers too close to the player being impossible to use
  • Fixed furnaces and dispensers not dropping their contents when destroyed
  • Fixed rain falling through liquids
  • Fixed fences and signs preventing grass from growing
  • Fixed the achievement screen not pausing the game
  • Fixed chat messages surviving through game switches
  • Fixed ice so it regenerates regardless of whether it’s snowing or not
  • Fixed animals only spawning near light during the night

Till next week, my friends!  Hopefully I get to penning that In-depth Portal 2 review with this in mind.  Either way, I leave you with a collaboration of Still Alive that the Misses was lucky enough to be a member of!  Not gonna say who, but she’s in there somewhere ^_^


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  1. Awesome to see the cube unveiled! Pretty amazing creation with 100% legit materials too!

    If we can find a time we’re both on I might be able to help out with a video tour if you’re interested!

    • Sounds good, man. (When we can put aside our current ___craft addictions, of course :D)

      It’s odd, might have changed with Cata, but in Wrath we took a quick vid that didn’t really lag that much. Wait a tick. That was recorded on the desktop, hmm.

      I gave it a go and actually the video doesn’t look nearly as jagged as it did from the laptop. (Her lappy far more robust, thought it would be better suited for recording but my bad, I guess). I’ll tinker with it a bit and see what we can pull up. Touched up the cube as well! Added the corner bits, noticed we got an express lane to the mine carts right next store now! …And four wool blocks instead of snow in the corner of the building hah! Looks like someone got lost early on!

      • Yep, you’re officially on the Monorail line now! :) It’s come a long way from the surface level line when you first visited.

        Unfortunately my work week starts tomorrow again, so I probably wont be on much, if at all, for the next 4 days. So see ya next week!

  2. Oh my god…you…you are awesome.

    I was just gonna ask if it was solid or hollow and then I scrolled down and saw that there was MORE…you actually have “test chambers” inside! Wow.

    I also love the implementation of the pink wool. At first glace, I thought that was brick…but now I see it. It’s a great effect from afar!

    • Thank you! ^_^ Oh, brick. Now that would have been something to gather. I haven’t found very much on the server yet, I think I got maybe a stack of clay balls or so. But yes! Pink wool works wonders. I was stunned when I ran into the first pink sheep I ever met, though. Started hatching ideas to keep the sheep alive after I shear them, as maybe rain might sprout out more to harvest, etc. Nutty sheepz!

      Glad ya liked it :D

      • There’s pink sheep? I thought you dyed the wool, which was why you were gathering all those red flowers. Ha, pink sheep! Who’da thunk it!

      • Oh there is, but extremely rare. (My bad, I muddied up my explanation!)

        You are correct that I used all those red flowers making the wool (and the bonemeal of skeletons to lighten it to pink), but as I dyed the sheep with them (and quickly after slaughtered them to repopulate the server), I ran across a total of four pink sheep. Mind you, I needed eight+ stacks of pink wool, and each sheep averaged about two blocks each. So that’s uh, at least 252 sheep spotted with only four actually pink. That’s 1.5% haha Also, I think we ended up with a stack of brown or so. (I know we needed pink, but you can’t really get brown any other way, making it even *more* rare, though more popular than pink sheep. Yes you can look for dungeons all day and hopefully get cocoa beans to dye sheep with, but I have yet to find anything in one of those chests other than iron, saddles, bread, buckets, and spider thread >.<)

  3. The cube! Awesome job!!

    I love the follow the path haha! Those screenshots remind me of classic EQ dungeons, creepy!

    • Thankies! I’ve only seen brief bits of EQ stuff, but I think I can see the connection. Graphically Minecraft and EQ aren’t that far off, now that I think about it lol

  4. good job!!!!

  5. That is a pretty crazy lil (big?) cube. o.O

  6. That was a beautifully epic adventure! :D My knowledge of Minecraft is so very little, but it looks entertaining.

    • Why thank-you! It is a simple game where you pick up blocks and place them elsewhere. (Reminds me of an episode of ATHF with Carl watching alien network TV, but odds are high that allusion will be lost on many haha) I like it because it pretty much lets you do whatever you want, but some don’t like the super-open gameplay. A builder’s paradice, though.

      And nice new avatar image! Looks purdy’!


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