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Minecraft Monday: Rain N’ Thunderstorm Tips N’ Tricks

Was going to start off with a bit of a News Update in terms of Minecraft via Notch’s tumblr, but nadda!  Hasn’t updated it in nearly a week! … Not like I can throw any stones from my glass house for that very reason or anything XD

I do have some random tips for you guys today, though!  Figured this out recently and thought you’d might like to know in case you did not already.


Rain is a trickster, through and through.  It hampers a lot in minor ways and really is darned mischievous!  For example, you are working off in the distance, maybe collecting wood or snow or flowers or wolves, something far away that is keeping you busy.  As you are well aware, nightfall is not the best time to be wondering, so you want to get back before then.  You glance up at the sky, and there is no sun to gauge when to head back.

No sun!  No pixely pad o’ butter in the sky to be found at all!  While this makes a watch more convenient, it makes everything else more inconvenient haha  This also can have some surprising consequences…

Say you are hiding underground because Mr. Watch told you it was the dead of night, so you are toiling away mining or organising, etc.  The clock shows it is just about daybreak so you head topside for a gander.  Tis rainin’!  Oh wells, no big deal!  At least the mobs stopped spawning and pretty soon they will start burning…

…anytime now…

Mobs do not burn during the day when it is raining >.<  Either due to the darker skies or being pelted with drops of water, the end result is that those buggers are there to stay.  And rain can last a long time in Minecraft, sometimes pausing for a day, then going right back on for another long stretch of time.


So rain not only blocks out the sun, making navigation and time-guesstimation difficult, but it also prevents mobs from dying off in the morning.  Thunderstorms up the ante a notch.  Thunderstorms are the same as rain, except lighting starts to go off and the skies get a lot darker.  While this might not seem too bad, as it gets far darker during the night, it seems that Mr. Notch added the ability for mobs to SPAWN within the clouded areas affected by said thunderstorm.

Well isn’t that just peachy?!  And those suckers can form with no warning at ALL.  You could be back in the example above, far stretch away from your base collecting stuffs when *poof*.  Thunderstorm.  Rain, lightning, and now twenty mobs dropping on you, apparently riding the massive droplets falling down from above.  And those zombies do not appear to be Vegan in the slightest.



I keed’, I keed’.  There are a few ways around rain, which I wish registered in my brain sooner than it did.  For starters, as soon as night falls jump in that bed of yours!  (Thunderstorms are dark enough to allow you to sleep no matter what time of day it is, by the way!) Not only will it clock over to day, but it will also wipe out any bit of weather you were having.  That’s one mighty creation of wooden planks an wool ya got thar’!

Minecraft: Shine to the Almighty Bed

Heed the scrallings from the wallings. The Bed speaks with wisdom beyond its years.

If you play more defensively, or build on your land more than you explore, sleeping through it will likely be your best option.  In fact, tighten up those defenses (just in case) and it should hardly affect you at all.  But for you adventurin’ types out there, ya need to plan ahead!  Bring a bed along with you, possibly a watch, and preferably at least one wolf at your side (I like three, myself). 

The bed allows you to sleep through the nasty, the watch will let you know how long you have to get back to base should the sun be blocked out, and the wolves will guard you.  Unless you let them fall off high surfaces.  Then they can’t.  ‘Cuz they’d be dead.  Undead wolves for the Halloween Update this year?  I got my fingers crossed!

Rain supposedly makes things grow a lot faster as well, but I can’t say I’ve noticed as my timing on growing things and rain hasn’t been in sync thus far.  It does put out fires and causes lava blocks to sizzle, but not turn to cobble.  Just sizzle a lot.  To the point Indiana Jones would probably start to freak out.

Some Minecraft here-say is that if lightning strikes a pig it turns into a pig man a la Nether mob, and if it strikes a Creeper its explosion will be much more massive than normal.  Does this mean a bigger TNT may be added in the future (as some mods have done already)?  Time will tell.

Enjoy the weather, me hearties!  Wonder if some leather and sticks could make an umbrella…

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  1. One time I was building a model of Noah’s ark in Minecraft and it started raining…Yeah, I was both amazed and freaked out a bit haha. This also happened in the free version of the game, I didn’t think it was supposed to rain in the free version. Anyway good post as always!

    • That’s great, in a funny yet creepily and unsettling sort of way. I was not aware it could rain in classic mode either! At least there wasn’t any lightning in it, that would have been freaky to see a burning tree before you as you built it haha Now you just need to herd together two pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep into the vessle and you’ll be all set!

      Mind those Creepers, though! XD

  2. The sound of rain always makes me sleepy… I suppose it could be good for RP.. Haha. I think I’d take the easy way and just take a nice little nap! Good tips, even though I am lazy and never play these days!

    The last time I played… I died in lava. Some rain might have cooled me off ;)

    • The rain is actually kinda loud in Minecraft. Not only is it instant when it happens, it’s all in your face about it, nearly. “Rawr! I am falling from the heavens! Pay attention to meee!”

      The sound changes into a gentle rattling once you get inside or under ground though, now *that* would be a lullaby-esque droning to get you to nod out. Unless it’s a thunderstorm. Then the lightning will wake you right the heck up haha They took the creeper/tnt explosion sound and made it echo a lot and that’s ‘thunder’. Surprisingly close to actual thunder though, so kudos to em!

      And the rain would have cooled you off! I was busy placing lava on multiplayer and stepped too close when it was raining. Just backed up and poof, insta-extinguished. It’s like an AoE lake, only in the sky :P

  3. Oh speaking of wolves…I have a story to tell you, one that I’ll probably elaborate on in a future post of mine, but yeah, last week I got back into Minecraft and right away I picked up some bones and went hunting for wolves. I got so excited when I saw my first pack that instead of feeding them the bones I accidentally smacked one in the head. Not only did I piss this one wolf off, I got the whole pack angry at me and they chased me with red eyes all over the forest until I jumped into a lake. It was not pretty XD

    • Hahaha I said back when 1.4 brought out wolves not to damage ’em! (“Apparently wolves do not like treats punched into their foreheads.”) The Misses, too, was all a twitter about taming one and I ‘suggested’ (hee hee) she left click instead of right click. She was not pleased with the results of my ‘advice’ :P

      Those wolves are fearsome, too! Creepers are bad because they are silent and suddenly loud, wolves when aggro’d are nightmare-worthy. I’m surprised you survived a pack attack, grats on that! Should be a Feat of Strength hee hee Those suckers are relentless.


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