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Minecraft Monday: Right On Time!

Exactly seven seconds ago, Notch updated his blog.  Just as I checked it.  Providence!

Been busy this week doin’ stuffs so I didn’t have as much time to devote to Minecraft as I’d like.  That’s not to say I didn’t spend a sizable amount of time playing it, but just not as much as I’d like -_^  What time I did have with it, was fixing up the project I said I’d post today.  Buuut towards the end of it I did a final check on youtube to make sure it was accurate.  Left to right layout was flawless.

But up and down was off a smidgin’ :/ 

I figure once I post a pic of it, it’s ‘done’ so I want to make sure it is fully complete before I do that, otherwise the reaction will be “well, it’s the same thing just a little bigger…” when I do the big reveal and I don’t want it to be a  blah-zay thang’.  Still working on it, but not done yet.  Heck, I will post a shot of a cut out of a part of it to show how I had to change it recently.  Think of it as a sneak peek to the massive following of one that was actually interested in it in the first place XD  Well, I suppose that’s not totally accurate as  I only hinted about it in the comments section of the TM release date post, but I’z gettin’ off topic!

Minecraft Co-op: Twisted Sneak Peek

As you can see it will be very similar, but those extra blocks make it more accurate as to what was in the game and it bothered me that I did not do it correctly from the beginning.  But with this change it’s right on target, so it’s goin’ in!  Already laid out almost all of the track with this, just have to fill in the guh-gillion stacks of half stone to make it the correct height.  Thank the flying spaghetti monster for OP powers.  Oh, and that lava there is another hint as to what level I’m making.

Onto Minecraft news, Notch released a few pictures on how Maps will work.  Basically, you keep it on your task bar and have it selected.  As you walk about, it records the sights!  Think of it like a sword.  You heard a zombie, you see something bouncing about.  You got your sword in hand, just waiting to get close enough to kill it.  Just as you have sword in hand doing it’s thing, you keep a map there instead. 

Originally it kinda seemed like a bad idea, that you *had* to have it out all the time to work.  But he added a great idea to it as well.  As you have it in hand, it will not block out your view at all.  How he made it work, is as if you are a confused tourist at Disney World.  You are walking about, looking around at your surroundings and the map is before you but out of your view.  When you get confused you look down and, yup, that’s the map all right.  (But where is that hot dog cart!  And I want a Mickey-ears hat, dangit!)

If you wanna see the map, simply look down.  So no worries about it blocking your vision at all as you ‘map out’ your base. 

From Notch's tumblr blog

Left is looking forward, and as you look more down it fills the screen.  So only there when you want it to be.  Sweet, no?

Last week I was a bit disgruntled with how Notch was handling things, but I’m glad to say he might have turned back to his normal self.  He first wasn’t sure how to do the modding in the game, possibly even not add it at all.  Fans cried for him to add it for security reasons, and so he figured it out with his staff and planned on releasing it after all.  But at a price.  He claimed it would be to prevent people from adding stupid ideas so that only to good stuff would remain, but fans didn’t like that either.  Thankfully, he listened to the community and relented on the cost factor, and for that, he gets my kudos.

He was doing some pretty thinly veiled things in terms of wanting more money, but this decision, I hope, brings back ‘old Notch’.  Again, last week I was far from pleased with his recent actions, but with this new stuff in light, I’m happy how it turned out for the gamers.

Oh!  And Nether will soon be working in multiplayer!  So all you folks with decorative portals, be wary that a Ghast might just spawn on the safe side and muck up your work when you least expect it :P

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  1. I just started playing Minecraft again…boy am I rusty. I keep doing dumb things like dying from fall damage and getting lost.

    I didn’t even have a stronghold made yet, and all I could think about was taming a wolf. Yes, I have pretty crappy priorities :P

    • Not at all! Wolves help out immensely when first getting back into the game. They are like little sentry turrets, that can follow you! You can repair them with bacon, for cryin’ out loud! That’s awesome XD

      Getting lost happens, but you’ll start to remember the terrain, or modify it so you don’t need to hee hee Torches, a tunnel underground/though a mountain. Cobblestone/brick road, fences, etc. Or you could just hang in there for another week or so for the map to be added to the game ^_^

      Fall damage is pretty bad, and sometimes not really avoidable. Though, you do have a few options! You can make an easy-peasy set of leather armor (even just chest and pants will do) that reduces fall damage taken, or you can take a stack of sand or gravel with ya! If you know you have a drop ahead of you, just toss gravel down next to you and let it fall till it’s high enough to stand on. Then all you need to do is hop on, look down, and break the blocks. Slowest elevator in the world, but better than death by heights :D


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