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Minecraft Monday: Mapz!

Notch just made a post on his tumblr stating an idea about maps getting added to the game.  Maybe a new use for paper and squid ink?  Sounds cool either way ^_^  He mentioned that it will start out as a blank map that gets revealed over time as you wander, and that multiplayer folks’ll be able to link up their maps so both people can see what the other has revealed, maybe even see where that person is on the map when you check it. 

Harry Potter-esque, no?

In some Meh News, he said Pistons are getting delayed again, possibly for awhile.  Even worse, this is because a coder is getting moved to another game, likely Scrolls.  Even though I got a few ideas for pistons at the moment, the acknowledgement that they got one less coder working on the game isn’t great news to hear.  This bothers me even more, because possibly the largest influence of me getting the game, X, from his Let’s Play Minecraft youtube series posted a lengthy list of things he’d like to see in the game.

Having watched each of his videos marathon-style for pretty much two full days until he stopped posting them, I know first hand this guy spent a lot of time in-game.  But he got bored.  Painfully bored.  He claims it was because nothing was threatening anymore, and while I think it was more of a burn-out than boredom that killed it for him, I can see where he is coming from.

But Notch didn’t read his post.  Actually, he decided to completely ignore it.

This is what bothers me this week.  I’m a big fan of X, and I admit I may have a bias towards his side of the story.  I also admit that X got a lot of popularity due to his Minecraft vids, and accidentally sent one heck of a tidal wave of fans Notch’s way, supposedly to the point of Notch getting text messages to read the post when trying to eat dinner.  I get he would be displeased.

I also understand that Notch is probably trying to avoid the whole “if enough people tell him, he’ll listen to my thoughts and change the game!” can of worms.  If he admits he read the list it might make him look like he caved to the pressure, but at the same time, completely ignoring the changes is not the right answer either.  I read the list of ideas, and X was very understanding.  He knew the changes would likely never get added, but it was mostly posted towards his fans for them to understand why he isn’t playing it nearly at all anymore.  (Again, I think he built too much too fast and right out of the gates, while he claims lack of changes and lack of depth and difficulty.)

Most of X’s ideas were about beefing up the Adventuring aspect of the game.  He conquered all he saw, and wept.  (To decimate a Great phrase a la Alexander.)  He said the game is almost all about building and almost nothing about Adventuring, which is correct.  But he didn’t just want to complain about things and he listed ideas on how to fix what he felt needed more attention.  Mainly, add upgraded versions of all current mobs for starters.  You’ll  need armor to go cave hunting as the upgraded mobs take a lot more damage and dish it out as well, so why not have those rare mobs drop better gear in mind of said adventurers?  Say, iron ore?  That would keep Adventurers stocked with iron for armor and weapons while not forcing them to mine all day for it.

You can read his whole thing (as well as an apology to Notch for X’s fans pestering him so much) right here.  Was Notch right in blocking off new ideas?  Is it wrong for people to suggest changes while playing a game born from creativity?  Maybe Notch should hire on someone who just deals with people’s suggestions and organizes them for the team?  He can afford it.  (Minecraft broke 2,000,000 sales recently.)

But, to avoid ending it on a slightly negative note, my buddeh’ Ben allowed me and the Misses to visit his server this week!  We didn’t stay long, Madam is under the weather and I’m drinking plenty of liquids to avoid catching it as well, but I did have enough time to snap this shot!

Minecraft Co-Op: Vertigo!

Just doesn't look the same without your texture pack, does it? -_^

…right before a giant slime gutted me.  Dang processor couldn’t handle me loading the image program so I died before I could alt+tab back in >.<  Also, Ben has a kick-arse Dr. Who skin.  Tennant’s version, of course.  (Even had nifty 3-d glasses on, woo!)  Not big on the Doc, but I really like Tennant.  Think my fave episode was the Shakespeare one. 

“Good ol’ J.K.!”

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  1. The map idea sounds really cool! I really need to start playing Minecraft again. I quit playing because it always overheated my MacBook, to the point that I need a fan by desk to keep it cool haha… Mac OS really doesn’t like Java or Flash…

    • Oy, that’s pretty bad lol I know the Misses’ laptop gets really hot unless we use this fan thing she bought which uses a usb outlet. That sucker gets *HOT* on the bottom left corner after awhile, nearly hot to the touch. That can’t be good haha

      Minecrafting with mittens, now that’s dedication ^_^

  2. I think if Notch acknowledged it then he would feel that people were expecting him to listen and change things. Or… He could just not care and ignore any input.

    It is a sweet game but I agree some adventuring stuff would liven it up a bit. I’m a builder and adventurer. I think if mobs dropped loot for the house it would be cool. I know certain things like feathers do but I mean really neat stuff off of mobs in the wilderness. Go hunting for what you want.

    The maps sound interesting it should be a cool addition too!

    • I think I prefer the ‘exploring’ aspect of adventuring, myself. Less ‘yay that creeper explosion punted me into that wall of lava’ and more of a ‘this place would look good for a lighthouse.’

      I can see where the adventuring stuff is definitely lacking in comparison to buildin’, but on the other hand I can easily say that the building is a lot better than the adventuring in the first place, so he is playing his strengths. The problem is, obviously, this is causing people who liked ‘the other stuff’ in the game to get, uh, anxious?

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  4. I can understand why people get bored with Minecraft after a while, and it’s pretty much the same reason why everyone likes to start new maps. More adventuring stuff would be cool for sure.

    I think one of the big things that has kept Minecraft popular, and growing, is Notch’s aggressive update schedule. Always something new happening, and something new to look forward to. If they hit the release of the game and drop off on the updating, I could seriously see Minecraft popularity drop off with it. As a side issue, all the updates tend to make the game both more interesting, and easier. New objects can’t have any more complex recipes than the 3×3 grid allows, but they naturally solve a problem that was more difficult – or impossible – to solve before. At one point Notch was trying to make the world more dangerous as you go deeper. While the implementation didn’t work out, I still think that was a good idea, and more things like that should be pursued.

    • I had this nice, long comment and then I loaded up X’s blog post to quote something at the dang page froze >.<


      In short, adding in 'uber mobs' was a big part of X's post to help push aside that 'old n' busted' (to quote Will Smith) that can occur as time passes and little changes. As you said, people get bored of the same ol' after a while, some sooner than others. I am a bit conflicted with Notch's responce now, as first I read that he does not like long posts of text because that 'kills his inspiration' etc. It came off as a total diss with its pious, holier-than-thou attitude. But now I see he did make a twitter mention of it, thanking X for his concerns. Gah!

      I really like the game, and it fits my current lifestyle seamlessly, and on the cheap. It would take a huge gamebreaking addition to Minecraft to stop me from playing it. I first admired his 'if it is not fun, I'll take it back out' style, but now he appears to be shifting into more of a ill-tempered fat cat. As Ban said below, he can take all mods as his own now, no questions asked. Heck, he already has twice. (Pistons, lightning changes) That does not bode well. In fact, just typing up my post yesterday he got into a shouting match over twitter with the mind behind Garry's Mod. Add on top the whole 'long posts kill my creative mind' whimsical god of arcane coding nonsense and it sets me off.

      WoW has made many mistakes as I played it the last few years, though I continued until it was not fun/worth the continued cost. Notch denying to read X's ideas was *his* first big mistake.

      I like the game a lot, and will continue to play it as long as it remains fun to me. But dev's are in the best position to ruin their own game, and just this week alone, Notch has dropped the ball many times. This does not bode well, but again, until the game is old n' busted, I'll keep playing :P

  5. I would say Notch and his team are victims of their success. When it was a new game everything was original and people didn’t mind waiting for patches at new things being introduced into the game added more depth to the adventure. Now that the game is popular and more people are playing it (add to the mix Youtube and Forums) new things get “consumed” very quickly and new things have to be introduced.

    As you pointed out Notch has lost one of his team for a while to another game which means the work gets spread a little thinner. Which is why the blog post about “mods” and who can make them was interesting especially the part that said something like “If we like it we may implement it into the game but we own it! (even if the idea was yours)”

    While in some way I can see sense in this it’s a little “Microsoft” it attitude. I personally don’t use mods as I do not trust them (well at least the download source) and I think Notch should start to look at ways to add things of use to the game and not things like “pets” which are fun but of no real use.

    • I know that the speedy internet age has made people even more ADHD-prone than ever in terms of needing a fix and whining when it is not out soon enough, but I can agree that the changes to the game, all in all, have not been that vast. I still like them a lot, don’t get me wrong, but when I watched X do his first youtube on Minecraft in months, he was right. “The basic premise of Minecraft has not changed, and that’s what makes me bored.” While I am not bored of the game, I can see why he is, and I do not fault him for it.

      Him pretty much staking claim on all mods is a polar opposite of what he said just a year or so ago, and that is bothersome as well. His sudden “Microsoft” attitude that has recently amerged is rather displeasing. I hope it does not affect the game adversely, but it may just be a matter of time. Till that time though, I’ll be having fun ^_^

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