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Keep the Craft Alive: Knitting It Forward

A bud of mine by the name of Carrie is a fan of fancy stitchings and she made a post regarding Knit it Forward the other day. Basically she is willing to make the first five people who post on her blog a small, free craft item for no charge.  (I guess that free part made no charge redundant, ha!)  But in exchange for the item, the person who accepts the crafting gift, must in return give five others a free craft of their own.  I think the only other stipulation is that the crafts must be completed by the end of the year, and they should be kept smallish as it is out of the kindness of their heart sort of dealy!

Welp, I regarded that as a challenge!  I accepted her offer, and now I must, in turn, continue the process outwards.  We, Encrazed Crafts, do hereby offer the first five people on this post a free, small, Encrazedly-crafted item.  By posting your request for one of these bad boys, you acknowledge that you must, in turn, provide the same offer on the blog of your own, and give five others a freebie as well!  (There is no limit on what the crafted item you make for them is, from like a pot holder to a drawn picture, etc.)

So then, who’s up for the challenge? XD

P.S. We will need to know where to ship these special items out to, of course.  So we’ll need contact info from ya eventually.  And no the piggeh’ blanket is not a ‘small’ item, you bunch of sneaks :P

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  1. Cool idea! Hey I’m FIRST! ;) I may do this and offer a free banner or icon. Oh I posted… I guess I have to?! Hehe.

    Doh! I wanted the PIGGEH!

    • Hah! I knew adding that piggeh’ stipulation at the end was worth it! Just send an email to my name [at] gmail so I can get your address and stuffs to mail ya somethin’. (My name being Encrazed Crafts, of course. I’m trying to avoid the spam bots! Shh!)

  2. Hehe, I know what you mean about the bots. They get you from all directions :(

    Monday I’ll do my post for this if you want to get a free graphic ;) Maybe an etsy banner or something you could use. Seems like something fun to do plus more stuff to show off in the gallery ha!

    • An etsy banner, you say? :D Interesting, though I feel like I’d be ekeing out another person’s spot if I accepted so soon :( Hows about I give em two days first? If there is still a spot for us, we’ll snag it ^_^

      Of course, if all the spots are filled by then and we just happen to get a random email with an image tucked away within it, I mean, we can’t just delete it. That’d be rude -_^

  3. I think this is such a nice idea. I’m a freelance “traditional” artist by trade, so there’s a ton of stuff I can work with.

    Alas, so much of my supplies are still somewhere in moving boxes, and I actually have to buy a lot more to replace the old stuff I threw out before we moved. I know the end of the year is still so far away, but life is still a mess right now plus I still have commissions to fulfill, and I don’t want to feel like a douche when I find out I can’t manage the five free crafts. If I’m going to participate in something like this, I want to take the time to make something nice for others, you know? :)

    Any chance this might be something you guys do annually? I’d love to join in the fun next year, when I know for sure things have settled down.

  4. As I said on your buddy’s blog: Can I claim my production of handmade cassettes, CDs, and LPs as my paying it forward bit? I do give away copies to people all the time (I rarely make money off the records I put out) and while they aren’t sewn or anything like that they are handmade and unique. The only uniform part is the tape, record, or CD.
    Does that work? =)

    • I don’t see why not, music is a craft after all ^_^ Technically speaking, Etsy probably wouldn’t let it slide, but we’s ain’t Etsy! The more people involved the merrier, I says! I don’t know how the tech works for that stuff, it is far from my field, but maybe offer a mix-tape type of a deal? Like, uh, your favorite songs that remind you of… a starry night or something. Anything!

      Could always wrap it up with a ribbon or something if you feel it needs any sprucing up hee hee

      Just send me an email about where ya want me to send you the craft we make ya, and we’ll think something up that’ll please ya!

  5. I found you via Kaozz. She’s my favorite gaming blogger. I’ve seen you post on her site a few times. Anyway, I’ve already replied to the person you mentioned within this post.

    I’m a small business owner. I make natural skin care products like hand made soaps, body butters, and lotions. I’m interested. I’ll post something on my blog in the next few days.

    • Oh yeah, I’ve seen ya in the comments section before! Welcome aboard, Pounce ^_^

      Just send an email our way (just tack a gmail at the end of our bloggin’/etsy name) with where you’d like us to mail you your item, and we’ll get to work on something nice for ya! Of course this means we’re gonna have to subscribe to ya now. You poor thing -_^

  6. My friends and I did something like this once. Sadly I didn’t get any of the crafts, but at least it got others thinking and I know some ppl did send out things. yay for creativity!

    Good luck with your crafting!

    • Thanx, Cinna! I got my list all written up and stuffs planned for each. I know my crafts will get sent out, and that’s about all I can control hee hee If I was part of your first venture into this sort of thing, I *totally* would have sent you a craft :D


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