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Twisted Metal (PS3) Release Date Confirmed!

10/4/2011 (Any fan of the series *needs* to watch that teaser trailer of the live action stuffs! I’d embed it, but gametrailers doesn’t seem to like wordpress.)

I am squeeing as loudly as I can about this news.  Of course I’m a guy, so it sounds more like tires squealing than a chew toy getting stepped on, but that perfectly fits this game anyway!

The last time I was this excited over a trailer was Dead Island, and while that video was heavy on the artistry, Twisted Metal’s is high on the action; high on the octane.

Fire, leather, explosions, heavy rock, chainsaws, motorcycles, and ice cream.  Oh yeah…

“…it’s good to be back.”

Minus Minecraft, the last game I purchased myself with actual tangible currency (non-gift card’d, etc.) was probably Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  After getting burned with Devil May Cry 2, I am very particular on which games I buy.  Based on what I know about this one so far, and who is in charge of it (David Jaffe was my first DAW post, after all ^_^), I am definitely going to pre-order. 

More than likely a Collector’s Edition.

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  1. Oh, this makes me so happy. I grew up watching & playing the Twisted Metal series as a strange little girl with older brothers, & when I first saw the trailer I was squealing. It looks vunderful!

    Also, Dead Island trailer made me weepy.

  2. Yes! More fans for the cause! XD I got Playstation back in like ’98 and rented games for a few months before Christmas. My uncle got me three games for xmas, and thus thus my first game on the system was Twisted Metal. The clown face on the front confused, yet interested me. Luckily I bet on the right horse from day one! ^_^

    Which car/driver is your favorite? Shadow (the hearse) from TM2 is a pretty big fan fave.

    *And* I’m hoping by the end of next week to complete my TM-inspired project. Spanned two servers (as the first one get reset >.>) and taken many-a day to do. Working around water can be so annoying in Minecraft, too >.< But I'm almost done! Just gotta… well I'll take screen shots and post about it. Already have a few "before" pictures. Just need to finishes' it so I can take the "after" 's!

    • I’ll be honest, Shadow freaked me the heck out as a kid, but my older brother played mainly as him and so I got used to it. Outlaw 2 was undoubtedly my favorite—for reasons I can’t remember, honestly. But I thought she was amazing, & I preferred driving her squad car.

      I am looking forward to see some screen shots! :D

      • Haha, Little Ol’ Mortimer? He’s a teddy bear!

        It’s funny you mention Outlaw, my dad mentioned ‘that one cop car’ and it took me a few minutes to remember the name. I was all like “There was Roadkill, Hammerhead, Mr. Grimm… Crimson Fury… gah, what was his name!”

        Screen shots are being gathered, though based on the most recent one I took last night, I still got a heck of a lot of hours to go. Either way next Minecraft Monday will be about it, so I better get it close to finished!

      • Going to have to amend my previous comment. After loading up a youtube vid to ensure proper placement, I noticed a pretty (to me) glaring issue that I am now fixing, which bascially is making me rebuild almost everything up a level as it was too low to the ground.

        The admin said it was fine, but dang it, if I’m going to say it is to scale it better well be, in my opinion. Thus, rebuilding is underway, though my original intention of posting this on Monday is extremely doubtful at the moment :/

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