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Minecraft Monday: Diamonds Are Forever (Part Two)

S’okay, carrying on where we left off, you have a mineshaft, a way up and out via ladders, and are standing six layers above bedrock.  Great job thus far, folks!  Let’s, pardon the pun, dig in!

Mining Layout

You need to mine out a section that is three blocks tall, two blocks wide, and ten blocks long.  This is the starting point, and it’ll give you some room to stretch out.  Feel free to place a double chest, furnace, and workbench to the sides of this area for easy access and cookin’.

Starting from the far left, mine out a single-block wide section from top to bottom.  Go to the right, skipping two blocks, and mine out the fourth from the left.  Skip five and six, and mine out seven, and then ten (the furthest to the right.)  It should look like this.

Minecraft Co-op: Muh Shaft!

I’ll get to the torches in a sec.

This is my basic set up.  all those indented areas are going to be the paths we walk as we mine deeper, or further away.  But darkness = danger and mobs.  Nothing is worse than hearing a zombie in your mine, because then you know a Creeper will be also able to spawn, and those suckers don’t make a sound.

Doesn’t that just freak you out? 

They could be desperately waiting for you just around the corner.  And that is a great deal of nooks to hide in.  So many blind spots… the explosion would surely be massive and at close range.

No, we can’t have that!  We need plenty of lighting to keep this area safe!  I place torches on the third and eighth blocks on this side, as shown, for starters.  We are going to repeat this on the back side of this area as well.  Here’s how:

On the far left side again, run against the indented wall until you cannot move forward any more.  Mine the next four blocks in, you’ll know when you do because you cannot reach any further from this position.  Walk down that dark tunnel, and turn to face the far right side of the room.  Mine out two blocks deep.  This can be hard to see on dark monitors, but the goal is to place a torch on the middle section of that second, further away block like so.

Minecraft Co-op: Illuminating the Mining Tunnel

Nice and bright now, innit?

Continue clearing in this direction, but be sure to mark off an indentation every three blocks to correlate with the front face of the room as you carry on.  Indent on four, seven, place a torch on the middle of eight, and finally indent ten.  At ten, face the indented area (that is towards the two by ten area on the other side of the indent) and mine on through to the other side.

Tada!  (Or whatever joyous sound you prefer to hear.  A level up zhoom, perhaps?)

Now, I usually only mine the bottom two blocks to squeeze on through, then turn around and wipe out that stubborn top block until I reach the two indented sections I skipped.  I mine those out, keep going back to the first row, get the second middle area I skipped, and then I’m right back where I started.  From that point, indent again, and tunnel around.  Repeat!

And Why Do You Mine This Way, Exactly?

Some people mine 100% of the blocks in their way.  Honestly, that was the first thing I did when I ended up mining.  I did a ten by five by… by a lot sized mining shaft when I first started.  Sounded like a great idea, and was fun for about three hours.  Then it got slow when I didn’t find any diamonds (red stone seemed exciting at the time, though.)  This isn’t very efficient, and when you ONLY want diamond, it doesn’t make sense to mine everything.  You want to do the least amount of stuff to spend the most amount of time looking just for diamond.

Minecraft Single Player: The Haunted Memory Mineshaft

Not very efficient.

 Look at that compass!  Ah, I was cute when I was a nooby booby.

So it all comes down to efficiency.  By doing it this way, we save a lot of effort.  There’s a lot of mumble jumble on the official forums about this and that, but it all boils down to how many blocks you can see with the least amount mined.  This method lets you see quite a lot of blocks for not a lot of blocks destroyed.  Definitely better than wiping out all the blocks, ammirite?

Now if you really did want a lot of cobble, by all means just clear a pit and have at that.  This is more a surgical strike sort of dealy.  You have options to go back and clear all those ‘pillars’ you leave behind, or just press on forward and keep an eye out for whatever you are looking for specifically.

The only con is, well.  Be sure to limit just how far you mine in one direction.  Nothing goes wrong, exactly… but that nagging feeling of fear in your brain will get very loud once you start to hear near-by skeletons and zombies that you were *positive* were not making those sounds in the same spot when you first got there.  I’ll save that tale for possibly tomorrow, as right now I’m sitting at over 2,000 words between these two posts alone!


Come prepared, never dig straight down OR up.  (Yes, the Misses, that is directed at you.)  Don’t be afraid to drop a torch when in doubt, and find up your own mining styles that suit your own needs!  Best of luck to all of ye who happen to be…

…in Search of Diamonds!

Hope you guys found this rambling to be helpful, and if you have any further questions, just ask in a comment below! I’ll be sure to answer them directly or maybe even make a Minecraft Monday post about it!

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  2. Your far to organised! I love the random digging it’s only a shame I can’t dual wield two pick axes I’d be unstoppable! :)

    Ok ok you’ve got me I should be far more organised myself but I do tend to suffer from two problems when I am playing Minecraft both which are connected.

    1. There is an old saying “no plan survives contact with the enemy!” this is so true for me. I have in my head a plan of action, what I want to do/go/make/get. Then I start, then I stop and do something else which is the connect to. . .

    2. I have a terrible “oh shiny” problem. There I am diggin’ and buildin’ and I see something to do/get/blow up and then I do that, thus a new plan is formed untill I see the next shiny thing to distract me!

    If I can shake myself of these two issues I think I can build some thing good or at the very least dig a whacking great hole! :)

    • 90% Preparation, 10% perspiration!

      It might seem a bit rigid (that’s what she said!) but really it’s a pretty mundane process. It’s quick, doesn’t take too much effort to pull off (just a lot of little steps, really) and even if you ‘mess it up,’ you are still mining :D I tried getting the Misses to do it this way but she just shook her head and went back to building stuff up top.

      How I break it down is, you can do whatever ya like, however ya like. Lord knows I got distracted several times just getting the screen shots of this yesterday! This isn’t so much of a “Do THIS!” sort of thing, but “if you really want Diamonds, this should be the fastest and least grind-heavy.” It’s simple, can be very quickly expanded or replicated on higher/lower levels, and (personal fav.) uses only two torches to light some 26ish blocks. Actually, since the thing is three blocks tall it is really keeping it’s three blocks tall, so that’s 78 blocks of space. Much better! Sounds far more impressive now ^_^

      Though I doubt many people will even care about the low-coal cost. I did this stuff since October when coal was pretty darn slim. Commonly I would mine awhile, then hit a pocket just as I spent my last torch. Now I’m groaning with disappointment with the sheer amount of the stuff available, stark contrast to what it was just a few months ago.

  3. Oh while I am at it my son found this song and I thought I’d share it with you (unless you have seen it already ofc)

    “TNT” – A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite – Crafted Using Note Blocks

    • I am not familiar with the original song, but what they did with it sounds great ^_^ The only other song I heard was “thinking ’bout minecraft” which should have been more accurately titled “I’m talking about monotonous.” Looping the phrase “talking about minecraft” for twenty seconds every (frequent) chorus got old, quickly. This video, on the other hand, is quite good :D

  4. Good old repeat it over again it’s be epic school of song writing :) I don’t know if you have heard of them but on Youtube there is some guys who do the “Yogscast” those two always make me lol when they run the Minecraft mission/theme maps

    Also another guy who covers Minecraft a lot is Zack Scott games

    Both worth a watch when you have a few space moments to sapre!

    • Haha, we got a mod on the server that lets the admin spawn npcs that look like the people they are named after, so we have those guys from Yogs as our Home Deco store vendors chilling behind the counter.

      I got that Zack guy playing his recent Nether online vid in the background and he’s pretty cool too :D I know a lot of people like:


      But my all time fav is X’s Let’s Plays:

      In fact I just spent the last twenty minutes watching him play the beginning of Portal 2 ha! Dude rocks.


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