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Minecraft 1.5 is LIVE

Do I gain cheese points for the rhyme in the title?  I wasn’t sure, but went with it anyway ^_^

As Ben studiously pointed out, 1.5 is upon us.  I immediately was met with the typical End of Stream error message so no-go on the online play for me, today.

So I loaded up single player, of course!  I immediately checked out the Achievy’s and Stats, and I’m leaning towards positive mixed.  (I think that would be Neutral Good?  Or, I guess knowing me, Chaotic Good :D)

I am glad they are in place, but I was kinda expecting a little bit more.  You can easily get most of those in under three minutes, six if you have a completely empty inventory. 

That’s it.  Not a big gripe, but I calls it as I see’s it ^_^  There will undoubtedly be many more added, and not only do I like the stylin’ new background they got behind the achievements (bunch of mining blocks and dirt, etc.), but they were smart!  They actually kept Stats and Achievy’s separate!  How many times are you ‘awarded’ for getting arbitrary and monotonous amounts of something?  Would it not be better to merely keep track of your actions through Stats, and keep the Achievements interesting?

Kudos to Mojang for keeping that in mind, though I offer up a puzzle of my own.

Minecraft 1.5 Update: Stats!

This is a shot of my current stats after tinkering around for a bit. Yes I know that’s a lot of jumps, but I was scaling mountains and running across water is faster when leaping around like a limping fast-style zombie.

I understood what everything listed meant, but three.  Climbed, Flown, and Dove were there exciting terms that, at first, I thought that was a hint we could fly or something, but it was just odd word choice.

Flown is the amount of space you have travelled through the air.  So jumping off a block down to a lower area would give you a small amount of Flown.  Not quite as cool as a rocketing around, but now ya know.

Dove is another one that sounds very close to flying, but this one is the opposite of Flown.  While Flown is counted through air, Dove is the past tense of Dive.  That is, how far have you trudged around like a Big Daddy with water over your head.  Distance travelled submerged in water, folks!

And I still have no idea what Climb is.  I thought if one was air, two was water, three might be height, so I looked around and jumped atop the highest mountain in view, but didn’t get any credit for it under that listing.  Might take a little more research to find out exactly what this stat is trackin’.

Oh wait, maybe stairs?

Ladders!   Climb is counted when you climb up ladders and swimming straight up , but not stairs as I first thought just now.  I feel like I just got a Discovery! like an Alchemist in WoW. 

Awesome ^_^

I would comment on weather systems, but I wasn’t planning on playing single player and uh… I didn’t make extra ladders.  Good thing I have a small waterfall next to my mining shaft in this save.  Looks like I’ll be leveling up that Climb stat quite a bit just to get out of here. 

…And just now the rain started hammering my roof and thunder is rumblin’ in real life.  Man, Notch thought of everything -_^

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  1. Hey big thanks for the link! I’ve been really excited about this update! Hope your server gets updated asap. In the mean time I’d be happy to have ya join my server!

    • Not a problem, bud! Tracking that tweet stuff was hard work and it told me a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have know about otherwise. I’m far from Twitter savvy ^_^

      I saw your message! That’s two notices that I have now contact info up on this site in one day >.< Need to add that somewhere, probably at the end of About.

  2. Sweet sweet sweet! Just today I was asked if I still play Minecraft…not currently, but over the last few weeks I’ve been toying with the idea of going back, if my multiplayer server is still active. My friend is going to update his server tonight, I just may be jumping back in again real soon to check out all the updates since I took my break!

    • Sounds good! Be sure to beat on some Skele’s to get a nice pile of bones to feed to a buncha’ wolvies. Remember, you wanna right click the bone when aiming at the wolf. Not left click. Left clicking neutral wolves are not Good Eats!

      You can get quite an impressive pack running, too. Just be wary around Creepers. Wolves do not attack them, but Creepers attack Wolves. The math alone does not look good for the pups, and I know a bud of mine lost half of his pack for this reason alone.

      Oh, and don’t shoot an arrow straight up and let it hit you on the way down. Confused puppy will think that arrow to the eye is your consent for a for spontaneous Biting Contest.

      He will win.

  3. Heeeey! Haha, awesome post! I was reading it at work yesterday and got more excited to get home and update, haha!

    • Oh yeah, bud. I still need to venture out a bit and see some of the weather in action. At least water re-freezing once I break the ice. My first world was an all-ice world (he took those out since October) and that save isn’t working right, at least how it used to. It used to snow 100% of the time there, but it hasn’t since Oct. I’ll probably just make a new save and explore a bit, though that timer of how long I’ve been playing will probably be something I selectively choose to ignore in the future hee hee


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