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Minecraft Monday: Diamonds A Dozen (Part One)

My bud Banhammer has gone so long without finding diamonds that he is just about to give up on that almighty haul!  With time running out on his hopes ever collecting that delicious mineral and a whole buncha mining under my belt, I thought to devote this Minecraft Monday to just that: Mining!  Specifically, diamonds!

Diamond huntin’ is a common vocation in Minecraft.  You got a few different ways to go about this initially, but I think it goes without saying that you should be fairly established with a base and what not before going about this adventure.  ‘Kay?

Note: To all those Minecraftian Vets out there, it started to get a bit long so I put the more advancey stuffs on page 2.  These tips may be worth noting, but if you just want to know how I go about mining, feel free to skip to the second part of this stuff right here.


Hack down several trees and get a nice fat stack of logs.  Turn em all into lumber, then sticks.  Make a good 40ish+ ladders, which is gonna take quite a bit of wood to do.

You will also need at least ten stone and one iron pickaxe, a stone sword (just in case), shovels if you are into using them (I’m not), and a stack of torches.

Remember: Currently you can skate by with doing a ladder on every other block, next patch you will not be able to.  Ladders will yield double the amount they currently do, so either wait for the patch to go live, or just plan ahead and make double now.  Trees are easy to come by and replant accordingly to keep choppin’ trips short as can be.

Commencing Operations

The fastest, yet still safe method is to dig two blocks wide straight down.  Stand on one side and destroy the other down a block.  If it is safe, plop down that one step and destroy the one you were standing on as well as the block below that.  Keep going back and forth until you reach the bottom.

Along the way, place  a ladder on every block down as you go, and a torch every ten-or-so blocks.  They are just there to make you feel better, anyway.  Mobs spawn on flat surfaces, not walls.

Sand And Gravel Are Your Friends

You found lava.  Or if you were impatient and dug straight down, lava might have found *you.*

Minecraft Co-op: Stay Out of the Fire

This is why we dont dig straight down, kids.

If you encounter lava or a gimundous cave below your current step, use sand or gravel.  (Preferably gravel, because that stuff looks ugly as sin and only is needed for flint at the moment.  I still refuse to use it as the skin tone for the hand holding muh’ giant sword!) Either snuff out the lava with gravel, or keep placing it and letting it fall until you have a ‘floor’ to stand on.  For the cave, you’ll still need to wall off that shaft of yours as you need a wall to place the ladders as well as something to prevent spiders from chewing your face.

20,000 Blocks Under the Water Source

Ok, finally arrived at the bottom, kudos to you!  You have a ladder in place to make your way out, and still a lot of torches to burn.  We need to make a little wiggle room, as it will get very claustrophobic if we don’t.  A simple ten by ten by three or five by five block of land will do.   If you run into any lava down here, snuff it out!  This is your land now, so no running!  Oh, and still got some spare ladders?

I first thought the lower you mine, the better the rewards.  Risk/reward, ya know?  /raspberries!  I was totally coo-coo!  Minus the very first and last layer a Diamond can appear, they are found in nearly identical numbers!  As the bottom half of the ‘diamond layer’ is in or under lava, why not just mine above that layer and get the same amount of product without all the hassle of a sticky, firey death?  That should be about six levels up from the first time you see the bedrock.  Basically, dig down till you cannot break that static or white noise looking block.  Dig around a bit and see when they appear, and stand on top of the highest layer of them you find. 

From *that* spot, you need to go up six.  A simple staircase or ladder up a floor will do, your choice. Standing on that sixth layer up, you can start mining!  (You are free to mine below it, but keep an eye out for all that lava you will have to deal with as well!)

Okay, I typed up quite a bit more about the actual meat n’ potatoes of mining and how I goes about doing it, but that would be a LOT of text for one page, so I split it up into two.  Just click on ahead to this page right here to carry on, or wait until you feel your mineshaft is polished enough and you have the proper mats to carry on!  This whole mining stuff listed above will likely take you at least three in-game days anyway, so come on back when you are all caught up, and read part two, mmm’kay?

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  2. Gief diamonds! :)

    I think I spend to much time above ground. I stopped being a Dwarf when I made my Star Fleet uniform skin!. I’ll have to “Dwarf up” and get in them tunnels again!

    I must admit I learnt the “don’t dig under my feet” rule very early on having all your hard work, tools and blocks disappear into the lava is a great cure! :)

    • Haha, and yet I have a good friend of mine that has one it more than once. Focuses on rushing to the bottom more than actually making it TO the bottom, I think. In fact, he died a few times not from lava, but from falling to the very bottom of his mine shaft haha

      I have to say though, damage getting turned back on in multiplayer servers when it went beta was a jarring experience. Quite a few shortcuts no longer worked haha

      And get a shot of that Star Fleet uniform some time!

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