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Minecraft Monday: Townies

The new and spiffy server is getting fleshed out at a pretty darn good clip at the moment, so I thought I’d take today’s post to highlight how the place is lookin’ so far!  There are a few details, so to avoid a heavy picture flood of a post, I’ll just focus on the /spawn town we got set up.  Maybe try out that gallery option, I haven’t done that yet.

Oh, before I start, did you guys see the footage of thunderstorms and achievements in Minecraft?  It’s only like a week away, tops from being added to the game. Plus. Snow and ice are back!  Woot!

Now that I left you all dumbfounded after that clip, lemme proceed to show you images that are surely more lackluster in comparison -_^ 

Minecraft Co-op: Town Hall

Welcome to the Town Hall!  Mayor_Quimby, presiding.  He oversees all of the selling we perform, as all the sell chests from the Economy mod are located within this building.  (Thus it is possibly the most popular :P)  Beside you will see the Cake Shop (I still gotta names it) and the THT shop.  As the genius bud of mine who built it didn’t give enough space to clearly make it a “TNT” shop.  After some debate, the admin actually let sulfur be sold there at a hefty price.

Minecraft Co-op: Inside The Cake

The Cake Shop is not a Lie!  (Possibly the soon-to-be actual name of the shop… hmm.) I constructed the outside myself outta brown wool, snow blocks, and red wool blocks for the red stuff on the top.  Cherries? Candles?  I dunno.  Red Stuff.  The building is a to-scale rendition of the actual half-cake block, pixel to blocky pixel.  The Misses did all the interior decorating, I like what she done with the place.  Good job, Madam!

Minecraft Co-op: Meat Wagon and the Fuzzy Buzzy Ice Cream Factory

Across from the town hall lies the Meat Wagon!  Actually I dunno if it even has a name, but it’s the meat vendor.  Think hotdog vendor, but Minecraft-style. The admin made this guy all himself.  He made the roof the same way I would of, without me even sayin’.  Great minds, man.  Great minds!

Next to the Meat Wagon lies… oh flying Spaghetti Monsters.  I made the dang thing now I forgot it’s fancy name.  The Fuzzy Buzzy Ice Cream Factory?  Fuzzy Bee?  I’ll go with Fuzzy Buzzy.  This was my contribution to vendor shops, and it focuses on ice-cream related stuff.  (As ice and snow are rare or impossible to hold in your inventory/create currently.)  It also sells slime balls, I called em Slimeball Sherbet–pronounced in the uppity  “sore-bay” La Francis tone.  10 Minecraftolians!  (Even made the Tigole and Furor flavor as an in-joke.)

Minecraft Co-op: Library Reducks

This is inside Madam’s library.  Yes, another library.  This one is run by Belle the NPC, of course!  Unpictured lies Sofie’s Flower Shop with Howl behind the corner, Misses-made as well.  Anime fans will know know about those characters.

Minecraft Co-op: Open Mic, Open Mind

This little place is ‘hidden’ in town.  I can’t reveal its location, but I can take a shot of it’s innards!  This is the Open Mic, Open Mind cafe.  I’d visit it more often, but the pumpkins… the walls and walls of laughing pumpkins mocking my haiku’s and limericks! Their unblinking eyes and ever-smiling grins! Orange visages of unending mocking tones!  The horror!  The horror! /shudder

Minecraft Co-op: Spawn Town Shop Vendors

Finally, here is the wood-working shop on the left, and the weapons and armor shop on the right.  (The diamond stuff is being sold directly from the two NPCs on the roof.)  In the back, the glassy stuff?  That’s the subway entrance, has a bit of a Fallout 3 vibe to it, but even then that game had to base it upon something else so I could be wrong.  Next to that is the Sand Co. Sand Castle Sand Shop (yes I just made the name up) and the Home Deco shop, full of dyes and wools.  To wrap up the town, that ball is a fish shop and disco, and the wooden shop next to the cake is a… a shop.  I think it sells clay.  It’s a clay shop

And of course, Cloud Cutter being all epic in the background.  (Got that day shot of it in, after all!)

Everyone is working on their own individual thang as well, maybe more shots of that stuff next week!

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  1. Great post :) I’m really looking forward to the weather effects as well!

    That vendor setup is pretty awesome looking, you must have a lot of people working on that stuff. What’s the mod that lets you have NPCs? I haven’t been into mods at all lately so hadn’t heard of that.

    • The vendor stuff is Economy (sets up buying/selling via chests) and the people standing there are Citizens. From what I’ve heard. (I’m not the admin, so I might not know the minute details.)

      The townies build the shops, he tweaks the chests to work as vendors, and the NPC people there make it look like the shop isn’t empty. If you make the npc have the exact name of a player, it will even load up their skin! Creepy, in a nifty sort of way ^_^

  2. Lackluster…pffft! Those are truly awesome! You guys have done an amazing job. Sort of reminds me of old EQ hehe. Very creative work there!

    Those weather effects are really cool, they should add in a nice touch. I love the rain especially, it appears to have ‘lightning’ in the distance!

    • I only played the original EQ once, and the settings were really wonky so I could only see about ten feet infront of my face. There was a golden trail you could follow to the next quest. I think it was a tiger character. Which in turn reminds me more of Vangard with their tiger people. I remember collecting rock as an Arbiter or something, but then they meddled with the crafting and that was the end of that for me ^^

      Yes, that lightning is kinda funny. Looks like those inflatable things that waggle around in front of store that aren’t getting enough business. I really like how the sky changes color, as they are now utilizing that tech they got to not only make purty sunrises/sets, but to change the atmosphere as well. Good job, Mojang! Though, their Achievement system could use a little work. I know the game is basic in terms of graphics, but even then, the achivement UI is *very* basic, almost as if it had a love child with websites from the early 90s…

  3. Wow, that is nice! Who made the fountain there and how? That’s a nice touch. And I love the town hall, when I first saw it, it reminded me of the Lincoln Memorial :P

    • That was all the admin’s doin’. It used to have glowstone under it, but… well. Some people *ahem* disapprove of the glowstone block’s texture. (Glowstone was a block he added in the Halloween update, it glows! Just looks terrible. Like –if you are eating any cereal involving chocolate bits, put down the spoon nao!– looks like those little rocks at the bottom of a fish tank after being spliced with diarrea. There. I said it.)

      So, to answer your question, water is kinda silly in Minecraft. What he did was placed blocks in a certain pattern, then put a water block (like from a bucket) on top, letting it spread out across the pattern. After waiting at least two seconds, you can then destroy the block that the water was flowing across of, and the water will remain suspended in the air.

      That might sound confusin’. Hmm. Should I do a post with pictures n’ junk? That might help.

      • No, I think I get it. I’ve never EVER been able to get water to work the way I wanted when I played, but what you described sounds logical. Wish you had taken a screenie of the glowstone in the fountain though… little rocks at the bottom of a fish tank spliced with poo? I really can’t imagine! :P

  4. Awesome! I love the cake shop, it looks delicious!

    • Thanks, bud! I think it looks great too :D Till Notch adds Scratch N’ Sniff blocks to the game, I’d say it’s pretty much complete ^_^

      Dangit! I *still* need to name that shop! Gah! XD


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