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Piggeh! Subtitle: Etsy Shop Finally Got Some Lovin’

Ladies and gents, I am quite happy to announce that we here at Encrazed Crafts are proudly presenting to you are first item up in our shop in… uh… awhile!  Yes, awhile.  Such a precise aeronautic term, I know.  But, after much debating, spell checking, re-spell checking, and spell checking for the thrice time (to make sure the checker itself was not messing up words when we weren’t lookin’) we finally posted our item that’s been created since October.  (I’d say things have been a bit crazy over here, but with a name like Encrazed I’d hoped yall got that already ^_^)

Ladies and Mentlegen, Pirates and Ninjas, Zombies and Robots, I give you…

Pixel Piggy Lap Blanket of AWESOME!

Scaled down to contain the epic levels of pork within...

(Yes, it IS inspired by the pink, four-legged bacon dispensers from Minecraft!)

I know a few people were proddin’ us with suggestions of actually putting things into our store to make that link in the corner worth clickin’, so finally there is something within it. 

/Raises a frosted mug of root beer and skittles

May our shop need be frequently resupplied, and new items continually added! To paraphrase a wise, old Jedi:

Remember, Luke.   The Pork will be with you.


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  1. Nice blanket! If I were to have a lot of ambition I would try to get some sort of Minecraft-craft (woah) up on Etsy.

    But all my time seems to go to actually playing Minecraft, rather than other things.
    (such as blog updating, for example :-P )

    • Crafting Minecraft crafts. I’ve tried telling people about the stuff we were planning on making and I’ve personally stuttered on that double or triple-craft line. But still good times :D

      I totally know about the Minecraft-taking-over-my-RL situation, I think every fan of the game has been there at least once, though our problem is we never did crawl back out XD

  2. I love it! I could curl up on the couch with a cute piggeh blanket like that!

    • Thank-you so much, Kaozz! That’s just the reaction we were going for ^_^ I really, really like fleece for mainly that reason. It’s so cuddly, super soft, warm yet not too warm that a lot of blankets and stuff can be. It’s even water-repellant! So if you spill something you can very easily just like pat it down and poof, like nothing happened. Comfy and klutz-friendly. Perfect for the geek in us all :D

      Viva la piggeh!

  3. Omigosh that is so cute! You know what that would also be perfect for? A baby blanket! Maybe when I have a kid… :P

  4. Ya know, it certainly would be a great baby blanket, but officially… ya didn’t hear that from us! (There’s like gobs and gobs of pages on certifications and restrictions and all that on kid-based items. Scary legal jumbo mumbo!)

    Now, if some kind, caring, and thoughtful individual happened to purchase this item for their loved ones, certainly we would not object as that person would clearly become the favorite mother, grandmother, aunt, sister-in-law, niece, or distant relative of the person who received this precious, adorable item.

    (Like the angle on that one? Hee hee hee)

    If you have a little one with Mr. MMOGamerChick, we’d happily send you one of these guys for free in honor of the occasion! And, if you are feelin’ lucky (no pun intended) and have twins, we have a certain green variety (hopefully not as… explosive… as the character it is based upon) that should be completed eventually. We got ya covered! Well, in that case it would be your kiddies that would technically be covered, but ya know ^_^

  5. Its funny, that I had never heard of minecraft until like.. 2 months ago.. lol. Cute blanket! good luck with the selling.

    • Oh aye, the game just sort of popped up at the surface and poof, insta-fandom. The dude’s been working on it for like a year or two, but someone starting showing it off on youtube videos called “let’s play” ‘s and others did the same, eventually leading to huge exposure and since then the game has been selling 7-12,000 times a day. Should be killing the 2 million mark in short order.

      Thank-you for the kind words, and congratulations on that upcoming Wedding!


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