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Minecraft Monday: Gone to the Dogs

I gotta say, for having such a short patch list made up of mostly minor bits and things, the bed spawning and wolf additions are the two that really made the most changes in my gameplay the past week.

With the patch going live, basically all addons were unable to work on the server we play on.  Supposedly they will be up tomorrow, but we’ll see when that happens. Meanwhile, two thugs logged into the game and griefed two homes, burning them to the ground.  (Again, I iterate not to make buildings out of wood to avoid such situations.  Dirt, cobble, or smooth stone is all it takes, folks!  Easily remake it with dirt, and cobble don’t burn worth a darn!) In short, admin reloaded an old save when 1.4 first appeared on the server.  Bad news was that was two days before the patch.  Worse news was he loaded it up two days AFTER the patch, making this four days old. 

My mining area got almost complete reset, but I recalled most of my mistakes and reforged it all in short order.  The Misses’ Egyptian village was not as lucky, and needed many, many hours to recoup.  Along the way to see her and help out, I tamed a small pack of wolves to cheer us up.  They worked like a charm, and I was sure to keep them seated near me as I worked.

Minecraft Co-op: Wolf Puppies!

Ain't they the cutest little things you ever did see?

I like how that one is avoiding eye contact and feigning shyness.

After terraforming for her for a few hours she got tired and hit the hay, prompting me to go out and explore a bit after all the shovels she made me broke.  I was set on capturing as many roses and yellow flowers as possible… (one, to sell to the NPC vendors the admin had in place before the patch that should be re-arriving again soon, and two, to keep demand high as others cannot access them so easily after I picked the nearby areas clean :D),  …I came upon this scene and had to get a shot with the sun just in the right spot.

Minecraft Co-op: Sunlit Winter Landscape

I liked the color scheme goin’ on, red roses in front, snow-capped pumpkins in the back bottom and sun in the top left, added up into a nice mix of seasons.  In case the quality wasn’t good for anyone with a large monitor, I took an extreme close up.

Minecraft Co-op: Snow Pumpkin

Photojournalists: Eat your heart out.

Rawr!  Though they are really cold, so it’s more of a “Brrrr-aaawr! /teeth chattering.”  I haven’t seen pumpkins with snow on them yet, so I was sure to document that visually before smacking them in the face with my axe.

Finally, earlier in the week (just before the backup save was, well, saved) the Admin granted me infinite materials and requested that I remake my Cloud Cutter near the spawn point and town.  It went up a LOT faster this time around, I tell you what :P 

One odd yet awesome detail you guys might not know: Putting a torch behind iron or gold makes it shine like a neon light at night from the front.  This made my massive weapon even more bad-arse than planned.  Look at this bad boy glaring awesomely into the night’s obsidian skies, striking terror into even a Creeper’s bulbous and lurid heart.

Minecraft Co-Op: The Cloud Cutter (Complete)

Greyskull wishes it had it so good.

I am still undecided in terms of leaving the skin tone cobble or not, as I might like the smooth stone… but for now I’m saying that it would look too similar to the blade of the weapon, and the cobble’s ‘cracks’ give the titan holding it a The Thing cred.

Side note, I did have a Corrupted Ashbringer version planned, but shifting it diagonally as I did for this sword makes the size multiply, and well, just the floating skull bit alone would be about half as tall and wide as this mammoth tool of war.  I might try to keep it horizontal, as in that version the skull is only twenty blocks tall; far more reasonable.

And finally, randomly off-topic:  Did you check out Minecrafts April Fools joke?  He talked about it on his blog, but here is a screen shot of it as that part of the site has been taken down already. Zomg, I have a limited edition something of Minecraft! Gush!

Minecraft: April Fools

A bit... *busy* ...isn't it?

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  1. It’s funny that the store thing was an April Fools joke…It actually would make the game have even more of an RPG/adventure feel to it! :)

    And yes, the pups are cute!

    • You know, that’s kinda funny you mention the bit about the store. The admin finally got all the mods up and working, and now we have a shop system in place. (Poor guy has to constantly empty and refill chests, though.) It was pretty cool to see stuff we could buy and sell, I kept selling one of this and that to see what sold well. Eventually bought a stack of brown dye for like 6.6k after I noticed brown wool sold for about 140ish. Spent time tagging sheep, raked in cash. Then I moved up to the blue. ^_^ 550 per dye. That was a nice haul when I sold em.

      He’s adding a supply and demand thing to it, so the more you buy of one the higher it gets, and the more you sell of one the lower the price goes. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull decent profits out of that dye system too long, but till then… :D

  2. I love those wolves, they are too cute. Really sucks that those houses were burnt down :( My son had a really nice castle once and someone logged in and ruined it, since then he is more careful. Hope all goes well with the Egyptian village!

    • It’s all right. We knew the guy had a backup save, I just thought it was closer to the day of, as I said it was like 2-4 days old and the funny thing was the griefed people were not affected as much as everyone else haha We had to rebuild all the additions we made while their house still stood. Say la ve!

      It’s a shame he lost his castle. I was (I guess) lucky enough to avoid tampering. That cave of mine I took a shot of was a good 10ish chunks away from the burning houses, but still about in Far distance sight range. They did a little bit of this and that, but for some reason completely ignored the spawn point that was almost all wood or wool based. Maybe to avoid detection, I don’t know.

      The village is coming along pretty well! The shot of the doggies was taken while I was whittling away at a mammoth wall of sand and stone the Misses wanted cleared out. She’s now going for a Cleopatra style city. I think she should have do that BEFORE we started construction, so stuff will get mashed into place, but still look good. Just not as accurate as the movie, more than likely ^_^

  3. Oh my…you can…tame…wolves? I’ll have to see about firing up Minecraft again very soon.

    And sorry to hear about the griefing. One of the reasons I play on a friend’s multiplayer server so I know most of the people I’m with. So much work can be undone in such a short time :(

    • Oh, aye! They are rather adorable with their whimpering and barking. They ended up making my task of collecting wool very enjoyable (after the two hours without a wolf at my side) as not only did my punch knock off the wool of the sheep, but marked it as a “kill” to the pet. I’d collect the wool, sheep would die, and another animal would pop up in it’s place.

      Collected a *lot* of feathers and leather the same way after I found that out ^_^

      I think the whitelist thing was taken down because of the lack of his bucket list, or bucket command, or something. It has alllll the mods in one giant list, and until allllll of those were in working order for 1.4, none of them were turned on. That’s my guess. Second guess would be that some people used to frequent the same server address before, and now they popping in thinking they could do as they please, or just wreck the place as it used to be their stomping grounds.

      Either way, the admin backs up his saves far more often now ^_^

  4. Yeah griefing is why my server is whitelisted.

    Cloudcutter still looks awesome, and I didn’t know that about the torch effect on metal blocks. Cool.

    • Aye, twas a pain in the eye. I didn’t lose as much as the Misses, so I’m not too sore about it. THOUGH I am ticked off a Huge Slime spawned at the very bottom of my mine shaft and killed me on landing. I went back, tried to damage it but the game wouldn’t let me. He was so big that it was triggering that thing Notch added that you can’t attack like, from below a mob anymore, ya know? He was so massive he barely could move, but he could attack me from range, but I could not attack him. I even warped down there with my wolf, and he just walked up to it and stared.

      I ended up calling the admin down and after he died three times to it, he spawned lava blocks to burn it to death. This lead to 15 smaller slimes waiting in my shafts just above this floor, but that I can take care of myself. As I could actually inflict damage to those >.>

      Also, wolves cannot attack Creepers. They just blow up. My buddy lost like six dogs due to bad luck on creeper spawns near his base, and the dogs just sat there waiting to ‘splode.

      And thanks for the kind words on the sword! I know my screen is very dark, but I think it looks okay on the Misses’ laptop. I’m thinking about posting one during the day, though, as I still think that shot is too dark. But now, onto other projects ^_^

  5. 5.5K what…? Is there actually a currency in MC now?

    • Oh, no! Sorry! It is a mod called Economy, of all things! It’s a plugin for servers and, if you setup chests a certain way, you can make them sell and buy items. The way our admin set it up is he’s the Bank. He does all the clearing of sold items from the Sell chests, and restocks all the items players buy. Yesterday was the first day we could do it, so I was all excited about it and that ^_^

      Sorry about the confusion, bud!

      • Bud? You know I’m female, right? ;)

        Seriously, though, that is really neat. I personally can’t wait until we can have NPCs in the game (like interactive signs or something)!

      • I call everyone a bud, bud :P Bro is too masculine and babe is chauvinistic. Bud is a good ol’ one-size-fits-all. A cruise control to cool, only yet, more cool than that, if that is even possible.

        He is planning on adding those NPC towns eventually. I don’t know how advanced they are supposed to be, but mentally I’m just seeing a bunch of huts with mobs standing around them all aggroing the player when they get too close. He added the ability to tame a mob, so that’s one step towards making the game more complex. I have to say I’ve seen a lot of nifty things come out of the player base that just make me want to download them and try it out myself, like Industrial Craft and Plastic Craft. There’s another mod in the works called Civilization or something close to that, and if you make the right block and wave a golden wand at it, it spawns a pre-made building and NPC that starts doing whatever it is programmed to do. Lumberjacks chop down trees and replant them if they have spare saplings. Farmers farm, miners mine, etc. Each requires you to place items they use in their chests and they even drop signs that say if they are sleeping or are out of items.

        Your interactive signs suggestion is a lot closer to reality than you might have originally thought :D


  6. Really shocked they haven’t actually added a store feature yet… Anyway I really like the wolves! There needs to be a werewolf feature though… haha

    • Haha, I know! I was threatening the Misses that if he toon turns into a Worgen after getting attacked on her first taming attempt that I’m going to have a few words with her every Night Cycle of the game.

      I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t add an item shop. That’s always good for the dev and bad for the player. Look at WoW. All the good things Engineering should have got went right to the card game, and after that mellowed out, right to their online item shop. As I still am a fan of Engineering, I was ticked to say the least that all the goods went into stuff that garnered an unbelievably rich company yet even more cash.

      A rocket powered chicken. If that isn’t something a Goblin Engineer Grand Master should be able to make, I don’t know what it. Oh, I know! A person who plays a card game virtually unrelated to the digital version >.>

      Now, he does have plans on making NPC villages, if that goes though we may have an in-game shop system, which I would be fine with. But adding real-life currency to the mix does not have my support. Shenanigans!


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