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Minecraft 1.4 – Live

To avoid any chance of the following: “OMG!  THE WORLD IS CRAAAZY!  WHAT IS GOING ON?! What do you MEAN my world save is CORRUPTED?!”

Be sure to take off any mods you have on, generally done so by replacing the minecraft.jar file where you got it from when you had to install the mod in the first place.  Do this BEFORE you load up any world saves if you are running mods, or you risk losing all the hard work you put into it.  (This is about mods, mind you. Not texture packs, those are fine no matter what, though new textures may be invisible and cause chunk error-like glitches on the spaces they take up.)

Now that that’s out of the way, they added mostly behind-the-scenes stuff to set the way for Achievement like things and stats. Which will be nifty to know how many blocks we destroy and what not while mining. Wonder if it will keep track of how many times a Creeper KO’d us…

The full list of changes is here at Notch’s blog, along with the addition of a tamable wolf pet/pack (depending on how many you tame at once).  Hopefully your time trying to figure out how to tame one will go as… I’ll say “humorously” as when the Misses tried taming a few.  While typing this I have heard “Oh, it’s a PUPPY!” about five times, random cursing to the skies as to why the taming process wasn’t working, then got slapped when I suggested she left click the wolf while carrying a bit of bacon. 

Apparently wolves do not like treats punched into their foreheads. 

If you thought night time glowy spiders looked unsettling… just tick off a wolf.  She’s got it tamed now, but the process was quite entertaining to watch.

“I need a bone?  I don’t have any bo… oh I left some in my base.” 

“Ok, I got the bones and now I’ll try to…  To…  They despawned :(”

 “Left click one?  Wouldn’t that… they are biting me!

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  1. Haha. Punching wolves = bad idea, got it. I haven’t seen any on my server yet, but I don’t have time to play much today, nor for at least a week :-P Oh and let me know if you guys take on a creeper with the wolves.

    Nice going with our nearly simultaneous Beta 1.4 update posts though :D

    • Haha, that’s awesome, I gotta make a wolf related comment on your post to keep the mirror affect alive!

      I *have* been lucky enough to come across a few wolves, actually. I was piloting a ship across the lake/ocean and following a trail of torches I randomly came across that someone left. I ended up hackin’ down red roses and flowers to keep the demand for them high (giggle) but that’s where you’ll find zee doggies. Dense woods = wolf haven. They are biome specific and what nots. I didn’t tame them, but I DID see them go to town on a zombie, followed by a sheep, without provocation. I’ll see if I can find one to chomp down on some soggy, lurid Creeper meat though ^_^

  2. I’m still sad that 1.4 killed a few of the nice mods I had running for my Hyrule project. While the latest version of the Photorealistic 256×256 texture pack works fine, things like Wild Grass are still a no-go. Hopefully that will be remedied soon!

    I’m not sold though on this whole bed thing and re-assigning the spawn point. X_X

    • I have a bud online that uses those mods and I was hearing about it from him. At least the textures work, so that’s a great start ^_^ Hows the Hyrule coming along? Start on that underwater stuffs yet? (Good luck when you do! Water can, pardon the pun, be so pushy at times :P)

      Yes, that bed spawning stuff has jerked us around as well online. Now that the /home and /spawn doesn’t work at the moment, the bed stuff threw me for a loop. I purposely slept in one at my base so that I could trek on to the Misses desert area on the opposite end of the map (I was north of spawn, she south) and when I offed myself, I ended up at the actual spawn point and not the spot I slept at bed. Apparently, the game does not save your location, exactly. It binds you to the BED. Since I put mine back in a chest when I was done with it, the game had a conflict error and punted me to default spawn position.

      Mods might have to be made to separate spawn points and sleeping spawn points, but if that is the case, we’ll have two easily accessible teleports at least. And breaking beds might just become another tactic for griefers to indulge in. Oh, bother.

  3. I’ve not seen any of the new wolves yet on my little patch of block heaven. Plenty of cows, Sheep and Creepers (well creeper holes :) ) but still no Wolves. . . I may have to venture further from my Castle! :)

    • The cool thing is, it is not limited to new chunks like most updates have been. As soon as I loaded up a single player save, poof, there they were. Of course it was a dense forest before I burned them to the ground, but that must be why they were there.

      Odd story, had the Misses leave her laptop so I could decorate it, and she left Minecraft on in the background while I tinkered. I eventually looked up like an hour later to see a sheep bouncing like made against a door infront of me, so I let it in.

      Only to find out it was a wolf that was aggroed on me for some reason. Her spawn was really far away, and luckily it only took to jabs and a right hook to the snoz to muzzle the thing. Digital rabies, maybe? If her toon turns into a worgen next night cycle I’mma be ticked…

  4. Three words: Wolves…so cute :D

    • They are! I actually tamed a few last night on the way to the Misses base (had to help her rebuild her base, griefers got on and she lost her town from the reset) and they really are so cute. Hearing them whine and bark is kawaiii. I’m a grown dude and I’m even saying that.

      I got a screenshot of them sitting down and watching me as I terraform the sand dunes around her base. Too cute XD


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