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Minecraft Monday: Cha-Cha-Changes!

Oy, has it been a week and a half on the Minecraft front.  Well, not precisely a week and a half, it’s only been a week, but I was implying that it’s been a long… well you know what I mean ^_^  Anyhoo!  Let’s see what’s changed.

First, the main world me and the Misses have been tinkerin on might actually go down for good in a week or two.  Because of this the admin added a lot of random mods to the game just to see how they work, and so far, I’ve had a good time with them.  The flying vehicle mod is fun, and caused accidental hilarity when I raised a look-out tower and the entire stone street that I did not know was  connected to it.  Good times. 

The admin also added a mod called MCMMO or something close to that, which makes the game similar to an MMO.  (I know, you just cannot hide from that genre anywhere anymore :P) But the changes I noticed were pretty good.  For example, you start out as normal, but the more you mine the higher the chance you’ll get extra drops.  You can even use a special ability and it can blow up additional blocks, growing in number the higher your skill is.

Of course that is fine and dandy, but I just hads-tuh check out the odd skill at the bottom.  Acrobatics.  I flashed back to every awesome video game MMO I ever though up and thought how cool it would be to jump from really high and land like a vampire from Underworld.  500 foot drop? Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  I’ll just keep on-a walkin’ like a bad arse, thanks. 

This lead me to leap off the nearest high structure I could.  Results?

Minecraft Co-op: MCMMO Acrobatics Grinding

That is to be expected, I suppose.  Well, time to tinker!  That mod also adds the ability to change your spawn point.  So what did I do?  Put it up at the tallest point nearby so I can jump off the side.  Remember that phallic-looking pool a few Minecraft Monday’s ago?

Minecraft Co-op: Phallic Pool Village Revisited

Same village, though a little updated, and a slightly higher view than prior.  I spent a lot of hours mindlessly imitating a Lemming and, well, here’s the tally for my efforts.

Minecraft MMO: Spider Approved

Is that an impressive assortment?  Pitiful amounts of Unarmed, almost nothing in the rest, and over 250 in Acrobatics.  Amazing.  Even Nosey Spider agrees.  To date the longest I have gone without dying was three jumps in a row, and I pulled that off back at like 150ish, so I should start landing four in a row soon.  Either way, it was a nifty way to spend a day or so.  I’d recommend those mods to any willing to give it a go!  (MCMMO and the vehicle one, that I don’t know the name of. Sowwie.)

Another server bud made his own to replace our current one, and we’ve done quite a bit.  Mostly just flattening out land, which is kinda boring >.>  But I did sneak in some time to get some mining/base finding of my own in.  Found this place not too far from spawn, but far enough for now.  (Can always make another base later on.) 

Minecraft Co-op: The Cave is a LIE!

As snow does not fall and ‘regrow’ snow patches I made sure to make a sign stating that no torches be used.  I’d like to keep the snow and ice where they be, thank ye’ kindly.

Inside looks nice, but I think I’ll have to take a shot on the Misses PC to get a nice panoramic fer ya’s. Now to email it over to me… there we go.

Minecraft Co-Op: Below the Frozen Ground

Just a bit of a nook under the frozen land above. Thought it looked nice. No idea what I’m doing with it in terms of actual usage, but I got a spot set out to mine to at least keep the work a-flowin’. Actually the entrance is in view now. It’s just hidden hee hee hee I think that’s one of my favorite aspects to Minecraft. Finding spots to hide things.

Yes, I know I’m odd. I said odd, not old.  That’s the Miss’s adjective, not mine.  (Expecting a slap after she investigates my giggle in three… two… )

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  1. As always, awesome pictures! I love the village, it’s fantastic. As much as I love building and housing it would seem I would play this more than I do. Seeing those pictures puts me in the mood to. My son is always asking me to play it more, with him, he loves the game. I may just have to this weekend hehe.

    • Thank-you! And you should totally play it with your son this weekend. Maybe plan out what your project will be before hand, log cabin or skull mountain, etc. As he’s a boy he’ll probably lean towards the skull mountain idea, so you may wish to supply constructions of your own ^_^ Be sure to take snapshots of it during your travels as well! The shots of Forsaken World you posted looked mighty good!

  2. Great pictures! You could turn the cave in to a pirates hide out or even the Bat-Cave!

    • Haha, then whenever I hear a distant Creeper explosion I can always shout into chat “To the Batcave!” and start screaming “Danna nunna nanna nunna! Danna nunna nanna nunna, BATCAVE!”

      No? :D

      I was leaning towards a sci-fi ish look, only stone instead of metal girders and the like. The shot doesn’t really show it well, but when you walk down the halls it looks similar to Doom 3. It’s not very well lit, but it’s also not exceedingly dark; sorta like when emergency backup lights pop on in places. Bright enough to see, but not quite enough to get rid of that ‘creepy throughts’ part of the brain. Just don’t know what I’m going to build other than these tunnels haha

  3. Good looking start on the new cave!

    And no purpose is necessary, just go with what looks right :)

    • I knows, I knows. I’m just new to the idea of aesthetics in Minecraft. I emphasise the “mine” and not so much the “craft.” The Misses is the opposite. Actually, I’m pretty good with “this looks better than *that*” but I have difficultly figuring out just what to make in the first place.

      Yesterday the Admin requested our aid in building shops at the spawn point so people have a place to go and interact with one another to sell stuff to the vendors and the like. There’s an economy mod he’s got setup, along with one that lets him spawn bots… though if real players have the same name as the one he places down, that person’s skin will appear. Misses wanted “Belle” to be in the library, but he put down “Bell” by accident, and this robot looking DJ guy appeared, it was pretty funny to know someone claimed that name already lol

      But in short, I built stuff yesterday, for once. I’ll take shots of it for Monday and all that. He really wanted me to remake my Cloud Cutter sword near town, so he spawned all the mats for me and I went to it. Thing looks nuts at night with torches behind it, looks like it’s a ginormous neon sign. I’m proud of that structure, at least ^_^


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