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ECTmmo Reblogging: Its Called Reblogging, Right?

This morning, Kaozz posted a virtual high-five on my idea of using beds as floor tile in Minecraft in my comment section!  This of course lead me to her blog, and I was inspired to respond to her question of “What drives you nuts with groups? Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right?” at the end of her most recent post.

This (of course) lead to a some 500 word reply, and for some reason it didn’t take.  Too long, most likely.  -Edit- Was’s fault after all!  Crisis diverted! -Edit- Or maybe it went through?  I’m not familiar with Blogger.  Heck, I’m barely familiar with WordPress :D 

But in response to her question:  Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right?

Constantly.  Whenever I queued DPS I rarely had issue, maybe a tank had terrible threat generation now and then, but I had ways around that depending on my class.  (Pull out the blueberry on my lock for a shield and life drain the bejesus out of the mob, or  blink, frozen nova, sheep, ice block, invis as a mage, Feign Death at the first sign of a wipe on my hunter, etc.)  Healers generally were ok, unless they were partnered up with another jerk in the group, usually a tank.  They’d still heal, but it was a pain to get through the full run with them spouting constantly as they knew they could reque instantly while we DPS could not.

Now, when I queue as a tank, completely different story.  (And this part answers the “What drives you nuts in groups?” half of the question) I might be able to list off a handful of good things that happened to me while tanking, but I could go on for ages about the bad.  DPS that don’t wait for healers to have full mana or buff, rogues trying to sneak ahead but run over fire and aggro entire rooms or wings, hunters misdirecting to me if someone was taking too long, DPS refusing to CC, DPS pulling instead of me, DPS popping cooldowns AND trinkets just to top the charts, people needing gear they cannot even use. 

Mobs who constantly stun, disarm, drop aggro and attack whatever they want, when they want.  (Hard enough to keep aggro, why does Blizz need to constantly punish the tank?  Can’t they stun ranged more often, for example?) DKs who death grip and Boomkins/other DPS that can knockback and do so without doing so to keep the healer safe in the process/moving them closer to me. DKs using Army.  Hunters trying to tame mobs during the friggin’ pull without alerting anyone in the party, or asking, then complaining when aggro is pulled off from random AoE.

It wasn’t too uncommon to go from one bad group to the next, add in higher frequency of terri-bad players at low levels and the random popping of Halls of Reflection or Forge of Souls(murder on a warrior tank.  Possible, but I’d rather avoid the place >.>) If it wasn’t for my friends needing tokens and the amount of gold I got per run, I would not have done it as long as I did.

Though, that was a bit of a rant, so I’ll add a dollop of positivity to it:  My favorite thing to do in Wrath dungeons was to rocket boot down the ramp leading to Anub’Arak, then pop my cloak to coast down at a super speed and pull the boss on landing ^_^  Oh!  And after finally getting decent gear, rocket booting down the long hallway towards the dude who flies on a blue dragon in Utgarde Pinnacle.  That always felt awesome, like that one scene in 300 when the guys in the back supported and propelled the guys in front forward, in the process pushing the enemies back.

…and randomly spinning Anub’ around to see if he would one-shot my cousin if he wasn’t paying attention.  Hee hee hee.  Of course he was the healer, but that is certainly one lively way to learn how to time your tanking cooldowns ^_^

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  1. Thanks for the nod in my direction :D

    Oh, I hate it when hunter’s MD before the tank is ready! I’ve had such bad experiences with that happening lol.

    I think I’m more critical as a healer these days, especially when I try to put 110% into a run and people goof off, I mean if I goof off what happens? We all die :(

    I find myself thinking it just would be easier to play DPS, sometimes. But I enjoy healing and try to overlook the bad, and when I get too cranky I realize I just need to chill out and go solo or log out lol. My next alt will be dps, for when I need a break!

    • As you mention, DPS *is* easy. Actually, I think the problem they still need to address is DPS is far, far too easy compared to tanking and healing. Ranged even more so than melee. The only thing to keep ‘the balance’ is it takes hours for DPS to get into a group. This only promotes more ZERGZERGZERG so people ignore CC and using a brain as they are all salivating at the thought of gear, ignoring common decency to the two people actually keeping the group alive, the tank and healer. I think that is the big reason why people were and probably still are complaining about 5mans so much. It doesn’t take much thought, but just a tad bit of time, and they don’t want to put that in.

      Of course the DPS spin this differently. “I waited an hour for a run, you get into groups instantly. You don’t need to worry about waiting, we do! Now chain pull and lick my feet. WINNING!” etc.

      Playing DPS *is* fun though. Just wish a larger percentage of folks out there did so responsibly and respectfully.

  2. Oh well see your first problem is that you.. do the dirty.. PUG.


    I’m lucky that so many of my pals play and thus I can just text someone and say “COME DPS NOW!” and they usually do. Or I email my tank and he’s on in 5 mins. I’m totally a spoiled healer princess. I knows it.

    But on the odd case I do end up in a pug, the thing that bugs me is people who don’t talk. I can put up with bad dps and sigh through it if they are being fun and chatty. But if everything you say is met with a wall of silence it makes it less fun.

    • The main issue is, I believe, that it got so far beyond petty annoyances that now I have such an exposed nerve to ignorance in groups I tend to just snap when I know it is more than a new player, or silly mistake.

      Guild runs did not help this, as everyone wanted to get in, out, and onto the next one ASAP. I honestly did not know it was in bad form to blow Army on every boss fight when I leveled a DK. The two guild leaders and close buds of mine did so every fight, so I just expected to have to fight them for threat, dragon bosses included. Instead of a ‘these are guildies, we can take it easy’ it was more of a ‘these are guildies, they can take it’ mentality. Bunch of drunk guys on vent was a blast to be around on raid night, though admittedly we did not clear content nearly as well as we should have. Good times when everyone showed up at least.

      I’d rather have a politely silent group that did not frustrate the tank and healer, than a friendly group that did. Because a friendly group should understand that ticking off the two keeping the group alive isn’t friendly in the first place. Holding mobs is hard enough, yet every bad run I had was because I *also* had to fight my team to do that. At this point whenever, *if* ever I get my WoW account back up, I just want stress-free runs ^_^ I don’t care if each run takes an hour, I just don’t want to deal with jerks.

      Though I will say it probably works a lot different in RP servers, so I can agree that a silent RP run could get really ’empty.’ At the same time I can see the players there probably did epic dialogs about slaying the insidious leader of ____ thirty times over in full RP guild runs, so now they probably just want to get in, and out. Maybe Blizz should add a “RP Environment Friendly” check off tab in the group finder for RP realms. That way people that still want to RP can queue for it with other like-minded peeps, and those who just want badges can get in and out in their preferred zombie-like silence ^_^

  3. lol. I don’t RP in dungeons usually. Except for randomly in a guild run and it is all of 2 lines of text usually. :)

    I just mean when you ask things like “Hey did we want to do the optional boss? does anyone have the quests? is anyone else a miner/herbalist/whatever” kind of convo that is awkward when no one answers :) Or my fave when they don’t tell you that they went AFK…

    I know I’ve been incredibly lucky. My raid is a progression raid, but not a progression at the risk of having no fun raid. We are all chill. Sure we randomly get dumb in an instance and pull everything and wipe, but we laugh about it.

    We also play with a few ppl’s moms so we learned to take things slow and explain things early on. Having a mom give you a talking to for pulling too much too fast makes you think.

    Yes I don’t like it when ppl are dumb and frustrate me. It drives me batty when I get a bad tank (about the only thing we generally end up puggin) But unless they start mouthing off and being rude I put up with it. I have run into a few terrible tanks, but they admitted they were new to tanking and would appologize and all that. I’m ok helping ppl learn. I’m not ok with asses though. :)

    And if anyone ever blames me I just say “okbye!” and leave. :P

    I’m all about stress free wow. Its my escape. When it gets unfun we take a break. Between myself and Loku (my raid leader) we bring a pretty chill vibe and don’t allow drama. Sure I can be known to snap when I think ppl are being obnoxious, but if I get to that point I know its time for Tati to go have a little moment alone.


    • Thanks for the friendly words, Cinna. While the anonymous jerks out there are a big issue with WoW, it’s not the *only* reason I’m not playing. I do think Blizz has made many missteps along the way (as well as good), but I really think all the best devs they got went over to Project Titan and have left WoW floundering since BC. I was hoping Cata would have re-lit the spark, but it’s not enough to make me heft over the time card I got collecting dust. It’s not bad, heck, I still think it’s probably the best MMO out there right now. I’m just not in the mood for it’s shenanigans! haha

      I’ve been in a few of ‘those’ silent runs. I’m ok with silence because, well, last time I sat down for a lot of instances was Wratch heroics that didn’t take longer than 15 minutes. But as you said, sometimes they were chillingly quiet. Of course I’d just use that to my advantage. Heck, no one said they wanted the ore, I’m snagging it for the AH ^_^ Usually I just played it by ear. If someone was mining a node, I made sure to tag the next one (not rudely or anything) and from that point on we leapfrogged it.

      Of course there’s always the guy or bot that wants them ALL, but WoW was always a mixed bag of nuts. Some times they are sweet, sometimes they are rotten. But at the end of the day, they’re all nuts anyway ^_^

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