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Developer Appreciation Week: Tim Schafer

After recently pouncing my way though the epic world of Brutal Legend, thanking Tim Schafer and all of the people at Double Fine Productions is far from a stretch of the imagination.  I was unaware of Tim’s previous work, while I knew of the games he worked on, I did not know he was involved or who he was until Brutal came out.  And that is a bit of a double-edged lightning axe of metal, as now I know of this guy’s awesome history, but I also know I was unaware of it for so long.

Every aspect of Brutal is meticulously crafted and sculpted into place.  The characters, their hilarious dialog and the sheer amount of it is staggering.  Talk to any part of your continually growing army before a mission and they will have at least two different things to say or ask, which your character will respond with.  Every mission.  Every unit.  Some of the same type of units tend to repeat (per mission), but usually it’s the Razor Girls and there are like six of them, and they look lazy anyway.  It took one sassy pants’d lady to free you all from a Pleasure Palace?  Lollygaggers.  No pun intended.

Driving around the game shows the massively varying settings from rolling green hills, dry deserts, hellfire skies, arctic tundra, and haunted areas.  Each area is distinct, and each more impressive than the last.  You could not cram more atmosphere into each area if you used a pneumatic vice powered by Ormagoden himself.  The heavy metal themed zones do not look out of place at all, each provoking a “wow” even after repeated visits.

The different armies in the game are equally abstract and you can effortlessly tell their history and background from just looking at them.  Again the dialog between your army and the one of three leaders you are playing is beyond excellent.  It won’t win awards for drama, but it definitely should for comedy.

I know I focused on Brutal here, but as that is the only thing I have played of Tim’s first hand, it is all I can rightfully claim to be a great work.  I am assuming this was far from a fluke based on his following and the reviews of his previous games, and I fully intend on playing the constantly promoted by critics: Psychonauts.  Plus, the guy told off Bobby Kotick.  If that isn’t heavy metal, I don’t know what is.

Raise a sign of the horns during a metal solo for Tim Schafer and Double Fine!  Great job, guys.  Keep up the excellent work!

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