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Developer Appreciation Week: David Jaffe

Upon perusing the always fabulous mmogamerchick’s blog, I happened upon this ‘holiday’ of sorts, where gamers of all genres put aside their grievances and jaded past to thank gaming teams or individual developers for all the hard work they do to bring us the games we all enjoy. 

So to take part in this event of sorts, I thought up a few devs whose work I have admired over the years, but the very first one that popped into my head neigh-instantaneously was the fairly warped genius who brought us Twisted Metal and God of War: David Jaffe and the rest of his crew over at Eat Sleep Play.  (As if the title of the post didn’t give this gem away.) 

He thankfully has a very open online presence and just recently has been posting on his blog again after like half a year hiatus.  Cramming content into his newest and most awesome  Twisted Metal took a toll on his blogging, but he has charged head-on into the fray and is back with some killer posts in just under two weeks.

Mr. Jaffe has always been willing to reach out to gamers and has been in contact with fansites such as Twisted Metal Alliance for years before even starting his blog.  He went so far as to include TMA in the thank-you portion of Twisted Metal Black’s credits and offered a few of the nearby members of the site to play test the game before it went retail.  Odds are if you were to check out his twitter feed the only time it isn’t buzzing with really great information and insight is when he is sleeping or eating dinner with his family.

Just recently the Jaff-Man posted a rant to youtube about terrible customer service, which happened to be directed at a near-by Apple store.  (Extremely Language heavy, yee hath been warned.  The dog chilling on the couch in the background is awesome, by the way.) He was very understanding of the worker’s situation, but was astounded by their indecency and incompetence, stating that “there is nothing worse than people who work for a company and don’t put the customer first.”

It speaks a great deal of his work ethic.  He does not have a lofty, elitist outlook on things, he does not expect people just to buy his game because of the brand name on the spine.  He sees them from not only the dev’s perspective, but more importantly from the player’s perspective.  He knows people want to have a great time playing his games and he puts forth all of his effort to make sure they get the best experience possible.  He is a gamer at heart, who happens to be making awesome games that I cannot get enough of.  Heck, my Minecraft avatar is based on a certain homicidal ice cream truck driver.

The resemblance is uncanny...

Thank-you, David Jaffe, and thank-you Eat Sleep Play.  I eagerly await the next Twisted installment, along with whatever else you deranged group of people come up with in the near future.

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  2. Thank you for writing this I appreciate the support in DAW. It’s great to read about all the different things bloggers appreciate about developers.

    • Oh, no problem, bud! You had a great idea, I’m just paying it forward ^^ I hope you are not offended that I didn’t include a link to your blog in this um, installment, I guess? I plan on doing one every weekday for the rest of the week and with all the blog links already in this post I thought it was a bit crammed, so I was going to link to yours in today’s post.

      Great blog ya got thar’, by the way! I enjoy the seamless transitions from deep gaming thoughts to rage-laced profanity. It’s a hoot ^_^

      • Lol thanks, I’m kind of a free spirit. It’s cool you didn’t link me. I’m not worried about it. I just like giving developers the praise they deserve for a week. More than that and I’m just a butt kisser. I’ll get back to my sexually charged profanity next week:)

        I’m glad I can add new blog to my rss tho.

  3. When Scarybooster first came up with the idea last year, a bunch of us participated and then made sure to put it on our calendars for 2011. Now it’s so great to see more people participate in DAW!

    • Aye! It is a great idea and I’m glad I read your post to find out about it. Too often do the little negative things linger around our head and drag an otherwise great experience down. This event is a wonderful opportunity to let go of those little unpolished aspects that are a part of every item on our gaming shelf and acknowledge in no round-about way that we appreciate all the effort and darn near mind-numbing dedication the devs and their teams take to make the games we play.

      Gamers. We pay it forward. :D

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