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Minecraft Monday: Linoleum Tile Guide

Hey there guys and gals, sorry this is so late.  Planned on typing this up in the morning as usual, but had a case of the Real Life and got majorly sidetracked.  I got about 18 minutes to post, edit, upload and describe pictures.  Let’s make it happen!


Tiles and Ewe

That bad sheep pun makes me giggle. Hee hee hee ^_^  But no time for teh funniez! (Serious face v-v)  You’ll need a good deal of wool and wood for this project.  I didn’t even finish the room I was doing this in as it was just a proof of concept, but it could easily take quite a lot of mats to finish this depending on how much room you need to fill.  Behold!


Ain’t it a beaut’?  Know what they are?  Thems all beds!  Arranged certain ways, but beds all the same.

Getting Wool

Wool is harder to get than wood, in my opinion, so I’d start hunting that if you wanna do something like this.  It takes three wool and wood per bed, so start punching those sheep!  (They had it coming.  They’ll just get cloned anyway, right Dolly?) 

Hints that might help:  Animals spawn so much during the day because of the grass and it’s so bright.  Toss torches down around your base to keep spawns high at night, kill animals once they drop their wool or if they aren’t sheep in the first place, or kill spiders and turn their silk into wool. 

Getting Wood

Stop blushing you gutter-minded weirdos.  Beat some trees, replant their saplings.  Use bone meal from skeletons to speed up the process.

Preparing the Ground


Beds are fancy halfstones that are so tall that you have to jump onto them if you want to get over the blocks they make up.  You cannot place torches on them as you’ll try to sleep in the bed by right clicking, and having blocks lit up above them for this floor will look kinda tacky, so I prefer the opposite method: Lighting the beds from below!


You can do this with torches, pictured above, or lava (pictured below).  Because of this extra finagling you’ll need to plan accordingly.  You’ll need a dirt floor to place the beds on, then you’ll need to destroy the dirt floor in a way to place torches around blocks to light them up decently.  If you plan on having a floor of a building below this tiled floor you will need to seal that off, effectively taking up three rows of blocks.  (Bed, floating torches on blocks, ceiling of bottom floor)  Luckily the Lava method works the same way, but you’ll have to make sure that bottom floor’s ceiling is not flammable.  Don’t worry about the beds, currently they cannot go up in flames.  Maybe in an upcoming patch, so be wary, lava lovers.


After you got the dirt floor in place, begin your pattern however you wish.  Here’s how I got the pattern in the first shot.


Place a bed down and then smash one against it at a 90 degree angle so the pillow portions touch.  Then repeat going the same direction.  Do this until you fill or run out of room.  After you are done with that step, go back and add on one bed facing the opposite direction of the first to extend the pattern, like so.


As you can see, by extending it out you can easily put the perpendicular pillow piece in the open slot this creates, keeping the pattern alive.  You can tweak this further by editing the texture files and changing the look of the bed, and again by changing paintings to match the new bed spread of your choosing.

Note:  Unless you like holes in your floor, keep tiling until you cover an area 2 – 4 tiles wider than the room you wish to have tiled.  Just seal off the extra beds with the walls and it’ll look seamless, provides a nifty black border too.  I went back to the big tiled area and made a quick 5×5 ‘room’ to show you what I mean.


Whuddya think?

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  1. That’s pretty ingenious, wouldn’t have thought to use beds decoratively like that!

  2. I really don’t know jack about Minecraft (aside from the information you’ve given me and I’ve searched out because of your work) but that looks pretty cool. Now make me a Tron world or John Carpenter’s Escape From New York dystopia. =)

    • Haha, I think Tron would be easier outta the two, as that is mostly just a texture change. (If I edit the right file I could make all the torches look like lollipops, or all the dirt to look like pixelated smiley faces, etc.) But the Tron bikes would probably not be an option though, as I don’t know how to edit that sort of stuff lol

      Though making a blocky Statue of Liberty rubble does sound interesting… Could even make my character wear an eyepatch, call it Escape from Minecraft ^_^

  3. Really awesome looking! Sorry I haven’t been on here in ages! I accidentally deleted my blog o_o… I was trying to remove an old blog and so thats what happened… Anyway heres the link to my new blog …. haha At least I won’t make that mistake again!

    sorry for the long comment haha

    • Man, you have had the worst luck with blogs! Be sure to keep that spam filter a workin’ from the start this time! Glad to have ya back ^_^ Any progress with your minecraft tower thang’ ya were working on? I believe last time you said you were thinking about splurging on the full game, but hadn’t yet.

      Side note: Your icon pic of you without glasses looks a lot like Liev Schreiber. (He played Sabretooth in the Wolverine Origins flick.)

      • Yeah I have had some issues O_O haha! I lost my save file for my big castle, its ok though. I was thinking about starting over anyway. As for buying the game, I’m still not sure. Maybe if I have to some extra money laying around haha!

  4. Very cool looking work you’ve done. That is a really neat idea with the beds!

    • Many thanks, Kaozz! The Misses usually is all about decorating, so I couldn’t help but share this little nugget of info after I stumbled across it. On a side note, those beds must be uncomfortable because they sound like stone when you walk across them ^_^

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