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Minecraft Online Tip: Are You *Really* Alone?

The server me and the Misses have been playing on recently turned off it’s hmod (warp home, spawn, see who’s online, etc.) probably due to the 1.3 patch going live and from what I read, hmod has not been updated for some time.  But we figured out semi-accidentally a nifty little test to see if people are online even without the ability to check with a mod.

You’re working on say a super secret lava cave full of TNT and plan on taking over the world.  Your friend JBondDubbleBubbleOh7 has been skulking around your base but you didn’t want him to see it until it was done.  You login and decide to head to “Opensesame Entrance”, but again, you don’t want to lead your bud there accidentally revealing its location!

Simply twiddle your thumbs for a little bit until night fall, then place a bed on the ground and hop in!  If you are the only evil scientist online, the screen will get all blurry and poof, daytime again.  If someone is lurking in the shadows somewhere on the server, it won’t turn to day!

Just a note for all you closet Dr.Evlulz out there.

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  1. That should have been obvious, but never occurred to me as a method for checking if anyone else is online. Nice tip! Do you guys play on a whitelisted server, or something more public?

    I played on a public vanilla server for a short while, it was good at first, but eventually I learned it wasn’t the best place to build a large glass-roofed underwater base. :-P

    • It’s sort of a mix from what I gather. Like the admin can tell a friend to log in without editing anything and the person can get on, but I don’t really recall any random people joining minus the first day or so he go it (had a lot of weird issues in the beginning, that was in November though).

      Oy, I know how annoying water can be, especially now as the Misses was tinkering with ‘New Rapture’ but dang does that suck. No wonder you got your own server set up ^_^


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