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Minecraft Monday: The Misses Day Out

Another week, another Minecraft Monday!  I thought I’d change it up a little bit and let the Misses have a crack at posting something for once (plus I didn’t have a chance to do anything Minecrafty this week, shh, don’t tell!) so I took the screenshots she requested and pasted what she wanted to say about em as well!  As I said a long while ago, she tends to build a lot-lot-lot more than I do (the only real thing I’ve done is a giant and overly expensive sword) so here are a few shots of her archery range, dojo, and an overall shot of the New Rapture idea she had that I was helping her out with.

Minecraft Co-op: Dojo (Of Peace?)

“Here is my Dojo!  Wanted to make it as authentic as I could (google searched a lot of pictures!).  Hope everyone thinks it looks like a dojo.  Please excuse the banana punching bags, I ran out of red dye and I was not going to take it away from the yin-yang.  Orange is my favorite color, red is ‘the Mister’s’.  The paintings took forever to pop up correctly.  I wanted to make it mostly wooden floor, sorry about the half stone lol”

Minecraft Co-op: Dojo Entrance

“Yeah.  No shoes allowed in normal dojos, so you can’t do it here either!  Have a good day.” (No shoes for you!)

Minecraft Co-op: Long Ranged Archery... Range

“Here is my long range/co-op archery lanes.  The two on the ends are the long range, the big spider one in the middle is the co-op.  Make sure you stay behind the yellow line before shooting, mostly for safety reasons.”

Minecraft Co-op: Archery Range

“This is the short range, more lanes because there are more noobs!  In this picture you can see the poles from the fences.  This is supposed to be where you hang you bow when you go to a real shooting range.  The chests in the back are where you keep your arrows stashed.  In this ‘the Mister’ headshot everybody.  My poor, poor pictures.  Also, I put glass on the front because if you shoot a picture with an arrow it pops it off the wall, for all you future archery range makers out there!”

Minecraft Co-op: Echo...echo...echo...

“This is the lower part of my whole building.  We’re going to try to make it into a Bioshock-like city, but first we need to dig down to the bedrock.  (If I don’t get frustrated enough to just want to get it built NOW lol)  As you can see from the top to the bottom each floor has a theme.  The first floor you see with the chests is my storage/farm.  Second floor is my archery range is (you can see the green carpeting).  The floor below that is my dojo (you can’t see the walls but you can see the water from the ladies bathroom).  The floor below that is my library (no pictures >.<  The Mister says “next week,” pfft.)  The floor below that is hopefully going to be my party floor.  That’s currently the plan.  Outside of the sword, Mister has been helping me a lot with digging and mining up this area, sorry his sword is not finished yet.  You can blame me :)”

“Hope I didn’t bore you with my talking.  Us women like to do that :P”  (She has no idea…) ” Thanks for checking out my place/crib!”

Of course you can see bigger versions of these screenshots as well as my own take and description of the shots above at our flickr stream here.

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  1. That is one NICE looking dojo! Awesome job! And don’t sweat the yellow banana punching bags…the gym I used to go to, their punching bags were that color so that’s what I’m personally used to. I also really like the back wall with the painting and the wooden slats.

    That last screenshot is nuts. Maybe it’s the number of torches, but there’s a very sci-fi-esque feel to it, so if you were going for the Bioshock-like city, you’re on the right track.

    • Misses: “Thank you for telling me what you thought about my dojo and it’s peanut butter jelly time punching bags. There’s no real good dojos out here or else I’d go join one of them. As for the wooden slats that was ‘fun’ being that they were fences and they kept getting me stuck, I had to round house them a couple times.

      As for the Bioshock I’m hoping to get it somewhat done soon, but it’s going to go around the entire building. So I’z gotta long way to go.

      Thank you for leaving a comment, hope you like anymore we post in the future!”


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