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Dead Island: Commence With the Awesome

Behold the epic undead trailer.

(Note: Theres some gore in there.  But no nekkid bits.  Just gooey red stuffs.)

Zombie games are far from rare right now, but I really must insist you guys check out that trailer in the link above.  The skill involved to tell a story without a word of dialog is difficult, before adding in the constant back-and-forthing with the timeline, but it was handled masterfully.  THIS is what zombie outbreaks are about, folks.  THIS is why zombie storylines should be the scariest of all horror films if produced properly.  The sense of loss is deep, and for god’s sake a video game just massively one-upped the intro to Walking Dead using the exact same premise.  (Obviously dead young girl used to get the audience’s attention and set the stage of “shizzle just got real.”)

I am leaning more towards the “if they ironed out the trailer this well, the gameplay should be equally awesome” and letting my jaded gaming soul stand in the corner.  That trailer was far too overwhelming to be a mere publicity sponge, the gameplay surely must at least mimic it to some degree.  (Right?)  I’m really digging the setting for this game, and while the previewer in the above link was gaga about the graphics, as long as the controls are fluid, the action is paced well, and the game doesn’t get too grindy, I’ll be happy.  At the very least, that trailer was better than nearly any Resident Evil movie or any post black-and-white Romero zombie flick.

Survival Horror is making a come-back, folks!  Procuring weapons on sight and having to run from fights to live another day is going to make some people hold those controllers with white knuckles.  Fellas, snag a copy of this game no matter how it turns out and the lady-friend will be glued to your arm for as long as you can milk the storyline.  For those without a companion, don’t forget there will be a multiplayer co-op mode as well ^_^

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  1. I must say. This ranks very highly amongst the trailers I’ve seen in my lifetime. It may actually be the greatest trailer I’ve ever seen.

    Unfortunately it seems that despite this stellar debut appearance, the game won’t live up to it. I keep hearing things I don’t like. Apparently the family in the trailer are not in the game.

    Regardless, the game could be terrible, it makes no difference. As they have already produced one of the finest game trailers in existence.


    • Well, they are… but as the video demonstrates, they might not be the most… lively… guests at the resort. Personally I think the wife is the woman we keep seeing in screenshots, but I could be way off. Supposedly they chose a random group of people already in the game and made a video about them to show the effect a zombie attack could have on a range of people involved.

      I agree the game may not equate to the hype and grandiose trailer, but as long is it is better than decent I’ll be happy. So far I read there will be four classes to choose from (brutish tank, sneaky assassin…. and I forgot the other two. But the fourth one was purposely kept hush hush so I only really forgot the one.) but you’d be able to create something like 2-5,000 weapons, from electric machetes to spiked bats.

      As usual, hoping for the best on this one, though the jaded gamer knows all too well the negative possibilities if things do not ‘go so well’.

      Thanks for posting, Mac!

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