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Minecraft Monday: Yay For Server Stability!

While we are still experiencing fairly common server lag/Time Out errors, I’m still pretty happy with the server’s ability to remain up.  Doesn’t take much to please me.  Just make sure they actually *stay* up and running.  Or I’ll stab someone with a shard of over-cooked bacon.  Promise ^_^

Onto zee photos!  I promised pictures of dungeons, my tree farm, and…oop, still need to get a shot of that village.  But I can toss that in at the end and no one will be the wiser I orignially forgot, mwahaha!

Minecraft Co-op: Tree Farm Project: Topside

I like how this shot turned out, quite a bit, in fact.  This is a shot of the tree farm from the surface, and I’d say the ‘front’ but there’s no real doors or walls yet.  Still need to add them, but this was a glorified proof of concept anyway.  (I’ll get into the details in the next shot.)  I wanted to see the wood yield from growing them in such a way (hence no leaves, but don’t they look wicked that way, too?) because I think I inadvertantly found a way to milk more wood out of trees than usual.  I mean, look at em!  Most trees grow with wood 3-5ish tall, straight up, no limbs.  But these?  Almost all of em are huge!  I did get a few normal trees to grow level with the land, but they popped up as often as big trees usually pop up, so from what I’ve seen these are growing consistantly large and at a more frequent rate than usual.

Minecraft Co-op: Tree Farm Project: Main Floor

Here’s a shot of the main floor where these guys are planted.  (I like how the smoke off the torch gave Inquisition Piggy a monocle.  Silly, snooty piggy.  Or is he a snouty piggy?)  See what I mean about big trees?  Not only were they tall in the above shot, but these guys have a trunk four squares deep into the ground.  I *know* they can grow through narrow spaces, but I want to see how far I can push em.  Most testing needed, but I likes how it’s turning out!

Minecraft Co-op: Dungeon 1!

Dungeons!  Actually just Dungeon (sans the “s”).  I got two more shots of em on the flickr photostream thing, but I didn’t want to bog down the post with *too* many shots, especially about the same thing.  Still need to take that village shot…

Anyway, this is the first dungeon I got a shot of.  Was a zombie spawner, about, well, you can see how close it was to the surface.  Ended up just drilling around it and flooding the room with sun.  It allowed me to hop down, loot, and leave.  Until I noticed my health was going down and saw there was a dark hole leading out of the room.  Oops >.>  Either way I got some mossy cobblestone…which is a point I’d like to bring up.  Wasn’t there a LOT more of this stuff before the beta patch?  I could have sworn the whole dungeon ‘room’ was made from mossy, but now it’s almost entirely regular cobble.  Bothers me, this does.

Minecraft Co-op: No Village To Pillage... Yet

Finally, the Village.  Well, village in progress, anyway.  This is mostly the server admin’s idea, we just helped level it off, torch it up, fences, etc.  I think it’s coming together pretty well, though that fountain is just a bit… off.  He likes it a lot, and that’s fine, but I can’t help but think it’s a smidgin’ obscene.

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  1. As far as I recall, the amount of mossy cobble in dungeons is the same, with just the floor made mostly out of mossy cobble. The walls have always just been the regular cobble.

    • You are quite CORRECT, noble sir! I just checked out a few Let’s Plays to verify and sure enough, just the floor is mossified cobble. How odd is that? Rare object even more rare than I thought. I’m still eagerly awaiting the implimentation of the moss-spreading like grass feature Notch has teased about previously.

      Nice catch, and thank you for your insights, Bwo! ^_^

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