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Minecraft Monday: Winter Biome Approacheth

I’m aware this is a day late ^_^  I figure since there is a blizzard over at my house for the next… 23ish hours, I can take my time today and type up a nice post for you guys today.

Haven’t been Minecrafting as fervently this week as last, which is a great thing for productivity hee hee  Though at the start of the week  I did finish off Brutal Legend, which is a game of epic proportions.  I’m not a metal head or a fan of that genre, but the way it is presented in this game is something else.  I know it all has a ‘awsome, comedic’ approach but still, it’s nice.  Bit frustrating at the end, I admit, but the soul of the game is really strong, I highly recommend anyone getting it.

Why for the Rock game anecdote?  Well, you see, I was curious as to what I should actually build in Minecraft.  I mostly mine, and that’s about it.  The problem I’ve run into is that, for whatever reason, the output of ore has been terrible.  I have massive stocks of coal to the point of growing sick of seeing it popup, peckish amounts of iron, and unending supplies of lava and cobblestone.  I guess my initial starting spots were just bad luck, but it’s starting to get annoying.  Just yesterday I found a diamond block just waiting to be snagged up in a cave system, but it was by itself.  I dug all around it; nothing.  ONE diamond block?  Really?  >.<

So I wanted to build something, but wasn’t sure what.  Started out thinking I could replicate the cursor of a hand that shows up when you can click on a link.  I thought I could have it holding up something, but I couldn’t think of anything that would gel with the cartoony hand.  So after playing Brutal Legend I changed the pointing hand into a fist and angled it.  

And added a friggin’ huge sword.

Minecraft Co-op: The Cloudcutter (Under Construction)

As you can see it is still under construction.  (The ‘skin’ tone is giving me grief.  Pink wool is too Valentine’s-y, for example.)  The blade itself is done, I like the smooth stone though the iron involved is going to take a while to amass.  As well as the gold for the hilt.  The handle is Pine tree wood, I like the darker tone it has hee hee  Finally the hand is going to be outlined in obsidian, but the skin itself… is triple question marks.  The Misses prefers the sand as it’s flesh toned… but it’s too Simpsons for me.  I was leaning towards light grey wool, but that can be set on fire… meh. 

And here is a shot of one of the (yes there are more than one) tree houses the Misses has put together.  She’s really good with these things, this one was made for my cousin.  She’s-a nice, no?

Minecraft Co-op

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  1. That is one awesome looking hand holding a gigantic sword! So cool! I gotta go with your missus though, sand for the skin. It’s a muted kind of yellow, so it’s not THAT Simpsony :P

    • For shame, mmogamerchick, for shame! You women and your sticking together instincts, puhshaw! :P

      I ended up swapping out all the cobble ‘border’ blocks with full-on obsidian, which actually turned out ok against the dark Alpine/conifer tree trunks for the handle. Thought it would bleed into each other, but it worked out. I mulled over for awhile options and I just could not settle down on sand, or my at the time fav.: gravel. (Has a mix of colors that looks skinnish.) The idea of how much would be lost to a creeper attack made the materials involved seemed too week for such a mighty testament to Rock.

      And that’s when I remembered all that cobblestone was replaced by a far darker block, and that I could, in fact, use cobble as the skin itself! I quickly placed a few rows next to the batch of Light Gray Wool I originally had goin’ on and sha-bah! Greatness! Sorta has a Fantastic Four “Thing” vibe going on, mixed with a hint of medieval. I’m hoping to get more work done on that bad boy by next week to make a worthy snapshot to post on zee blog. But that’s one doozy of a checklist of iron and I’m going completely server au naturel. (No dupes/server admin spawning free blocks, which is what aided me in my last big build before Beta went live.) All that is there was found and mined up by my digital stump of a hand.

      Thank you for your thoughts! …Even if you are siding with the cunning and eeeevil enemy known as my better half. Sand. Pfft. She’s too busy hugging her tree houses to lend me a worthy suggestion on my man made mountain of awesomeness.

  2. I love the sword and hand! I am terrible at trying to build those types of things in Minecraft. I haven’t been building much in Minecraft, due to playing games on Xbox all the time. I should start playing again haha!

    • The funny this was that I drew it up in Paint until I was happy with what I was looking at. When it came time to actually putting the blocks in place it was a lot harder than I thought. After four, or certainly six blocks up and away it’s quite hard to judge angles and the like. If I had the Misses park her view at a certain spot to look at what I was building from her perspective it would have been a lot easier…but that isn’t what all players could do and thought killed the sense of accomplishment and challenge, etc. Now it’s all in place and I just need to change out a block at a time or tack on whatever material I need. The servers were dreadful again this week, so little progress was made, sadly.

      And don’t worry about neglecting the craft of Mining. It shall be there when you return, as we gamers know as long as ye are gaming and enjoying it verily, all is right in the world.

  3. You’ve really made something cool looking there. I understand the appeal of Minecraft; it looks fun. If I was the recipient of blizzard conditions I’m sure I’d play stuff like that too but I live in the Sunshine State where it’s clear, generally sunny (although it’s raining today), and warm. =)

    Sorry to rub it in.

    • Haha, no weather to rub in, bud. I prefer it cold. Always have ^_^ Though based on the weather maps it’s still a bit chilly for your guys down there, some 20 degrees cooler than normal. Mind you that is still like 30-40 degrees warmer than it is here, but still a little less than average. My uncle lives there and it’s kinda funny to watch them throw on a sweater when it dips down dangerously low to an unheard of 70 degrees.

      I like how the body adapts to the surroundings, no matter what you are at, if it drops 10+ you are probably getting cold lol Now I wonder if people in Alaska put on a t-shirt if it changes from 30 to 40…

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