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Minecraft Monday: Shh! Library’s In Session!

As promised, here be the library pictures I… sorta forgot to take last week.  My bad >.>  Further plot twists are the server admin thinking of wiping the server and starting fresh.  Joy of joys.

Minecraft Co-op: Library Entrance

Here’s the front of the library.  As you can see by the torch count, Misses be uber paranoid about spawns.  And I suppose with these many books in stock, anyone would be a little nervous.

In the center lies the check-out desk, though it highly reminds me of the final area in Bioshock where you get you-know-who’s boots.  I’m still confused why those boots were there in the first place, but who am I to question a golden and glowing pair of loafers?

To the right is the computer lab, we got another shot of that coming up, and in the back you see all the rows and rows of books.  If you’ll notice the sign text stating the number ranges?  I thought that was the best part of this whole room.  Ever isle had number ranges like that, and madam just thought them up on the fly, thought she copied em off a list or something.  Good stuff!

Minecraft Co-op: Computer Lab Entrance

Here’s the entrance to the computer lab.  As the server is made of all guys minus her, she left a tongue-in-cheek joke on the sign.

Minecraft Co-op: Inside the Computer Lab

And here be the computers themselves!  The work benches are the keyboards and the monitor is the note block, naturally.  I thought these had more of a pinball vibe, but I can squint hard enough to see the computer connection it has going on.  And of course she added yet another goofy set of signs to the ‘adult’ computer lab.  If you can’t make out the sign, I don’t have to tell you what it says hee hee  That torch at the bottom pretty much blocked out the worst of it anyway.

Minecraft Co-op: Library Lounge

The lounge!  This spot reminds me of going to Borders or whatever and having that one spot (usually dumped into Metaphysical) with like a guh-gillion comfy seats or even couches.  While half-stone blocks yield less than stuffed leather, I still like this spot.  And all I can say is thank the flying spaghetti monster she didn’t have a fireplace going on anywhere near here when the 1.3 patch went live. 

I still miss my fireplaces…  And the house it was attached to.  Oy!  I better check her tree houses now that I think about it.

Minecraft Monday: The Misses Day Out

Another week, another Minecraft Monday!  I thought I’d change it up a little bit and let the Misses have a crack at posting something for once (plus I didn’t have a chance to do anything Minecrafty this week, shh, don’t tell!) so I took the screenshots she requested and pasted what she wanted to say about em as well!  As I said a long while ago, she tends to build a lot-lot-lot more than I do (the only real thing I’ve done is a giant and overly expensive sword) so here are a few shots of her archery range, dojo, and an overall shot of the New Rapture idea she had that I was helping her out with.

Minecraft Co-op: Dojo (Of Peace?)

“Here is my Dojo!  Wanted to make it as authentic as I could (google searched a lot of pictures!).  Hope everyone thinks it looks like a dojo.  Please excuse the banana punching bags, I ran out of red dye and I was not going to take it away from the yin-yang.  Orange is my favorite color, red is ‘the Mister’s’.  The paintings took forever to pop up correctly.  I wanted to make it mostly wooden floor, sorry about the half stone lol”

Minecraft Co-op: Dojo Entrance

“Yeah.  No shoes allowed in normal dojos, so you can’t do it here either!  Have a good day.” (No shoes for you!)

Minecraft Co-op: Long Ranged Archery... Range

“Here is my long range/co-op archery lanes.  The two on the ends are the long range, the big spider one in the middle is the co-op.  Make sure you stay behind the yellow line before shooting, mostly for safety reasons.”

Minecraft Co-op: Archery Range

“This is the short range, more lanes because there are more noobs!  In this picture you can see the poles from the fences.  This is supposed to be where you hang you bow when you go to a real shooting range.  The chests in the back are where you keep your arrows stashed.  In this ‘the Mister’ headshot everybody.  My poor, poor pictures.  Also, I put glass on the front because if you shoot a picture with an arrow it pops it off the wall, for all you future archery range makers out there!”

Minecraft Co-op: Echo...echo...echo...

“This is the lower part of my whole building.  We’re going to try to make it into a Bioshock-like city, but first we need to dig down to the bedrock.  (If I don’t get frustrated enough to just want to get it built NOW lol)  As you can see from the top to the bottom each floor has a theme.  The first floor you see with the chests is my storage/farm.  Second floor is my archery range is (you can see the green carpeting).  The floor below that is my dojo (you can’t see the walls but you can see the water from the ladies bathroom).  The floor below that is my library (no pictures >.<  The Mister says “next week,” pfft.)  The floor below that is hopefully going to be my party floor.  That’s currently the plan.  Outside of the sword, Mister has been helping me a lot with digging and mining up this area, sorry his sword is not finished yet.  You can blame me :)”

“Hope I didn’t bore you with my talking.  Us women like to do that :P”  (She has no idea…) ” Thanks for checking out my place/crib!”

Of course you can see bigger versions of these screenshots as well as my own take and description of the shots above at our flickr stream here.

Dead Island: Commence With the Awesome

Behold the epic undead trailer.

(Note: Theres some gore in there.  But no nekkid bits.  Just gooey red stuffs.)

Zombie games are far from rare right now, but I really must insist you guys check out that trailer in the link above.  The skill involved to tell a story without a word of dialog is difficult, before adding in the constant back-and-forthing with the timeline, but it was handled masterfully.  THIS is what zombie outbreaks are about, folks.  THIS is why zombie storylines should be the scariest of all horror films if produced properly.  The sense of loss is deep, and for god’s sake a video game just massively one-upped the intro to Walking Dead using the exact same premise.  (Obviously dead young girl used to get the audience’s attention and set the stage of “shizzle just got real.”)

I am leaning more towards the “if they ironed out the trailer this well, the gameplay should be equally awesome” and letting my jaded gaming soul stand in the corner.  That trailer was far too overwhelming to be a mere publicity sponge, the gameplay surely must at least mimic it to some degree.  (Right?)  I’m really digging the setting for this game, and while the previewer in the above link was gaga about the graphics, as long as the controls are fluid, the action is paced well, and the game doesn’t get too grindy, I’ll be happy.  At the very least, that trailer was better than nearly any Resident Evil movie or any post black-and-white Romero zombie flick.

Survival Horror is making a come-back, folks!  Procuring weapons on sight and having to run from fights to live another day is going to make some people hold those controllers with white knuckles.  Fellas, snag a copy of this game no matter how it turns out and the lady-friend will be glued to your arm for as long as you can milk the storyline.  For those without a companion, don’t forget there will be a multiplayer co-op mode as well ^_^

Minecraft Monday: Yay For Server Stability!

While we are still experiencing fairly common server lag/Time Out errors, I’m still pretty happy with the server’s ability to remain up.  Doesn’t take much to please me.  Just make sure they actually *stay* up and running.  Or I’ll stab someone with a shard of over-cooked bacon.  Promise ^_^

Onto zee photos!  I promised pictures of dungeons, my tree farm, and…oop, still need to get a shot of that village.  But I can toss that in at the end and no one will be the wiser I orignially forgot, mwahaha!

Minecraft Co-op: Tree Farm Project: Topside

I like how this shot turned out, quite a bit, in fact.  This is a shot of the tree farm from the surface, and I’d say the ‘front’ but there’s no real doors or walls yet.  Still need to add them, but this was a glorified proof of concept anyway.  (I’ll get into the details in the next shot.)  I wanted to see the wood yield from growing them in such a way (hence no leaves, but don’t they look wicked that way, too?) because I think I inadvertantly found a way to milk more wood out of trees than usual.  I mean, look at em!  Most trees grow with wood 3-5ish tall, straight up, no limbs.  But these?  Almost all of em are huge!  I did get a few normal trees to grow level with the land, but they popped up as often as big trees usually pop up, so from what I’ve seen these are growing consistantly large and at a more frequent rate than usual.

Minecraft Co-op: Tree Farm Project: Main Floor

Here’s a shot of the main floor where these guys are planted.  (I like how the smoke off the torch gave Inquisition Piggy a monocle.  Silly, snooty piggy.  Or is he a snouty piggy?)  See what I mean about big trees?  Not only were they tall in the above shot, but these guys have a trunk four squares deep into the ground.  I *know* they can grow through narrow spaces, but I want to see how far I can push em.  Most testing needed, but I likes how it’s turning out!

Minecraft Co-op: Dungeon 1!

Dungeons!  Actually just Dungeon (sans the “s”).  I got two more shots of em on the flickr photostream thing, but I didn’t want to bog down the post with *too* many shots, especially about the same thing.  Still need to take that village shot…

Anyway, this is the first dungeon I got a shot of.  Was a zombie spawner, about, well, you can see how close it was to the surface.  Ended up just drilling around it and flooding the room with sun.  It allowed me to hop down, loot, and leave.  Until I noticed my health was going down and saw there was a dark hole leading out of the room.  Oops >.>  Either way I got some mossy cobblestone…which is a point I’d like to bring up.  Wasn’t there a LOT more of this stuff before the beta patch?  I could have sworn the whole dungeon ‘room’ was made from mossy, but now it’s almost entirely regular cobble.  Bothers me, this does.

Minecraft Co-op: No Village To Pillage... Yet

Finally, the Village.  Well, village in progress, anyway.  This is mostly the server admin’s idea, we just helped level it off, torch it up, fences, etc.  I think it’s coming together pretty well, though that fountain is just a bit… off.  He likes it a lot, and that’s fine, but I can’t help but think it’s a smidgin’ obscene.

10 Minute Challenge: Cross Stitch Nightmare and Over Analization

It’s almost the yearly celebration of Hallmark’s flagship festivities, so of course I started work on a gift for the Misses today.  It’s been a few years since I last did a larger project with cross stitches, and right now I’m really not liking my choice of going with a solid black canvas.  Mind you it will look amazing once it’s done, but flying spaghetti monster is it an eye strain.  Massive.  Massive.  Eye strain.  >.<

But!  This is a self-imposed 10 minute challenge so that I can type up something worthy of an actual post (rest assured, minus sudden server failure Minecraft Monday is a go for tomorrow ^_^) but focus on the task at hand as well, as time is certainly short with the huge amount of work I still need on this piece.  Odds are I’m not gonna finish it perfectly on time, but her birthday is just after it so that buys me another 24 hours hee hee 

As stitching silently is stale and nearly depressing, I popped on a few Yahtzee reviews before watching a movie review which lead me to the Extra Credits video gallery.  I’ve seen it posted, but never watched one.  Perfectly good time now, captive audience is I!

Most of the shows I’ve seen thus far have been good, I disagreed with a few ‘points’ but the largest one is the last episode I saw about Missile Command.  The main premise of this episode was, can you tell a story merely by the game’s mechanics?  (No narration, etc.)  They chose Missile Command and went on for about seven plus minutes as to why, going so far to say the game forced you to decide what cities you might have sacrificed in order to save the majority, or if you let a military base die off in order to save a city.  End result was an attempt to say the game was extremely deep.

I disagree. 

It is a game.  And currently, I’m still looking at it that way.  Now, originally it went so far as to anger me, and my first thoughts were of snide remarks or comical rebuttals and the like… but I read over the comments this video sparked and found a few which changed my opinion, to a degree.

I still think the ‘in depth review’ of the game is far and above over fluffation of a simple arcade game from the 80’s.  Yes, yes, cold war and all that.  I get it.  The game does not tell me that, THAT is the problem.  But as I got about a minute to go, what this episode DID give me in the end was a possible idea, which in itself still is a bit snarky.

Why not have a ‘segment’ or post a week or every other or so, that goes in depth choosing random games and giving them a story the game itself did not?  (Zing.)  Say, that Mario planned to topple the monarchy from the beginning and Peach was just a captured spy used as a patsy to enact his coup?  Or… Sonic is addic… eh… I actually like that idea.  I’ll save that one for later hee hee

Here’s a link to the video in question, as their sharing button is full of failure:

After spell checking and making sure it is “Missile” and not “Missle”, I’m about eight minutes over my original intention.  I’ll work on muh’ speed.  Either way, back to more of their vids, and back to that cross stitch of doom.  Need to get Visine or something… or maybe ice water.  That stuff is certainly melting all over the place outside at the moment.

Minecraft Monday: Mixed Results

The servers were yet again down then up repeatedly this week, like a pogo combined with a roller coaster.  This meant the time I had to harness additional iron for zee Cloud Cutter was rather slim and, sadly, the most I got was today in preparation for this post, a ‘whopping’ 34 ore out of one small cave system next to a dungeon.  (That’s my fourth one in a fairly confined area, still no records or anything loot-worthy to mention.)

I sorta wanted to take shots of all the dungeons I’ve run into, and I sorta wanted to take shots of the underground tree farming idea I had.  I also want to take shots of the rustic village the server leader is putting together, but I somewhat lost the urge with all the up and down server crap this week.  (Really it hasn’t stopped since I posted about two weeks ago about that.  It followed me to Rift beta servers, then back to Minecraft, then when I attempted to play Killzone 3 open beta, and now yet again back to Minecraft.  And Notch is *still* on vacation.)

This tells me that the Minecraft servers still need some obvious work, but more-so that up-and-coming games running Betas *really* need to plan ahead and get more servers up and running.  I uninstalled Rift after a day of playing it for that reason (among others) and while I was more happy with the gameplay of Killzone 3, it’s nearly endless hours of “connecting…” bugs and other glitches soon grew old.

All in all, no pictures this week.  I hope to have a nice thick batch next week with the aforementioned shots above, but that is assuming I can actually play long enough to get a few lined up.  Frustrating week, not as bad as before, but still negatively note-worthy.  I end this post with a cute and addicting melody called “In Search of Diamonds.”

Minecraft Monday: Winter Biome Approacheth

I’m aware this is a day late ^_^  I figure since there is a blizzard over at my house for the next… 23ish hours, I can take my time today and type up a nice post for you guys today.

Haven’t been Minecrafting as fervently this week as last, which is a great thing for productivity hee hee  Though at the start of the week  I did finish off Brutal Legend, which is a game of epic proportions.  I’m not a metal head or a fan of that genre, but the way it is presented in this game is something else.  I know it all has a ‘awsome, comedic’ approach but still, it’s nice.  Bit frustrating at the end, I admit, but the soul of the game is really strong, I highly recommend anyone getting it.

Why for the Rock game anecdote?  Well, you see, I was curious as to what I should actually build in Minecraft.  I mostly mine, and that’s about it.  The problem I’ve run into is that, for whatever reason, the output of ore has been terrible.  I have massive stocks of coal to the point of growing sick of seeing it popup, peckish amounts of iron, and unending supplies of lava and cobblestone.  I guess my initial starting spots were just bad luck, but it’s starting to get annoying.  Just yesterday I found a diamond block just waiting to be snagged up in a cave system, but it was by itself.  I dug all around it; nothing.  ONE diamond block?  Really?  >.<

So I wanted to build something, but wasn’t sure what.  Started out thinking I could replicate the cursor of a hand that shows up when you can click on a link.  I thought I could have it holding up something, but I couldn’t think of anything that would gel with the cartoony hand.  So after playing Brutal Legend I changed the pointing hand into a fist and angled it.  

And added a friggin’ huge sword.

Minecraft Co-op: The Cloudcutter (Under Construction)

As you can see it is still under construction.  (The ‘skin’ tone is giving me grief.  Pink wool is too Valentine’s-y, for example.)  The blade itself is done, I like the smooth stone though the iron involved is going to take a while to amass.  As well as the gold for the hilt.  The handle is Pine tree wood, I like the darker tone it has hee hee  Finally the hand is going to be outlined in obsidian, but the skin itself… is triple question marks.  The Misses prefers the sand as it’s flesh toned… but it’s too Simpsons for me.  I was leaning towards light grey wool, but that can be set on fire… meh. 

And here is a shot of one of the (yes there are more than one) tree houses the Misses has put together.  She’s really good with these things, this one was made for my cousin.  She’s-a nice, no?

Minecraft Co-op


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