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Minecraft Monday: Servers Fairly Strong

Well, after about three solid days of failure on Minecraft’s main server’s end, it is finally running smoothly.  Well, fairly smoothly.  Today I kept getting timed out errors that did not happen the previous week, but I dunno if that’s the main game or just my bud’s server.  I’ll leave that issue be for today though, as I had a great time this week!  Here’s a few shots that I got a kick out of, mixed from old ones I had on the PC with some online shots I took recently:

Minecraft: Smooth Stone Mountain

This is a cool shot of Smooth Stone Mountain.  Even got a Creeper jumping around at the bottom of it.  Fired up a new save to see this, oddly dirt-less mountain.  Odd, but helped me find a bunch of coal and a few bits of iron.  I likes it!

Minecraft: Creeper CSI

Minecraft CSI: Creeper Scene Investigation

Green and bloated victim was found early this morning.  Large slashing wounds signify the use of an elongated blade, something similar to a hand-and-a-half sword from the middle ages.  Mineral residue suggestions the edge of the blade was iron, but I’ll let our boys run a few tests.  Also found a few random arrows lodged in the sand but none seemed to have damaged the victim.  We traced the body in redstone powder and asked the owner of the residence if they heard anything out of place.  They claimed that nothing was out of the ordinary, though the sheathed blade at his side and the bow on the wall said otherwise.  Sending a warrant approval from to Judge Notch to search the premises.

Minecraft: Chunk Glitch Supreme

Chunk Glitches are amazingly rampant online.  Single player is flawless, from what I’ve seen, but in a round trip from ‘the Alamo’ to the Misses’ tree house generally leads to at least two of these glitches, or ‘void zones’ as we started calling them.  Was a terrible pain when the Minecraft server was basically down all last week, as it hampered or completely stalled gameplay and we couldn’t reconnect to fix it as we’d have to wait almost an hour sometimes to get back on.  Thankfully now we can just reload, and even better we can see where dungeons or diamonds are ^_^

Minecraft: Slimes!  Slimes Everywhere!

Final shot for today is of the insanely kawaii slimes.  I just heard these lil’ blighters have made their way back into the game in the most recent patch, but are crazy-hard to find instead of randomly placed at lower levels.  This shot is more of a homage to the little guys, and just how many I found on a daily basis before the hellish-Halloween Update occurred.  Still got nightmares of those spawns down in my mines…

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  1. Awesome! I really need to get the full version!


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