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Minecraft Million Milestone

Welp, it happened.  Minecraft has sold over one million copies of the game, just under an hour ago.  This October when I gots me the game it was about 400-500,000ish copies sold.  When I last posted about it 21 days ago, it was released as Beta with 855263 copies sold.  That means about 144,737 copies of the game have been sold at roughly just under 7,000 a day (average).  While I am glad the game has come this far already, I did wish to keep a count for another reason than a simple tally. 

Those hundred forty-four thousand plus copies sold were all more expensive than  it was in Alpha, and each of those may rightfully have to pay for every large expansion to the game it incurs, possibly monthly.  I’m sure some have just found out about the game now, as it’s Facebook presence has grown from 45,811 almost a month ago to 153,473, but it boggles the mind at how many knew about the game but waited to buy it until after the hoist in cost and planned costs will occur in the future.  Boggles, I say!

In more personal Minecraft related news, the multiplayer server I posted a solitary shot of will be reset today or tomorrow, but thankfully the server host got a backup copy so I can continue tinkerin’ with stuff with the Misses on a local connection if we so choose.  But speaking of pictures, it has been awhile since I posted that *one* and since I uploaded quite a few shots to flickr on Christmas, why not finally showcase a few right here? 

Behold Minecraft Day One shots!  (There’s only four, don’t get all anxious on me now.)  They are sorta smallish, so feel free to click them to make em bigger.  Thar’ hosted on flickr as these would start to eat up my allowed space on wordpress, so don’t freak if a new pages opens up once you click em’ ^_^

Minecraft Day 1: Outside View

A look at our base after our first co-op survival multiplayer attempt, monsters turned on and not on peaceful.  It ain’t winnin’ awards for style, but it’s keepin’ the Creepers at bay.

Minecraft Day 1: First Floor

First floor.  Close up of the chest and workstuffs!  Look at that chicken down there, you rascle!  Inside view of our base, furnace a-glowin’, probably with glass.  Since that is the one and only thing I have ever seen the Misses use the furnace for.  Sigh.
Minecraft Day 1: Misses' 'Balcony'

The Misses’ Balcony.  This was something the Misses was working on.  No idea what she had planned.  She likes to make things look purdy’ topside, while I prefer to mine shtuff up from below.  We even each other out.  Minecraft.  For Matches Made In Heaven.  I like how the chicken that found its way in is warming up in the sunlight.  Also, this is the proper way to waste a stack or three of torches.  No better way to say thank-you to the significant other for going out and slash-n-burning forests than throwing around all there hard-earned goods willy nilly.  Thank the flying spaghetti monster the game doesn’t charge for electricity or this floor alone would be a stack of gold bars a week.
 Minecraft Day 1: Mining View

The last of the Day One shots, this time a view of zee Mining Shaft.  One of my mining floors, got it situated so every ten levels I have another one of these hubs.  It’s setup to be used as further points to spread out to mine, but I could just as easily make them fountains or something and fill em with water.  Yes that’s dirt and gravel, I will go back and replace them all.  Since I did already after this picture was taken.  That was a cool two hours of time invested. 

‘Say, Encrazed.  What do you feel like doing for lunch?

Well I had this swell idea of harvesting wood from the trees outside I had to replant the last time I used them, turning that into lumber to heat a furnace I made from solid stone to heat these bits and pebbles hot enough to turn them into a more stream-lined look.  Then I’ll have to move or destroy all of the previously placed blocks that simply don’t match which should fill in the rest of my day.

‘Wow, that seems rather elaborate for a utility shaft…why would anyon–


Then, of course, all the extra wood and stacks of coal I had gets turned into a thousand more useless torches to light the balcony region of our fortress.  Yes, it’s a full-on fortress at this point. But I’ll get to that in another day or so >.<

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  1. 1 million sold, incredible. It’s an immensely addicting and fun game though, and @notch works hard to bring it to us, so I’m happy for him that Minecraft is doing so well.

    Very nice base you have there! Your chicken in the basement reminded me of a “zoo” I once tried to make, with the cows, sheep, pigs, chickens behind glass panes and all that. But then I found out the animals despawn when no one’s around, just like the monsters, and my dreams went out the window… :(

    • Aww! A zoo is an excellent idea, though I have to admit I swapped out the cows and chickens with mini-slimes for mine. Have you ever run into one? Notch currently has them disabled, but in my main world *every* time I would get down to the bottom floor I could look forward to seeing no less than three in different areas at the very bottom of the shaft. Cute little blighters ^_^ I have to dig up some shots of those guys, I miss em! Oh! And they just updated the game. I know I saw black and gray sheep with equally colored wool, as well as birch trees and what looked like palm trees that were realllly tall with just a small tuft of leaves on top.

  2. I’m also hopelessly addicted to this game now. I picked it up a few months ago and have been feverishly building one giant rectangle of stone walls to keep the beasties out.
    Then I threw a half glass and stone ceiling up and now I’m just digging out the middle so I can start pimping out the inside of my castle.

    It’s amazing how chopping up blocks and then stacking them again can be such a great game. I think I may just go and play right now!

    • Once it gets under thine skin, tis’ hard to ignore the Creeper’s carrion calls, my friend. To most they would just hear hissing and harsh whispers, but The Enlightened know ^_^ Oh! Be sure to add a lip to your walls, bud! Heard spiders can climb over 5 blocks pretty easily now, but adding a block to jut out away from your base it hits its head and isnt’ able to make it over. Luckily, I have not had anything of the sort befall me yet.

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