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Three Christmas Chaos Tidbits

Been swamped with Christmas hobnobbery and whatnots the past two days especially, and found three bits of information to be a little funny.

First:  Got me mum a box of Cow Tales candy.  If you’ve never had it, think slightly taunt yet doughy caramel with a cool creamy inner section.  Sort of has a minty crispness to the center, like your mouth goes cold for a moment when you bite into it, though there is no mint within it at all.  Odd yet good in a certain faux caramel way.  Either way, while wrapping it up I checked for a price tag (to avoid le faux pas) and noticed that it was produced by none other than Goetze’s Candy company. 

Anyone familiar with the goatse internet phenom will probably crack a smile right about now, and especially so once the main page for their website loads to show a boy holding onto a sign in similar ‘goatse’ fashion.  Even worse, the sign shows a piece of candy who’s cross-section mimic’s the infamous image quite closely.  (Note:  If you have not seen it, and wish to both keep down your lunch for the week as well as avoid any additional mental trauma, I would not recommend researching the term or image associated with the phrase.)

Second, while opening up a tub-o-sour cream for an ambrosia salad for the Fam Dam, I was greeted with this image printed atop the foil seal. 

Purty; quite.  But why is it there?  It’s not like you can see it until you take the cap of the thing off, so it’s not really for promotional value…odd and quaint, me thinks.

Third, mandarin oranges.  Again because of the ambrosia salad, I needed to deal with this little brutes.  I am not a fan of this mini-citrus devil, yet I love Clementines which appear quite similar.  Tidbit of information being, I needed to drain a can of these oranges before I added them to the salad.  Drained, then placed them on the back of the sour cream lid to make extra sure they were quite dry before I tossed them into the mix.  (Took way too long to make the salad, but everyone tasting it said it was the best one yet, so I guess the time paid off!) While tossing them into the mix, I noted that these are perhaps the best idea for being ‘grubs’ or ‘demon doll tongues’ during those Halloween parties where you make kids touch stuff like spaghetti and say it’s brains, etc.  I was looking directly at them in a well-lit room and even still I thought they felt rather bizarre. 

Room temperature mandarin orange wedges are perhaps the most odd thing one could feel that I have yet to experience. 

The more you know, folks.

Bolts. They're not just for quilters anymore.

Just ignore that caption under the image. It’s from a previous post… and I have no idea how to get rid of it without altering it’s previous usage haha

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  1. Mandarin oranges do look like grub worms…. haha!

    • They do! I have possibly my last 5lb crate of Clementine oranges on the ‘island’ in my kitchen, and I have at least three of those things a day and man, if they didn’t smell awesome I’d probably be distracted by their similarity and gushy texture. Thank the spaghetti monster the house runs cold or a slightly warmed citrus might change the gag reflex’s mind from Good Eats to (anything) with Bobby Flay.

      Nothing says that you can cook like a surname that describes the torturing process of removing a poor sap’s skin while they are still alive. (He might be a great dude, but he just reeks of New York so heavily that I cannot possibly sit down and watch anything he is on. Donald Trump has more personality than he does.)

      Thanks for the comment, I’ve been slacking the past few >.< Did you add more to your Minecrafting stuffs on your blog, dude? I got pictures up on flicker but I don't know about the rights/licensing so I have yet to link to them haha

      • Sorry I too have been away from the blogs! I am going to try and post a new MineCraft video today. Are the pictures of my MineCraft stuff? If so feel free to post them just link to my site . Anyway hope to see you around!

      • “ is no longer available.
        The authors have deleted this blog.”

        Why for, good sir?! Why for I beseech thee!

        Welp, dunno if you’ll even get this message but I was talking about a few shots of Minecraft I got from my saves, not yours bud >.<

        Hope to see you around aswell, man. Wherever ya' are!

      • Sorry changed my blog and “name” now its . My other one got flooded with a bunch of spam and other stuff… Anyway I’m still around!

    • Spamity calamity! Glad to hear you are still around. Was mightily confused as to how you were around long enough to post one day, to shutting down your account the next haha

  2. Never again will my mind be the same after Goatze; it’s like Two Girls, One Cup or Cannibal Holocaust – things I’ll never erase from my mind. I’m glad you had a good Christmas. Unfortunately I saw Tron: Legacy, another experience I can’t ever erase from my memory. I also saw True Grit, which was a great remake and I’m hoping overshadows Tron’s mediocrity. =)

    • Don’t those movies share the same actor? That dude has been doing a lot of stuff recently, it seems. Resurgence with Iron Man-ish time period, possibly a smidgin before that. I also did not know True Grit was a remake of a Duke movie until recently, and then the eyepatch made everything come into focus. Think my fav. movie of The Duke was McClintock. “Aw, I didn’t hurt him!”


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