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Minecraft Beta is Go!

Me and the Misses were celebrating Minecraft’s Beta goodness by playing on our own local server, just the two of us.  We ran the server with damage on (as it finally works) as well as monsters alive and running around at night, to keep the danger and thus element of fun as alive as said mobbies.  Our first few attempts were pretty bad in terms of laggage, but after the update we got things squared away.  Still have a slight lag issue, but not nearly as bad as what it was before the update.

I fully intend on posting the screen shots I collected so far, as I kinda wanna showcase what we’re doing as we progress over time on this server, but I know I’ll hit my 1GB limit in no time this way.  So now I have to set up an image thang’.  First instinct would be like photobucket, but a lot of cats are running with tumblr or flicker.  We’ll figure that out in the morning, probably with before and after photos as now the pics I took are outdated after a day of Minecrafting hee hee

Total Deaths: 1-3 (So Far)

I have at least one, possibly two.  I am aware of the one where I backed up into lava while mining, and while I think I might have bought the farm a second time I do not know the cause.  The Misses is our third potential demise, as she either offed herself to refill her hearts and ‘not waste’ a slice of cooked bacon, or she just at the dang bacon.  I do not recall her running around picking up items she dropped, so I cannot say for certain, so we are going with one confirmed death thus far, with up to three possible.

Note:  Dropped items, be due to death or tossed at another player, seem to make 1-10 additional copies of themselves.  The items are not 100% duplicates, as the break after one use, but just odd to see. 

Oh, and just to keep ‘score’ (as numbers amuse me), currently Notch has sold 855263 copies of the game and 45,811 people are following the game on facebook.

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