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WoW Cata-Patch Woes

Breaking up scheduled programming to post this slightly unscientific post:

Based on the people I have grouped up with in the past hour or so; if you pre-purchased Cata, unlocked it, and downloaded that patch fully, you will start to randomly disconnect within three minutes (tops) of loading up the game.  And then you will keep disconnecting.  This started fairly recently, and I can only base this one the info I gots at hand yall, so don’t beetch if I am not 100% on this. 

If you have pre-purchased the game and have not yet tied it to your account/downloaded the Cata patch that comes with doing so, I would wait a few more days to do it.  You will still need to download it to play once Cata ships, but if they do not fix this shortly, you will not even be able to play WoW at all until they *do* fix it.

Just a heads up.  It’ll probably be fixed by morning.

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  1. Have not bought my copy of Cataclysm yet, I can order it online for £5 less than the digital DL price or a full £10 of the shop price but with Xmas heading our way fast I may wait until after Xmas, that way Blizzard would have ironed out more bugs that are bound to happen and a large amount of the “rush” to get to 80 will be ou of the way leaving me to plod around the new zones relatively un-crowded :D

    • Actually, I did the same sort of thing in BC. I waited 3 days, then got it. Leveling up was a complete blast, and really made the game feel alive and almost arcade action-like. (The flares that called in mobs to bomb that one Fel orc town’s towers, for example. Add in looting the steel and wood, while dodging fast repops and Fel Reavers and it was a real great time.) The odd thing, though, was the higher level I was, the less people around me there were. Even though I got the xpack nearly half a week late I still managed to hit the level cap before the game was two weeks old, merely by doing quests and reading their text to see what sort of story was going on. Course all the good stuff about Illidan was just a tease as he didn’t even pop into the game for over a year after that… but the moral of the story is not to worry about waiting out people. Just get the game when you feel like it (might wanna wait till a few low level alts get closer to 60, etc.) and play it in when you can enjoy it. All I did was quest and I still broke away from the pack by the time I hit 64-65. Last few levels was pretty empty, but at the same time it kinda felt like being able to drive as fast as you want on a wide open freeway :) Oddest part was looking at thottbot and not seeing any help with the quest I was on. That’s when I switched over to wowhead.


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