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Don’t Say The Zed Word!

Pardon me as I bandage myself, I just can’t seem to stop gushing.  The undead stars have aligned their massive necromatic balls of gas and produced for us the current best episode of zombacylpse proportions!  Did you see this episode yet?  No?  Why not?  Go watch it, sign a check in my name as finder’s fee laws dictate, and then continue reading.

Here thar be spoilers!

We are treated to a bit of dialog between Amy and An…Angelina?  Andrea!  Amy and Andrea are chatting about their father who taught them how to fish, hoping he is still safe in Florida.  Luckily, I think they are correct in their hopeful optimism, as most people go to die in Florida anyway.  The dead do not come back to life unless killed by Walkers in this universe, so the old folks probably dropped via trampling rushes at the malls or heart issues due to the shock of seeing that guy that always beat them at golf walking around with half of his face falling off like damaged wall paper. 

If you ask me, the worst place to go would have been California.  Based on the movies and actors that come out of that place, it has been taken over by zombies years ago.  As Florida is about as far away from there that you can get from within the States, kudos to them.  Mind those hurricanes.

Jim, who was that Guy With The Beard from last episode is digging graves or looking for gold, and freaking everyone out.  He says he had a dream, and that people shouldn’t worry as it totally was not predicting what was going to happen later on in the episode.  Shane calmly restrains him, even after Jim tries enticing Shane into a confrontation and mentioning Ed, “He Who Hath Been Reduced To Facial Hamburger” last episode.  So they tie Jim up to a tree and beat him.

Well they don’t beat him, but he is stuck to a tree.  Like a zombie offering, of sorts.  He simmers down later, relax guiz.  SETTINGS SWAP!

Glenn gets the bag with guns with Dayrle/Darrel guarding his back and Rick/T-Dog guarding another escape exit.  Suddenly a mexican gang rolls up, beats up Dayrle and takes off without the guns but with Glenn in-tow, though Rambo did get a shot off into one of their keisters with his bow (no scope).  Oh and Merle’s fine, took out two zombies one-handed, then cauterized the stump with a make-shift rig he threw together before jumping out of a window and into the unliving world unknown.

Slightly off topic, but Merle has this Amos Moses thing going on for him now.  He has a stump (one for beating down alligators, the other for lack of a hand), both are southern, both only have one hand, and both have issues with a Sheriff…

Speaking of Rick, I noticed that he got a mighty bit testy this episode, showing a bit more bite than previous episodes while Shane was excessive with kindness (saying “Please,” reassuring Jim several times, and getting everyone back to safety and not running away as soon as excrement hit the exhaust).  It is nice to see in the long run these two guys balance out and Shane is fairly well out of the “guy we hate” and “coward” rut, and Rick too is out of his “pure hero” niche as well due to these additions.  Very nice tweaks to character, rounding them out a lot better while also making them both pretty cool doods.  Sugar cookies to the writer and director!

Also, Amy died.  So there goes the sappy actress pandering for an Emmy performance.  …  Until her sister freaks out about it.  I get that this is a bad time for all when the undead mafia rolled into camp without an appointment, but hell, they took out Ed and several other people I have not even seen on camera before.  Like that one 20ish thin chick that got mauled (not Amy, a long-haired brunette).  Where in the heck was she during all of this?  They weren’t even wearing red shirts.

Well, I mean, their clothing is probably drenched in crimson now…

Oh, and the gang that took Glenn turned out to be defenders of an old folks home that apparently housed predominately hispanic-based residents, based on who came back to check up on them.  Wait.

Dayrle shot that one dude in the buttocks (thanks, Mr. Gump).  With the same dang bolt (it’s only an arrow if shot by a bow.  Crossbows fire bolts.  I should make an Ad for that factoid…)

Bolts. They're not just for quilters anymore.

(And so I DID.)

A.D.D.  setting in.  My bad.

Daryle fired the same dang bolt that he has just shot like five zombies in the eye with.  Unwiped.  Meaning there is still undead goo either on the tip/shaft of the bolt itself, or on the business end of the firing mechanism, and that just impaled that guy’s possibly hairy hiny.  (Not that I’m judging, I would completely stop my booty waxing sessions in times of dire needs of survival as well.  Heck, a month into Zombieville and you could probably braid the stuff goin’ on back there…)

Based on that information (undead goo on bolt, not fur on butt) Darle just probably, accidentally, caused that one dude to get infected, die off, then turn undead from within the Hispanic Eternal Acres compound and wipe out all the survivors.  Good job, Darle!  You geriatricide-inducing-crossbow-wielding-hot-headed-racist-Rambo-istic-dairyqueenbbtheq-mo-fo. 

He also gets a cookie. 

But not oatmeal raisin, those are mine. 

All mine.

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  1. Very nice “red shirt” comment – I used to be a big Star Trek fan (I still love ST: TNG).

    Humanizing both Shane and Rick even further – by pointing out their strengths and flaws – is just making them more dynamic. Shane has calmed down a bit but I’m fairly certain his ostracization from Lori and Carl is going to break him in future episodes. I didn’t mention this in my post but I noticed Lori and Carl were behind Shane during the attack. He protected them and Lori ran to Shane for help when Rick was gone, just like she did before Rick’s return. There were other men around she could’ve hid behind, but she went with Shane. Is Lori weak, constantly relying on a man for safety? I’m not sure whether this was symbolic or accidental; I’m convinced it was intentional and spells doom for Rick and Shane’s friendship.

    I’m sure Darryl’s arrow/bolt/whatever was infected and the “vatos” are screwed. Since it’s a dog-eat-dog world now their deaths are probably assured anyways. I like your rationale though. =)

    Good post, especially the description of Merle – well executed prose and analysis.

  2. I like Picard a great deal more than Kirk, but I still think Quark and thus the rest of DS9 (minus the last season’s hijinx) was my favorite. Gotta love the Ferangi hee hee

    Hmm. They could ‘go there’ with Shane and Lori, but if I had the option I’d also run behind the guy with a gun instead of the one with a bat or a shovel. Range generally means safety, and having to get THAT close with a melee weapon can spell doom once the large numbers of zombies started surrounding them. (Also, if the guy is a terrible shot I’d most definately want to be behind him once he starts firing at things :D)

    Thank you for the compliments! Anyone that writes words I have to look up to fully understand (ssachrine, looking at you) that says I have well executed prose honors me with his praise. Many thanks, bud ^_^

  3. I’m not that confident in my writing abilities but I still write every day. It’s all practice.

    The line that stuck out and really got my attention is: “Oh and Merle’s fine, took out two zombies one-handed, then cauterized the stump with a make-shift rig he threw together before jumping out of a window and into the un-living world unknown.” The only think I would’ve done different was adding a semi-colon after “Merle’s fine.” However, semi-colons are generally used by pretentious college students and don’t make their way into everyday writing. I guess I’m just pretentious sometimes…

    I didn’t watch that much DS9 but I really like the idea of the show. I really like the theme song too – it’s very dramatic and a little sentimental. TNG’s entrance theme is more boisterous and the original Star Trek’s theme is just a dated and fun. I never watched Enterprise and I only checked out one or two episodes of Voyager. I personally felt Voyager was like bad fan fiction, using the Star Trek universe but not elaborating on the subtext Roddenberry put in the other shows. I’m also not a big fan of the movies, especially the newest one. The TNG movies are ok but don’t compare to the series; the original cast films are ok (except for 1 and 5, with 4 being pretty corny now). I wrote an article for my blog about TNG and it was printed in a fanzine; I’ve never actually seen an issue but received a few compliments about it. =)

    • Yeah, I heard from die hard Trekkies that DS9 was the worst because by their ‘laws’ it wasn’t even Trek material since it focused on one location and the people that passed through it. There were a little rough spots here and there, but I liked it the most. After or during the last season of DS9 the Star Trek writing kinda tanked. Voyager was too ‘stand-offish’ for me to get into it, though I tried when it was still on the air, Enterprise just didn’t really call to me either, though as I am now, I was a bit busy then so I never really had a chance to get into it. I did like seeing a few familiar faces behind different species and races, though. Grats on the fanzine, too!

  4. Holy crap, I had not considered the whole infected bolt thing ’til you wrote it. That’s a rather nasty thought.

    Btw, what do you think of this whole Merle plotline? I’ve got my issues with the character, but I actually wanted to see some kind of resolution to his situation in this episode. Now we’re hanging for another week? Hmmm…

    • Well, based on what others are saying he might get turned into “the governor” character from the comic. I dunno much about him other than he’s a nasty guy, which kinda fits Merle haha I doubt that is the last we’ll see of him, but as for as current ‘concrete’ storyline, I thought the ending was very good. I knew from previews the camp was going to get attacked, but by the end of the show I completely forgot and thought Merle was going to tear up something nasty at the camp site. Then add in nightfall I thought Rick and them would have to either hang tight and defend themselves in a small spot, or run like the dickens to base. Then the zombies arrived and I was awash in awesome.

      They’ll probably leave out the Vatos entirely from this point on, or at the least say he recovered from the wound and that will be that. Still like my idea about it though, hee hee hee. Zombie sleeper cells, oh my!

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