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Woot! Minecraft Update on the Way!

Just read from the man himself that a hefty update will be coming along in Minecraft tomorrow!  Quite a few nice changes and tweeks, though my personal favorite is there will finally be working buckets in multiplayer!  That means I can finish my homage to Twisted Metal very soon!  Woot!  (I’m a wooden train whistle!)  Woot, woot!


Layin' the groundwork...

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  1. When I first saw that image (a few days ago), I thought it was some game you were building… or something from the past. I didn’t have time to really read about it.

    Today, I was on a gaming site, and noticed an article about it. At first, I thought ‘your game was published’ or something, and was curious enough to read the article… and found out all about Minecraft. I was very curious, especially after hearing all the hype that the article had about it.

    I just watched the introductory video (explaining the basics of it), and even without downloading it, I’m hooked!

    Brilliant… Good to see there’s still some really clever designers out there!

    • Oh yeah, I guess the guy has been making it for years now and just recently it blew up crazy style thanks to youtube and the like. I saw one or two things about it and sorta passed it off as, not so much ‘beneath’ me but not something I would like to play. But it started to wear me down when I had spare time to think about it…and some how I saw a side video from something else I was watching that said “how to build your first shelter” and was like, whaa? Why would I need a shelter in a building game?

      And now I strip mine just above the bottom of the world for precious gems and the luls! Actually, dang. I *do* need to finish this level now that you bring it up. I shall continue it’s production while listening to gaming tunes for another draft I have started! If you end up buying the game, Laer, lemme know and I can offer a few tips or even a server to play on if I get approval from my bud that pays for it. We’ll set up you right good, we will! We will probably wipe the information once Notch makes online work like single player but at least you can tinker with stuffs in-between projects. I have to check and see your mech actually, last I saw Maya was about ready to pop and you were doing textures on the robo.

  2. Looks like you actually do have quite the construction going on :) You should definitely post more pics! Would love to see them!

    • While it is not quite as elaborate or creative as what you did, I will need to put up a few snappies of it ‘complete’. The server admin is going to turn on mobs this weekend or sooner, and most of the work is complete. I needed to add a good deal more lava, but it’s close enough at this point :P In short, pics will be on the way probably by weekend!


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