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Monthly Archives: December 2009

…And we’re out of beta, We’re releasing on time…

We officially opened our Etsy store on November 23rd!  Sorry that I didn’t get back to muh blog, but as I think we’ve only got some 5 visits at this point I don’t think I’ve disappointed anyone.  I made and will be closing our facebook fan page because it just was not jiving with me.  Not a fan of social networking sites, blame the introverted geek inside of me if you must, but I also dislike the harsh character limit per post.  This is also why we will never have a twitter account.  If I wanted to hear brief one liners with hardly any thought and definitely no pay off I’d watch the The Joy Behar Show.

No, definately not.  I dislike, nay!  Despise the stuttered and brief, machine-gun style of pointless updates on what someone is eating or what the hell they told someone else in a conversation I can only see the tail end of.  No.  No, thank-you.

So today marks both the reveal and culling of our facebook page.  Facebook, we hardly knew ye.  Your army of xVilles, xTowns, xWorlds, and xLifes will be always be a remembered for how one person can blatantly and unapologetically ripoff another’s ideas for profit.

In other news I just saw The Mist and after listing to Confused Matthew and the Angry Video Game Nerd‘s reviews (or rants, for the latter) I am nearly inspired to do my own review of it.  Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.  It’ll probably get more clickies if I have the girlfriend voice it though.  I must ponder about this.



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