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Monthly Archives: October 2009

They’re waiting for you, Gordon. In the test chamberrr.

Man, does time FLY.  Woo!  Well, things are settling and after many, many hours of trial and error, we are finally able to start cranking out some items.


Thar’ be a craft fair coming up we just found out about, so we’re getting ready for that one before we start throwing items up on Etsy.  But fear not!  Items are already waiting to be put up on Etsy, but I wanted more of a selection up there when we officially ‘open the gates’.  We’ll be updating this here blog in the coming weeks when we get more free time. 

Note:  I love referring to myself as “we.”  Makes me sound all-crazy like.  And to think we call ourselves “Encrazed Crafts!”  Pfft!  What a coincidence…

Speaking of people who creepily utter “we“…




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