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About Us

Greetings and Good morrow my computerized compatriots!

We here at Encrazed Crafts specialize in the Epic, the Geek, and the Awesome. We think up and make all of our crafts by hand (though rulers and sewing machines do sometimes grace our crafting table…which would be more accurately defined as “cramped computer desk”) and then put them up for sale in our shop.  Our dastardly destructive and demented team is made up of two wayward souls, myself and my girlfriend.   

I’m usually the one that comes up with the ideas and figures out the “what?” ‘s and “how?” ‘s of our items. I am also the one in charge of typing, so whatever text you read from us (this page included) is directly from my dark and twisted mind. But, what evil genius mastermind would be without his army of minions?

I would be, for one. >.>

This is why *all* of the grunt work they should be doing is thrust upon my girlfriend, who happily toils day and night to fill out whatever orders we get. At least I assume she does, I just pull the lever that drops miles of fleece from the ceiling on top of her workstation and in the morning everything is finished. She might have some complaints about the work load, but I can’t make out any of her mutterings from under that amount of fabric, so I think it’s safe to assume she not only enjoys it, but *requires* it to feel a certain amount of satisfaction on a job well done at the end of the day. Fantastic work ethic she has.

Thank you for your stopping by, feel free leave a comment, and check out our Etsy shop.

May your framerates be high, and your latency low!


Care to Contact Us

We are throughly crazy, ya know!  But, if you insist, you can either send us a Conversation on our etsy page, or email us at our name at gmail [dot] com.  Our name being Encrazed Crafts, of course.  (We’d tell you it directly, but for one, spam bots are smart and will litter our inbox. For two, telling it to you this way has this really cool, old school Beetlejuice-vibe going for it.  You know that part where he talks to Lydia?  Good times.)

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  1. Hey man, I was just over at your Etsy and it was all empty. This makes me sad so as a complete and random stranger I demand more stuffs for me to buy! Wait, can you use Paypal with Etsy? Coz if you can then I’m in!

    I hope the bloggin keeps up for ya man coz your writing is well done and I’ll do anything for comments on my own blog! HAHA!

    • Haha, I’m workin’ on it, Will! Yes, Paypal is available through Etsy. It makes me as giddy as one of Bob Ross’s Happy Trees.

      As it is the season, most of it will be Christmas-themed…though I do have at least two items that would satisfy any Minecraft fans. (If you haven’t tried that game out yet, I’d recommend it. It will eat all your free time and consume your soul in the process, but by golly your blocky Castle of Awesome will be totally worth eternal damnation!)

      Thanks for the compliments, bud! I award thee two banana stickers and a coupon good for one comment valid on any of your blog posts. Not voided anywhere. I like french onion soup.

  2. I so love your “About Us” :)

  3. Excellent! I don’t know why I’m just now reading this, but it’s a great “About Us” blurb!

    I’m going to be sure to check out your Etsy page! :)

    • Thank-you very much, Allahweh! At the moment the etsy store is empty. I know, we like to take our time haha


      I think we finally got our head around shipping and all those little (very annoying) details, so *very* soon Minecraft related stuffs will be up there! Check back often, no? ^_^

  4. The easiest way to handle shipping is likely to simply use pre-paid envelopes/boxes from the Postal Service (if they do that where you are). It saves money and, more importantly, effort.

    And yes, I’ll check back often! :)

    • We ended up just nullifying the shipping costs to our shoppers to avoid the hassle of charging this place ‘this’ and that place ‘that.’

      I really dug the flat rate options until I saw how ‘spensive they were :( Not that they are bad, just not the best for our situation. (Their main bonus is that they are always the same size and cost, with a very high ceiling on weight allowed. But we make stuff outta fleece and felt haha) I think the think the blanket I just posted clocked in at barely over two pounds and that was including the cardboard box I placed it in.

      I actually had a USPS worker help me out with weighing and she told me the only place I would actually save money shipping an object the size we needed would be to California. She was kinda disgrunted (a post office worker? Go figure :P) so I didn’t even ask about over-seas stuffs, so at this point we are only offering shipping within the US. I might hide behind the Misses and let her ask about other countries the next time we go to that post office hee hee

      Thank-you for the suggestion though! Shipping can be very tricky and I appreciate your assistance ^_^

      Way off topic, but what is that icon of yours from? I can tell it is an anime, but I am curious about which one it is from.

  5. You need to add a email subscription widget! Then I could get all your wonderful posts in my inbox! If you ever want to write something about MineCraft for Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming, you are more than welcome!

    • Thanks, Martin! I’ll see if I can rummage up that email dealy. I’ve actually wanted to tinker around with a few things with the blog’s layout but been busy ^_^

      I’m honored to be asked to write for Bits ‘n’ Bytes! A bud of mine named Kyle writes for that as well, I’ll totally keep it in mind man. Thanks :D


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