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WoW: Cataclysm 4.3 is LIVE, Buddeh’!

Dust off the ol’ Blizzard account, it’s time to let yourself get back into the poisonous addiction!

If you don’t have the patch already thanks to the Background Downloader, fire that baby up.  Looking For Raid is live, so think Looking for Dungeon/Group only a lot bigger.  You’ll get an actual shot at loot and seeing end game content without requiring a guild (finally!)  It’s a bit of a godsend for those stuck on smaller or really uneven population realms.

There is also the Void Storage which will help all ye’ packrats hold even more items.  Better still, you can Transmogrify any item you can normally wear for your class, which takes the item you like and makes your current gear slot look identically like that very item.  Somewhat of a vicious cycle for all the aforementioned packrats ^_^  Already have a bud with a completely full Void Storage and the patch has only been live for like an hour!

It costs 100 gold to unlock the storage and 25 gold to store each item, in case any of your were wondering what the final gold costs were for using the Void Storage.  I didn’t PTR at all so I’m glad to hear it is rather low overall.

I’mma hop on and take a look-see.  Have a great day, everyone!


Completely forgot that Tyrael’s Charger is now live as well!  So go and get your Diablo 3 tentacle angel love a flowin’ outside the AH or bank.

And that sounded a lot dirtier than intended.

Minecraft Monday: Top Notch! Team Fortress 2 Hat and “Fair Enough” Madness!

Busy, busy week for Notch this Minecraft Monday.  From virtual and boxy trophies to outright slander n’ libel with some Yogscast brew-ha-ha.  Let’s take a look at what went down!

Minecraft News

As Notch has praised the awesome that is Quake 3 in the past via his tweets, it comes as no surprise that the man is a fan of shooters.  Team Fortress 2 popped up a few times recently and I even posted the video of his match with Valve and other internet celebs a few weeks ago.  Since then, Valve suddenly gave Notch his very own hat to use in-game!

Basically it is a cardboard box decorated with colored bits of cardboard boxes.  With a hat.  It looks clunky, angry, and awesome, but also makes me warp back to Aqua Teen’s Boxxy Brown:

There’s a minor bit of language in there a minute or so in, so a slight NSFW warning.

To further emphasize the importance of the hat, they gave it possibly the longest detail text of any item in Team Fortress 2:

Welcome to a secret society so exclusive it makes the Illuminati look like a Costco. How exclusive? You are the only member. This is the only item of its kind in all of existence. So don’t craft it, Miney

Tongue-in-cheek with the ‘don’t craft it, Miney’ of course relating to Minecraft, but also because you *can* craft in TF2.  Just… when you do, the item breaks into bare components.  And I don’t think cardboard is really a major aspect to more than a handful of items.

“Fair Enough”

Oy, this one is a doozy and a half.  Short version of it is, allegedly, Notch got wasted during the after-party of Minecon and started trashing Yogscast quite badly.  Which lead to Yog’s site getting DDOS’d several days making their website inaccessible and… yeah.  Bad stuffs.

Yogscast ended up posting a detailed play-by-play here, stating they not only had to pay for their own airfare but that Notch sold the video rights to IGN without their consent.  Their podcast of the event was going to be property of IGN.  And they weren’t going to be paid for attending, either.  Shortly after Notch tweeted a picture of a brand new watch he got for $5,000.  Bad timing?  Bad taste? Eh, just plain ol’ bad I say.

After that long post by Yog that they had to post on reddit because their site was more or less taken down by the DDOS attack, Notch responded with only “Fair enough.”  Those two words exploded the comment section, possibly converting any that were still on Notch’s side by his cryptic and nearly shrugging statement.  Yog put in a lot of time and effort that went unrewarded minus meeting many fans, who quickly turned against them by the ranting of Notch. That very ranting hurt the Yog’s crew pretty deeply.  After making their statement available, Notch merely dismissed it with “Fair enough.” and that was that.

Stranger still is that just hours prior they held a pretty lengthy interview where the three were carrying on like long-time friends.

Strange indeed.  Hope this gets worked out soon, as Notch is pretty much getting some nasty PR beatings while his game is getting glowing reviews.

I heard a tad about this here and there, but would not have really known much about this bit if it were not for bud of the blog, Banhammer’s post. Give ‘em a look-see!

Hope your week goes a bit smoother than Notch’s, everyone!  Happy crafting, and see you never Minecraft Monday!

Nyan Pig Returns!

Greetings, Encrazed Nation! I bring you great tidings this day! For the past two weeks the Misses and I have been a bit lax in terms of updates, and we were really hoping to get this out on time for the official Minecraft 1.0 release date and all that, but it ended up taking a dash of time longer.

You may very well recall our precious Nyan Pig/Cat parody that we posted months back. It is a cross stitch pattern that we posted up on etsy. This eventually lead to a bit of a partnership, and in the end, we done got an animation completed for it! Posted it juts a few minutes ago up on youtube. Check it out, but before getting too comfy, I suggest grabbing a pair of CSI-style sunglasses to keep your liquified eyes in their sockets because your mind is about to be blown.

Happy Turkey Day, all!  Have a good one, and eat lots!  May we recommend bacon? XD

Minecraft 1.0 Is LIVE! Finally XD!!!

It is Beta no longer, folks!  Notch and the rest at Team Mojang were very happy to announce on twitter just recently that yes, the game is finally launched and live.

Minecraft 1.0 is out. No longer beta. Thank you, everyone. =D


So break out that Minecraft client, dust off any of those cobwebs it might have sprung.  It’s a-live!  Igor, it’s A-LIVE!!

Mack and Mesh: Indie Month Competition Winners!

We here at Encrazed Crafts are long time fans of internet wizards and legends, Mack and Mesh.  Back before everyone and their uncle was doing Reaction videos on youtube, Mack wrangled his unlucky friend Mesh to play some FPS games in front of a camera.  Mesh is, shall we say, rather excitable and tends to play the games the same way as us, just with the emotional dial cranked up to eleven.  And that’s being modest ^_^

For example, here is the video that quickly earned their place in my heart many years ago.  Normally, Mesh plays with Mack right at his side.  This time he must have lost a bet, as he played the game completely in the dark and alone!  He screams bloody mary during the day and with a friend, so this was quite a sight.

Time passed, they disappeared.

Sad face :( 

But they came back!  Last year they even started a mini-series on Minecraft that quickly became their longest running series yet.  I’ll do a post about that next week for Minecraft Monday.  It’s good stuff, ya’ll love it XD

Too often do big companies completely forget the bottom line, the sole driving force that got them that comfy chair and massive empire of sales: The Consumer.  They have more often than not just set a deadline, tacked on a higher number at the end of the title, and forced games out of the developer’s doors and Mack and Mesh had enough of it.  Thus lead to Indie Month which lasted all of October.  During which they even had little bonuses for the fans in that you could win one of the games they played for the Indie celebration by sending them an email and answering one of their questions at the end of the respective video.

Here is a vlog of a very suave Mesh telling the fans who just won copies of what games, but first we are presented with a lovely rant about the evils of DLC, the very thing that helped spawn the idea of Indie Month in the first place. Here’s a link to a particularly good part, but be mindful of the surroundings when you hit play.  Previous video was bleeped, this one is not.  (The part linked to directly is safe, but just a heads up if you watch it ’till the end at work, etc.)

The question was, if Mesh gave a black berry (the fruit, not the smart phone) to a developer, would they make a DLC out of it?

In case you missed it in his accent or deep, ivory eyes, we won a copy!  Specifically, I won a copy for the Misses.  She doesn’t even know I entered, and she loves tower defense games and mods, so she’ll love this.  I already played the first two levels and had a blast even on the training stuff as I unlocked a bunch of achievements that I cannot seem to erase after two attempts of uninstalling and even wiping out all traces of the game off the computer.  Those achievements will be slightly awkward to explain, but I don’t think she’ll mind too much XD

So there you have it, folks!  Mack and Mesh approved and all that!

Mack and Mesh Approved!

I was going to make this the splash/banner image up top, but that meant I had to crop everything out minus his eyes to the bottom tip of his ‘stash and it got pretty darn creepy awful fast  haha  Sorry Mesh!  Maybe once it’s shaved off I’ll toss one up there.

Check out their youtube page here to see what antics and other crazy-scary games Mack got poor Mesh to play already.  If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe and let your friends know about em!  Their goal is 3,000 subscribers and they are darned close!  Let’s help get it for them!

Minecraft Monday: Notch Is Nervous About Minecraft 1.0!

Welcome to another Minecraft Monday everybody!  Actually got a few nifty things to link and talk about this week, which is nice.  It’s only been like a month since anything exciting happened.  Last week I talked about Halloween and mentioned at the bottom to see if you could find anyone in a Minecraft outfit.  Ironically, I did!  Was only about fifteen minutes after I hit Publish and I didn’t have a camera on hand.  Was a kid, bout ten or so tops.  Only had the torso and arms on, but ya knew what they were dressed up as XD

Minecraft News

Notch is nervous!  He is worried that it might get ripped to shreds by the press when the shield of “beta” is removed and the game goes retail in just a few weeks time.  I don’t think he has much to worry about from the press.  At this point saying something negative about the game doesn’t seem to go over to well with the massive supply of avid fans of the game.  That doesn’t mean I do not have my own gripes of my own about the game, but he does have a ‘by’ as he will continue updating it even after it is released.  Personally, I’d like all the stuff that was supposed to be in 1.8 actually make it into Minecraft 1.0, but hey, I didn’t program it.  Well, I guess since not all the content will be in 1.0, they didn’t program it either XD  Oh well, 1.1 or whatever will hopefully have the stuff that I’ve been looking forward to.

Some of my rage has been diverted!  We got square Sun and Moons again!

The sun and the moon are square again. Yep. :D #consistency (source)

Here’s a shot of the new Moon Phases in action.

Also, Jeb commented that not only will there be Boss battles available in 1.0, but they will also work on multiplayer as well!

@jeb_ So I hear after reading notch’s word that there is a boss fight, is this just a single player thing or SMP also? :O

@acidcobra2002 It will work in multiplayer too
 That’s about it for this news brief.  There is a video showing Notch and a buncha other internet celebrities and Valve peeps playing Team Fortress 2, in case you were interested.
Just about eleven days till Minecon and the release!  Happy Crafting!

Mists of Pandaria : Item Squishing – The Great Lootralizer

Interesting topic at the WoW Developer Water Cooler blog feature this week, namely the topic of Item Squishing or Item “Compression”.  The conundrum of it all is pretty simple: Items and stats are growing exponentially fast.  So fast that stats are starting to get a little ridiculous.  Ludicrous, even. Items in the theoretical 5.3 patch will have +thousands to stats and 6.3 would have over tens of thousands.

The bigger picture problem that Blizzard was trying to sell home was that computers will not be able to handle dealing with that many variables when it comes to damage, as tens of thousands of stats on every item logically would equate to doing millions of damage.  That million plus damage is the root problem of this all as the game requires both the servers and your game clients to be precise.  Ten million four hundred thirty-six thousand nine hundred and forty-two, kind of precise.  That is as annoying to read out like that as it is strenuous for a server to process.  Maybe not one player at a time, but imagine Alterac Valley.

That is a LOT of virtual dice to keep rolling every time your DoTs tick.  Something has to change.

The first of several ideas started minor and even comical.  Of these my favorite was simply rounding off damage at “10k” or “2m” instead of thousands and millions, but they displayed it in such a way as to make fun of the people who will inevitably be the largest group of nay-sayers to these proposed ideas.

While that could work, it would only really delay the inevitable.  Later on the honest ideas started rolling out, which is the whole point of this post ^_^  Item Squishing is the act of taking existing items and squishing them down to more manageable levels, and lowering damage output as well.  The developers made it very clear we would still do the same percentage of damage as we do now, only the numbers itself will shrink.

The loudest group against this proposed change is those who claim to only enjoy seeing big numbers when they do damage.  The bigger the number, the better.  While I can understand seeing big numbers is great, it really is secondary to the process.  You don’t care about the number itself, you just care at how BIG the number is compared to normal.  People don’t seem to be grasping that on the forums, though.

Let me give you an opposite example.  Was playing Black Ops with a bud over the weekend and one mode was Team Deathmatch or something similar.  I noticed in this particular mode that every kill the respective team got earned them exactly 100 points.  Not ten, not fifty, but 100.  That changed everything.  The shiny bars at the bottom keeping score surged forward, but for what?  It was first to 2,000 wins, but we were never really playing that game.  We were playing to twenty.  As with the rest of that FPS ‘series’, it was merely over-inflated hype.  I don’t know if anyone playing even noticed, but it certainly rubbed me the wrong way for being misleading.

WoW is trying to avoid getting to that by nipping it here and now.  Damage is related to the content you are in.  It doesn’t matter if you do 20 or 10 million if each hit takes off 10% of the mob’s health bar.  For that reason, I am also in support of the change.  But, I am not so for it that I can’t see potential issues.  If you take a gander at the graph they released, you’ll see the new proposed item levels they sorta have in mind.

The lighter shades above show where we are presently, the darker colors are where they plan to be.  This isn’t 100% going to happen, but come on.  It’s a graph.  This is Science.

My two concerns with this change is, first, Cataclysm still has a huge impact on the item level, or “ilevel”.  Based on the numbers you go from ilevel 75 to 175 from 80 to 85.  .  That’s basically all of 1-60 made up in five levels.  If that math keeps up, we’ll need *another* round of squishing, another Great Lootralizer to even the scales, at the start of the very next expansion after Mists of Pandaria.  (175/75 = 2.3ish.  Cata ends at 175, multiply that by the 2.3 and poof, 402.  Conveniently where Cata is at presently based on that graph.)

Secondly, is that 1-60 content is seemingly not going to change.  If our items at level 85 before getting tier gear are marginally better than tier gear from Classic content… how the heck are we gonna raid outdated stuff solo?  I don’t do this often, but I have helped out friends in the past, and I do like checking out old 5mans for Transmogrification… if our stats get lowered not only will damage we deliver go down, so will the amount we can take.  Add in Warriors and the like blocking percentage damage instead of whole amounts like we did in Wrath, and that makes old content a lot less soloable than now.  There was a post made about this issue on the forums, but avoiding giving direct answers only solidifies the worry some people are having about this.  The Blue in question is Daxxarri, and they said:

It seems to me that some of those that have expressed misgivings about the squish are worried about feeling ‘nerfed’ when facing older content, but the item squish shouldn’t mean that soloing older raid content will die, necessarily. Though we appreciate the feedback, I think it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t want anyone to turn their back on the idea purely out of concern for losing the ability to take down older raids solo or in small groups.


Wudya mean, “shouldn’t mean that soloing older raid content will die, necessarily”?  Is that the PR way of saying ‘You can still do it, stupid.  Just bring 39 others with ya!’?  Ending the comment with “small groups” adds another clue, in my opinion.

Daxx, if you go through with the squish, if everything goes smooth/properly do you guys see it affecting the numbers needed for old BC/WotLK raids etc? If so, how much?

It’s very early days yet, and as Ghostcrawler indicated in the Watercooler, we don’t even know which direction we’d be going in yet (if we end up pulling the trigger on it at all). So, with that in mind, I’m just not in a position to comment on it at the moment, but we are interested in the feedback that we’ve seen, including support for the idea.


In short, ‘Even though you asked be a very obvious question and could say the answer to it right now… I can’t legally.  Sorry.’

This leaves a massive door open for both good and bad comments to be crammed into this posters mouth.  Again, I am for the idea.  But I never think that limiting the player ever ends well, especially after many have grown so accustomed to the idea of running old content solo.

Perhaps add solo dungeons to the list of things to include in PvE Scenarios?  Fast groups with items that look identical to the originals so Transmog Hunters can still have fun with modernized Old Content?

I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough.  Last I remember that ol’ business conference call with Blizzard stated a Q2 released of Mists of Pandaria.  I dunno if Diablo 3’s delay pushed it back any, but things are definitely on the conveyor belt to launch at this point.  Also, patch 4.3 is starting to appear on the Blizzard (Background) Downloader.  So you know what that means.

Cata is almost over!  It is almost over, friends!

/happily sobbing a la Tom Hanks in Money Pit

After nearly a year of pointless nothingness, we are coming upon a shiny new continent and a new race and class.  We have stared into the xpack and the xpack stared back into us.  Though many have fallen, we the proud remain.

Cata is almost gone, thank the flying spaghetti monster! XD

Diablo 3: Paving the Way For Mists of Pandaria’s Talent System

By now I think we’ve all seen the current idea Blizzard is heading for the new Talent System in place for Mists of Pandaria.  It has drawn both love and hate as it pretty radically changes how the talent system works.  Before you plotted points down a tree like how it was in Diablo 2 and called it a day.  They added more in Burning Crusade, they added more in Wrath.  They slashed them back down to Classic levels in Cataclysm, and now they are slashing them even more.

The trade-off is supposed to be choice and personal preference under the guise of avoiding cookie cutter builds.  Hats off to their attempt at it, but I think it was pretty clear some classes got more love than others at Blizzcon.  For example, check out the planned Hunter talents. Take your time and fill out a spec to the bottom if you haven’t already.

MoP Hunter Talents

Decent choices, pretty much could go either way depending on your play style and preferences.  Note some interesting takes on old abilities like bonuses to Disengage and Ice Trap. Compare those options with, say, Warrior talents.

MoP Warrior Talents

Notice the issue?  Out of the whole thing, five new ideas.  (Hunters have 11 new ones at my count) While both classes have repeated abilities that already exist today, the Warrior one has far more repeats that don’t exactly make much sense.  Even worse, Blizzard wants talents to be a hard decision, something we spend time thinking about and making a tough but helpful call to enhance our character in our own preferred way.  With the current options in the Warrior talents, it does not match their projected goal.  The options were simple and still took cookie cutter as they didn’t have enough variety.

Am I raging about it?  Not at all.  While I think the Hunter ideas are great, I think the Warrior changes have not gone in yet.  We’ve seen something similar were one class finishes developement earlier than others, for example Tier gear.  It isn’t done yet, but we get a short glimpse at what they have planned and I understand time constraints and all that.

Mind you, if MoP arrives and we get nearly identical talents to what they are currently, oh yeah.  That crud wouldn’t fly XD  But as it stands now, it was at Blizzcon, let’s see what we get at release.  Luckily, we all got another example to gawk and ponder at with Diablo 3!

Diablo 3 Skill Calculator

While WoW is getting a few of these ideas, or at least the same thought process behind it, Diablo 3 is getting fully decked out with the stuff.  Feel free to check out the link, but be warned it will easily consume the rest of your day and week if you allow it.  The amount of options per class aren’t exactly staggering, but each option IS difficult to choose from as each one is beneficial and feels solid in its own way.

Let’s take a look at a simple ability from the meat n’ potatoes Barbarian class, Throw Weapon.

The ability will always do the following:  Throw a weapon for 210% weapon damage and slow the enemy by 70% for 4 seconds.  Costs 20 Fury.

We’ll just assume you like the ability and select it.  (But keep in mind you are never forced to, you can pick them as you like, however you like.)  Now you can tweak it further with Runes.  These suckers drop all over the place, but to keep the math congruent, they provided the strongest version of each rune available.   (So not only do you choose what type of rune, the runes have different strengths depending on what difficulty they drop in.)

You have five options.

  1. Alabaster Runestone – Confuse the target into attacking other enemies for six seconds
  2. Crimson Runestone – Increase damage to 368% (instead of 210%)
  3. Golden Runestone – Spend all remaining Fury to throw a fallen enemy instead of a weapon.  Damage inflicted increased by 6% per point of Fury spent to all enemies in a 16 yard range of the target.
  4. Indigo Runestone – Hit up to five targets within 20 yards of one another.
  5. Obsidian Runestone – Throw a hammer instead of your weapon with a 24% chance to stun the enemy for three seconds.

This isn’t even going into the mix-and-matching you can do with other abilities that you can use in tandem of one another, or the passive skills you can have that are always on in the background (of which there are 15 distinctive ones available).  The game isn’t even out yet, and I’ve spent over two hours happily agonizing what skills and combos I’ll be using for classes I haven’t even tried yet on a game I haven’t played yet XD

While the options will probably not be as numerous in WoW by comparison, that will likely end up as difficult to choose from.  Do you go straight up damage increasing, or add utility?  Decrease cooldowns or mana costs?  So on, and so on.  D3 provides another glimpse into the future to show how the MoP talents will likely end up when they are fully polished and ready to go.

Side Note:  Anyone else think WoW’s Talents should be renamed altogether?  Not that it is a bad name, but it just doesn’t read like ‘talents’ to me anymore.  I’ve already refered to them as “Perks” to buds of mine, as that seems to fit mo’ betta’.

Mists of Pandaria: Developer Question and Answers

‘Bout a week ago, MMO-Champion gave the transcript of the Question and Answer session that was held with a bunch of WoW developers.  One early one caught my eye:

Q:Where exactly is Pandaria located on Azeroth? many speculate that it is in the south, but I have always assumed it was to the west of Kalimdor. 
A: Pandaria is located on the south side of Azeroth. Think the exact opposite of Northrend. Come to think of it, we should have named it Southrend.

Now, I don’t wanna say I called it, so I’ll coyly repost my original thoughts and deeply imply that is what I am getting at when I typed this just about four months ago on the day when Mists of Pandaria was first noticed:

If the bulk of gameplay is really taking place in the Mists of Pandaria, it is sounding like another Wrath of the Lich King sort of continent being tacked onto the world.  Maybe south, this time?  I mean we got Eastern Kingdoms in the east (of course), Kalimdor to the west, Northrend is in the north (noticing a pattern…) and most of Cataclysm was involved with stuff going on in or near the Maelstrom right in the middle.  Kezan *kinda* was southish, but it is very small.  If it will be a full-blown xpack, I can easily see a ‘Southrend’ of sorts popping up below everything.

-Encrazed Crafts (August 2nd, 2011)

And I just noticed this right now, I do not even remember typing it but dang:

Will they be a neutral race as they were in Warcraft 3?  Will both sides be able to play as them if that is the case? Will a ‘brewmaster’ be the new hero class?

-Encrazed Crafts (also August 2nd, 2011)

I’z a dang mind reader!  Prognosticator of all prognosticators!

The Talking Dead: Is Felicia Day Always That Cold and Superficial?

We tend to catch the Talking Dead segment after the Walking Dead airs, though I know it can be late or just non-interesting for some.  Some people out there likes them some zombies and that’s that.  No harm, no foul, says I!  I just think it’s a goofy little geek-centric show anyway, but for now it keeps my interest and I think it is great that the nerd culture is expanding in such a positive way.

Think about it; Two years ago a zombie based tv show was unheard of.  Not only do we have one of them now, but we also have a talk show about a zombie based tv show.  Awesome.

In case you missed this week’s talk show,  Napoleon Dynamite and Codex guest starred.  Or for you non-geeks, that’d be Jon Heder and Felicia Day.  Jon seemed to be enjoying himself and goofing off, while Felicia professed her undying love to Shane. To be more precise, her undying lust for the body of the actor who plays Shane.  She then went on to say that shooting an innocent and distracted man who helped her in times of need was not only smart, but inevitable.  Anyone know if Codex really is a priest and not a frost mage because she sounds like one icy…

That lust part of my statement did not take long to appear. Within the first five minutes of the show Felicia already drifted off and daydreamed about the two shower scenes of Shane and how she wouldn’t mind talking about just that for the entire half hour.  I know people can exaggerate, but she brought it back up several times and it got creepy-excessive.

Chicks digging hunky guys is not uncommon, but it was pretty odd to hear her mention it so openly.  For one, I’m pretty sure her largest target audience is all beings located in Nerdom.  Talking like that not only ignores the crazy high statistical amount of guys who watch her, but it shatters their dreams while collecting their salty tears for demonic IV bags when she prattles on about a buff jock, the nemesis o’ the nerd.

Archival footage of a traditional encounter between a jock and a nerd.

It wasn’t a one-time dealy, either.  The show opened with her public infatuation with the poor guy’s body, but she then leapt to the conclusion that Shane wasn’t just a lovely thing to look at (her opinion, not mine), but she stretched it so far as to say he is actually a good guy which is flat out wrong.

Based on said infatuation methinks something else is steering her thought process besides that grey noodle in her head, unless she never watched the first season and this was her first episode.  Which would make her a terrible person to have on air talking about a show she knows nothing about. Perhaps she is familiar with the graphic novels the show is based on, then?  I haven’t read much of it, but doing reviews like this I read quite a few that divvy out spoilers so I am aware of what goes on and how Shane acted in the comic.  But, there too, he was far from ‘good’.  Who this mysterious person is she is championing is unknown to me.

The show eventually carried on and they asked the audience about Shane and Otis, wondering if we would shoot Otis or not.  If I recall correctly, others on air himmed and hawed but eventually sided that shooting Otis was not the best idea.  Felicia on the other hand was in full support of Shane, surprise-surprise >.>  Based on the poll results one could argue that the basic data of those on air matched, 60% said they wouldn’t have shot Otis.  What separates her from that statistic though, is just how supportive of her murderous machismo man she was.  Not content with merely casting her vote in Shane’s favor, she was the only person on set to go so far as to say that Shane was not only perfectly right in shooting the defenseless man who already risked his own life to save Shane at this point, but that “it was inevitable.”


Really?  Someone was going to turn the corner at the farm one day and pop off Otis for no reason at all?  Not to mention the director really did a lackluster job showing the audience how bad off the duo was, considering they were a good fifty feet ahead of the zombies who weren’t gaining on them, nor the fact it took nearly a minute to pull the supplies from Otis after he was shot and then repeatedly bludgeoned, showing just how much of a lead they had which was more than enough to start weaving in-between cars that they were approaching to give them even more distance between ‘the herd.’

But, Ms. Day was trying to say that Shane was just worried about his own survival.  I think that survival instinct kicked in at a pretty plot-convenient time in the story, but okay.  We can go that route, too.

Shane *did* have a bit of the crazy eye the moment he landed wrong on his foot and hurt it the second time. (Going to ignore the impossibly long time he never checked the room before going out of the window, as this was likely done to lazily allow the writers to stick in another zombie attack that ultimately was just a time waster as Shane got away just fine.  Plus it was kinda cool to see him shoot the zombie to have him let go.)  As he dragged himself towards an extremely vulnerable chain fence he did appear to have the ‘crazy eyes’ he had nearly all of last season.

Note the crazy eyes.

So one could say that perhaps that whole time he was just thinking about survival and his terrible actions last season were a result of an overwhelming desire to live.  ‘Kay.  Except that, just a short few scenes later, Shane falls and throws in the towel, demanding Otis carry on without him. That is not the words of a man with a massive will to live.  He just gave up right there and then.  He didn’t care about glory in saving Carl, he didn’t care about looking good to Lori or Rick.  He. Gave. Up.

So that idea is out.  It wasn’t instinct, it was just moronic and a dash of evil.  The following scene backs this up.

Shortly after Otis saves him, Shane shoots Otis to buy himself some time.  Mind you, the zombies were far from close at this point.  If they were supposed to be breathing down their necks it was not expressed well at all on camera. We never get to see just how far away the truck is parked, so we don’t know how much further the two had to go.  Was it a block away? Two? Who knows.  But what also does not make sense is, if Shane is in such dire straights to resort to killing his savior as a means to buy himself some time to get away due to an injured foot…. wouldn’t carrying double the load make him progress even SLOWER than before?  That is twice the weight putting strain on his injured foot every time he takes a step.  Only AFTER he kills Otis does he need the extra time to get away as the pain slows him down even more.

Does anyone else notice the moronic lack of thought-process he just pulled?  Pointlessly shooting Otis was not only evil but turned the situation into a self fulfilling prophecy that didn’t even need to get started in the first place.  It is a senseless, selfish, dark downward spiral.

I thought that perhaps, actors being actors, maybe she was just trying to play the devil’s advocate and have a good time on air.  Well, later on Felicia further defends Shane’s actions in the after-after show which can be viewed at this link.

In that video she states: “I don’t personally think Shane is a bad person.  He is just a guy whose morality changes because of the circumstances.  Which is what you shouldn’t do.  Probably.”

For one, there goes that ‘out on a limb’ statement I had in mind that she might just be acting, and two, that is one mighty big “probably” if you ask me.   Let’s take a look at a few of the things Shane has done in the past that we the audience know about, shall we?  This was all in season one, mind you.  This stuff should be public knowledge that she is aware of, unless of course she does not, in fact, know what series she is talking about.

Episode 1 – Shane has a ‘manly’ talk with Rick about how dumb his girlfriend is and how lucky Rick is to have Lori and Carl.  It is heavily suggested that Shane is jealous of Rick for this reason.

Episode 2 – An extremely animalistic sex scene between Shane and Lori is followed by Shane ignoring requests for backup from the scavenging team in the city. If it were not for Rick’s Guts-y actions (hee hee hee), the entire supply scouting party would have died. For the record that group consisted of Glenn, Andrea, T-Dog, and Merle.  If it were solely up to Shane, they all would have died.

Episode 3 – Rick returns to camp.  Lori totally cawk-blocks Shane and he takes out his frustrations by utterly beating the snot out of Ed’s orbital bone.  This is the first real sign of Crazy Shane as he started out with decent intentions but went too far.

Episode 4 – Ties a dehydrated man to a tree. Granted, he was actually ‘nice’ to the guy while Rick was more than forceful during his travels, it’s like the two swapped personalities.  This is the only episode Shane isn’t arrogant or crazy.  So that’s what, 17% of season one he was an okay guy?

Episode 5 – Shane takes a comment from Rick entirely wrong and then, when hidden in the forest, cowardly places Rick in the iron sights of his shotgun.  He tremors and grinds his teeth a long while, but ultimately doesn’t fire, though was caught doing this by Dale and awkwardness ensues.

Episode 6 – He gets drunk, attempts to rape Lori, then nearly kills the one guy that knows how to open the door and save them all before shooting off a few rounds into various computers with his shotgun.  Rick body checks him and then asks “Are you done, now?”

So, I’m not quite sure what anyone could cite to say that Shane was ever “good guy”.  Heck, he probably was barely a ‘decent’ guy. But Ms. Day painfully continues with the most outrageous thought-process yet:

“Shane is evolving.  Rick is kind of like a guy who needs to be forced to evolve.”

I think Beast sums my reaction to that well enough:

This statement just blows my mind by taking logic and bending it so hard that it bursts into a bizzaro universe where chickens eat Human Noodle soup and bacon is no longer awesome.  Since there is nothing negative one could can say about Rick compared to Shane, the only thing she could do in an attempt to pump up her hunky selection was to redefine Shane’s crazed actions as evolutionary.  Yes, because rape and random armed violence is the next level of human consciousness.  Anyone who doesn’t do that clearly is not as advanced as her preferred stud.

That was truly a great performance.  Felicia Day, in under an hours time, was able to leap from one extreme comment to the next with the finesse of a hardened circus performer, bind science and law to her will like an advanced quantum physicist, and then remodel previous facts of last season into a completely new perspective with such precision to mimic Michelangelo terra forming a slab of marble as he sculpted the statue of David.

I am sure fans of hers will be overjoyed to know that if the acting gigs ever dry up, she will be one top notch turd polisher, yarn spinner, or Lead Ignition Technician of combustible pants.

Bravo, Ms. Day.  Bra-vo.


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